DearMob iPhone Manager Review [2019]

Don’t Purchase Dearmob iPhone Manager to manage your iPhone as complementary software or replacement software before reading this exclusive review by a real software user.

iPhones are great and they are trending everywhere but there is something that nobody wants to discuss. Management of iPhones, unlike android devices you cannot simply connect your device with any computer and start managing. You can manage any android devices from any system just plug-in and they are ready to go.

In order to manage an iPhone, you simply need iTunes or any third party software? iTunes is very much there for backup, save and transfer data between your device to iCloud but why you want a complementary software to manage your iOS devices?

Simple………………………iTunes has limits. It can not convert native PDF into eBooks or mp3 into iTunes music or you can not convert simple music into ringtones and so on.

DearMob iPhone manager breaks all these limits, is a iTunes alternative for Windows system. You can say it is all in one solution for managing iPhone iPad contents like photos, music, video,sms, ringtones, and books as well as backup, merge duplicate contents and data recovery from a single app.

DearMob iPhone Manager Review[Installation and setup]

Dearmob iPhone Manager for windows is free to download and try, its windows version has nothing special, we were able to install it only in three clicks and it was ready to rock.

First-class experience – Content management

The first screen contains all the buttons that you might need to manage any apple device you have. Features are listed as icons for easy navigation.

All media transferred via DearMob iPhone manager can be encrypted via its military-grade encryption algorithm, all you need is to define a strong password for encryption as well as for decryption of your data

This will encrypt all the data you export to iPhone to your device and vice-versa. You data transfer between iPhone to iPhone or one device to another device is completely safe.

The major advantage of DearMob iPhone Manager for Windows is – it automatically converts all the formats like photos, videos, music, ringtones, and books ie just upload your files using DearMob and it will convert into the best formats for iPhone or iPad.

With it, you can easily manage and transfer files like Music, Video(4k), Photo, Playlist, App, Contacts, SMS from iPhone, iPad, or iPod to Windows and vice versa.

Whatever the format of your iOS file is, DearMob iPhone Manager can handle it. HEIC, JPEG, GIF, MP4, MP3, AAC are fully supported. Plus there is intelligent built-in video music to convert all iPhone incompatible format like MKV, FLV, OGG, FLAC so you can say it is the best iTunes alternative for Windows

And a photo iBook converter to preview and convert files like HEIC and EPUB to Windows compatible. The two-way sync feature allows you to not only manage your iOS file on PC but Transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone.

iPhone Backup and Restore

How do I manage the storage of my iPhone or iPad when notified? Do you thing erasing all the vital information from your iPhone is a viable solution?

No, erasing data from your system is not a solution at all. Backup is the best solution in this case.  Preview all the contents of your system and take the backup of your computer system and then restore the selected data on your iPhone or iPad.

Thus DearMobiPhonemanager can be used as an iPhone storage manager. The biggest advantage of DearMob iPhone manager is – it can take the backup of your device without any restriction ie you can transfer unlimited data from one device to another device, all the backups are automatically encrypted if encryption is enabled on your system.

It is 100% safe and secure plus fast.

In our review, we were able to transfer almost 4.3 GB data from our phone to computer system in less than 3 minute

You can even restore the selected backup of your favorite applications too. Restore the data of the whole device, a file or an app that is the beauty of this software.

The most useful feature that I like was bulk merging and editing of iPhone contacts. This is something that we need in all the system but no-one means no one dares to produce.

Final Words

As you can see from the user interface, this iPhone storage manager can do much more than just make more space on the iPhone or iPads. It lets you have a whole iPhone backup restore, managing contacts, SMS, Books, Apple Files, calendars even It can even remove iTunes movie music DRM.

If you are seeking an easy-to-use, fast, safe and stable iPhone/iPad management software in our opinion DearMob iPhone Manager is a must for you. It is available for windows as well as for mac. Just give it a try and share your experience with us.

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