CrocoBlock – The Ultimate Toolkit for All Elementor Products

What is Elementor?

All businesses want their sites to stand out from the competition. All of them want to get online with the minimal expenses on the web development. They also want their products launched as soon as possible. Some entrepreneurs decide to build sites on their own yet very few of them have coding skills. Page builders are handy solutions that allow creating spectacular web resources quickly and easily.

Elementor is one of the most popular builders for WordPress with great usability and over 1 million active installs. This tool is used by people of all skill levels and for a number of purposes. So, it’s not surprising that the collection of Elementor skins and add-ons continues to grow every day.

Beginner and expert webmasters alike give preference to the quicker and code-free web development process. That’s why a growing number of marketplaces shift to selling templates that are built for Elementor page builder exclusively.

Although website creation using page builders suggests that you  won’t have to do much coding, still extra tools and features are required for your web page perform up to its full potential.

From now on, you won’t need to look for some extra plugins and templates that are compatible with your Elementor-based web project. With Crocoblock subscription service, you receive the full access to the most advanced plugins and templates that are compatible with the latest version of Elementor. The professional 24/7  client assistance team will help you with any issues you may have while working with different elements of the builder.

Crocoblock is the ultimate all-in-one service you can subscribe to. It includes everything needed for building an Elementor-based website. The toolbox it delivers is enough to let you create web projects of any level of difficulty hassle-free.

What’s Inside CrocoBlock Service?

One of the major benefits of the Crocoblock subscription service is the availability of the full collection of Jet plugins that are intended to be used on Elementor-based web projects exclusively. All plugins are optimized to work well with both free and pro versions of Elementor providing you with the unlimited access to all plugins and templates that will help you add images and text to your site’s pages code-free.

Currently, there are 10 Jet plugins for Elementor you can download. There are two extensions that are worthy of your special attention – JetThemeCore and JetEngine. Let’s take a closer look at them and the features that makes each one so special.

JetThemeCore Plugin

The plugin delivers the easy and quick way to work with the header, footer, archive, and single page templates for your Elementor-based web project. This is the all-in-one solution that includes everything needed to build and customize templates on your own, without looking for the .json files inside the plugin’s pack or searching for additional extensions.

JetThemeCore is available on Crocoblock exclusively, so you won’t be able to download it from other marketplaces.

What are the features making JetThemeCore so special? Let’s find out.

  1. The Magic Button

There are more than 1,000 pre-designed sections and a selection of pre-designed pages for different topics to be used for Elementor-based web projects only. In order to get them, you’ll need to install JetThemeCore plugin, go to the Elementor edit page, and press the Magic Button. You will see hundreds pre-designed pages divided into categories, as well as headers, footers, sections, etc. These elements can be customized code-free using the Elementor page builder.

  1. Header & Footer Templates

With this tool, you are free to customize different parts of the template separately. Thus, you will be able to tweak header and footer templates and add them to any page of your website.

  1. Archive and Single Post Page Templates

JetThemeCore plugin makes it quick and easy to design Archive and Single page templates that contain the newest publications from your site or post showcases. While making use of the JetBlog plugin (which is included in Crocoblock subscription also) you’ll be able to create Archive pages quite easily.

JetEngine Plugin

You don’t need many plugins to add customized fields, different types of posts, meta boxes, etc. to your site. JetEngine plugin that’s included in the Crocoblock subscription and available to Elementor users will do everything for you. With a unique set of dynamic content widgets, you’ll be able to build custom posts and taxonomy templates.

Even those who are new to the Elementor page builder will enjoy its intuitive user experience. All that you need to do is to choose what information you want to be display, i.e. repeater, meta field, thumbnail, etc. As soon as you make your choice, you will notice that all of the custom posts and taxonomies will share similar looks and have the same fields while displaying different types of content. Additionally, you’ll be able to access a list of special widgets to create listing and grid layouts using the custom post types.

The Full List of Plugins for Elementor Page Builder

Together with JetThemeCore and JetEngine plugins, the Crocoblock subscription service includes 8 more plugins that allow working with Elementor. These are:

  • JetElements – a set of 30+ widgets that are intended to be used to display all types of static and dynamic content: widgets for carousels, sliders, flexible layouts, subscription, contact forms, etc.

  • JetMenu is the ultimate solution that’s intended to improve the website navigation with MegaMenu. You may feel free to add as many columns as you want and create layouts that fit your vision.

  • JetBlog plugin is best suited for the blogs. It allows adding different types of dynamic content with Elementor builder. You’ll be able to display the newest publications as post tiles and lists. You’ll be able to add with custom fields, post types, archive templates or simply make your blog look even more awesome.

  • JetBlocks plugin delivers a bunch of extra widgets to create header and footer templates with Elementor. With its help, you can make create sticky headers, thus providing web users with quick access to the main navigation panel of your site.  

  • JetTabs plugin will help you present your content in a well-organized manner by means of tabs, accordion blocks, section switches, etc.  

  • JetReviews plugin is suited to add the review widget to Elementor editor, thus making it easier to adjust the way customer testimonials are presented on your web page.

  • JetTricks plugin will help you enhance the visual appeal of your site by means of the animation effects added to different elements of your web page. With its help, you can apply the parallax scrolling effect not only to different sections of your site but also to the specific widgets.

Plenty of Niche-Specific Demos

Crocoblock subscription service will provide you with the access to a range of skins for Elementor, including Homepage, About, Blog, Services, etc. There are 30 skins available at the moment but the collection is expected to grow even bigger. The covered topics include Business, Blogging, Agencies, Corporate, and a bunch of others. All skins include unique headers and footers that are ready to be modified with Elementor. Whenever you want to add a new page from another skin, simply pick the most suitable solution and press the Magic Button.  

Free Kava Theme

Crocoblock subscription service includes its own Kava theme that’s compatible with both paid and free Elementor versions. It contains about 50 blog page layouts, supports header and footer locations, and is ready to be adjusted absolutely code-free.

Downloading the theme won’t cost you a penny, so you may feel free to try it right away.

Made with Love for Elementor

Wrapping it up, Crocoblock subscription includes everything you may need while working with Elementor page builder. This is one of the most impressive collections of plugins, skins, and customization options that allow you to create absolutely unique layouts without writing code.

It doesn’t matter if you use a free or premium Elementor version, all items that are included in the subscription service will help you bring to life even the most complicated web designs even if you have no design or coding skills at all.

If you’ve ever tried working with Elementor, then you will love the advanced toolkit delivered by Crocoblock subscription service.

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