Do Follow Blogs and Forum- Massive List-1

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Do Follow forums and Blog are the best one to post Comments as they brings back a do follow back link i.e the link they will leave on the site- Google will follow up-to our own site,New-comers find it very difficult to find such blog and forums.

To solve how to find out relevant blogs and forums, I have already written an article “Easiest methods to find out relevant blogs and forums without software” is also available on this blog.

For the benefits of community who are always looking for the high rank do follow blog and forums, so that they can create some quality back-links to their site quickly. Here is my list of Do follow blogs and forums with their page ranks







If you are able to find out any Good Do Follow blog /forum or site. Kindly update me so that i can update this list for other users. Waiting for your response

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18 thoughts on “Do Follow Blogs and Forum- Massive List-1”

    1. dear renee, some link are disabled as my system is not able to locate these sites. Kindly stay in touch for latest information.

  1. Am searching for it Rakesh.

    I’ve bookmarked this post, thanks for sharing this useful list.

    Will make use of it :)

    1. You would not believe me if i will tell you the truth. Earlier, i used to copy the contents from some well known website, right now i write it myself and just removed most of that type of article. This is the main reason you, right now see my page rank 3 not 5. ;)

  2. Well i want to share here two high PR blogs

    visitslovenia.tv PR 7

    runformike.com PR 4

    Happy Blogging with high PR

  3. I am commenting on these websites Rakesh thanks for providing me such sites. ill give you some feedback after commenting on these

  4. Great list of Dofollow Blog.Soon,mine will include in Dofollow Blog List deciding to make my Blog dofollow.Howz it do i go for it?

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