How to disable automatic updates of plugins

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This hack is very much required by all the wordpress users that have custom plugins or who had modified a little bit in the existing plugins to cater their specific needs in their WordPress setup but when its plugin developer make some changes these changes does reflect in our WordPress admin panel, WOW  bang ! Everything lost.

What to do now ? You can disable these plugins so that they can not update them self automatically or show any update notification.

So how to disable WordPress to check this Automatic update. Here are the simplest method to implement this.

[messagebox] Please take backup of your original wordpress plugin before implementing this hack [/messagebox]

Proper method to disable automatic updates

function exclude_plugins_from_auto_update ( $update, $item ) {
    $plugins = array ( // Plugins to exclude from auto-update
    if ( in_array( $item, $plugins ) )
        return false; // Don't auto-update specified plugins
    else return true; // Auto-update all other plugins
add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', 'exclude_plugins_from_auto_update', 10, 2 );

Open your theme’s function.php file and paste above code inside this file. Above code will exclude akismet and buddypress from automatic update.

Now you know the code, you have to just add the name of the plugin in this list whom you want not to check from automatically from its base/developers website.

Disable automatic update – 2nd method

Basically all the plugins and theme check its developers website after some time using the URL defined either defined inside style.css ( in case of theme ) and yourplugin.php file ( in case of plugin)

Disable automatic updates

This is my own discovery to disable automatic update, for this method you have to open your plugin editor from WordPress admin panel and make changes inside its yourplugin.php and change the name of its URL from original website to your website.

Once done, just save your work and enjoy.

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  1. Hi Rakesh, I’m looking for a tutorial for some time back for disable the automatic wordpress plugins update. I read this articles and now done it on my blog. Thanks a lot, for this valuable post.

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