How to drive traffic using Affiliate Marketing

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The world of business is a risky world. The chances of new businesses failing to survive beyond their first year, when they fail to convert the traffic, are pretty high—at 80%. So, this means that most businesses have to develop strategies to ensure that they survive the initial survival years and then focus on strengthening and enhancing their base.

One of the non-traditional strategies includes affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is built on the basis of forming connections and relationships, which helps drive your marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing is a novel way of marketing in which businesses promote their services through association with online publishers or website owners using affiliate programs. There are different affiliate programs, which can be used in this regard. Affiliate programs include programs based on different revenue generation mechanisms such as Cost Per sale, Cost per Click, Cost per lead etc. Through such arrangements, affiliates are able to generate huge numbers of revenues for their clients- through creating leads, sales and traffic.

Understanding how affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing involves the use of advertisements by the affiliates (marketing partners) that advertises products or services offered by the organizations. These advertisements are placed on the platforms run by the affiliates. These platforms can include blogs, websites etc. The advertisement is linked to some kind of different compensation methods. Greater the leads, feedback, clicks or engagement, more would be the revenue earned by the affiliate.

There are different compensation methods used. The Cost per Sale is the most popular way of returning back to the affiliates, revenue in the form of a portion of the sales incurred, as a result of the transaction involved using the advertisement.

Affiliate marketing involves the use of many mediums such as websites, blog posts, social media network-mediated advertising.

The earliest forms of affiliated marketing were passive: ads were created and placed on the website. The advertiser and the owner of the website had to wait for someone to click these ads.

Now, of course, merely placing an ad on a website or blog is not enough. You need to know how to market your website containing these ads. By doing so, you will be able to generate enough traffic to your website, which may or may not result in clicks. Higher the traffic on the website, higher the chances of click-through occurring.

The chances of clicks increase if the product relates to the content you produce on your website. This is more important if you are a big business, which is into B2B kind of business functioning, and you need to generate massive level of traffic. For this, it would be better to liaise with publishers of content for B2B businesses.

What are the ways to generate traffic to your affiliate product websites?

There are several common strategies being used to target traffic and direct it to websites, which promote organizations through affiliate marketing.


The most common way to promote your affiliate partner’s product is through banners placed on the sides. But the reality is that most traffic on a blog is due to the content in the posts. It is important to connect the content with the advertisement, which has to be promoted. There are different ways to do this. One is by asking bloggers to write reviews for your products. For this, the company needs to identify bloggers who are interested or write about the products/services similar to what they offer. When they do that, their content will automatically include your brand’s features, terms, names, images and thus the link will be formed. Another way is to provide suggestions for post content and ask bloggers to come up with that.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

You not only need to get more traffic, you also need to get the right kind of traffic in order to ensure that your products get more exposure. Quality traffic means serious customers who are interested in the content you have to offer as well as any associated benefits you may have to provide them. To do this, you need to ensure that your webpage is organized in a way that it works with the search engines in such a way that people who are specifically looking for certain keywords in their searches, would hit upon yours.

While SEO refers to revenues generated through unpaid or free listings, which is earned, Search Engine Marketing is the term that refers to revenue generated from paid listings i.e. in short, purchased traffic. Search Marketing refers to the overall process

Use of networked blogs on social networking sites

Your blogs can be linked to your social networking sites through an app called networked blog. Your content would be disseminated across a wide spectrum of readers via your face book profile and face book pages. You can generate a lot of traffic to your websites by using the power of networked blogs. Other methods of generating traffic are to use the RSS links, e-mail marketing, pod-casting etc.

Overall, there are ways to generate traffic through affiliate marketing. Even though recent changes in Google’s algorithm have lessened the importance of link buildings, SEO and other techniques still remain important for marketers.

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