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Data recovery from mac

Nowadays memory is cheap so people love to store almost everything on their devices. External devices like hard disks, SD cards and pen drives are more common to take backup and store our memories and data files such as photos, videos and documents.

But when you need any of the stored files and suddenly your Mac does not recognize your external hard drive? What you will do?

Will you leave all your important data?   The simple answer is No.

One simple solution is to use iBoysoftData Recovery for Mac. Before everything else let me tell you one thing that this is the simplest and one of the smallest Mac data recovery software available on the Internet. You can get your copy of iBoysoft mac data recovery software from here.

First Experience

The total size of iBoysoftMac data recovery software was only 11.6 MB and when we are using an Internet speed of 100 MBPS, you can now imagine how much time it took to download on my system.

I was very much impressed by the size of this simple software that can bring back all my deleted data files, photos, videos from any type of disk, flash drive, pen drive, USB drive.

Installation Experience

The small size is ok. What about the installation and accessing the application. For testing of this software, we chose a Mac mini (Late 2014) with a 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB Memory, which is running macOS Mojave.

It took only two minutes to install on my system. The installation of the application is as easy as counting 1-2-3. It just prompted a wizard for us to follow and we just agreed with its terms and condition.

There is nothing special to install it on macOS system like other DMG files.  If you are running macOS Catalina, you need to enable the software to have Full Disk Access. The first screen that appeared after installation clearly showed the total number of detected hard disks and their partitions.

partition table

Data recovery using iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac

Once the installation was finished, the app presented us all the available partitions and external disk available right now with our system, from which we can select the desired external drive/partition from where we wanted to recover files. Then we connected our external hard drive to the Mac and after two seconds, it was detected by the software as well.

We selected the external hard drive and clicked on Scan with Deep scan mode ticked. The external hard was traversed by the software deeply and checked for each and every type of file and file system available on it.  This process took a little bit longer time than scanning without Deep scan ticked.

Hard Drive scanning process

Then we selected the desired folder and files that needed to be recovered and previewed each file before taking a final decision. At last, we clicked on the Recover button to save the files That’s it.

Note: it is recommended that do not save the recovered file in the same location where it was available before deletion AND if you could believe I was able to recover my seven-year-old database file from my external hard drive successfully.

If you want to try its premium feature of file recovery from encrypted APFS-formatted external hard drive, or you want to recover data from an unbootable Mac, you have to purchase its premium versions and the activation of the premium version is smooth.

Pricing and Plans

The price of iBoysoft data recovery software is a little bit higher in a price-sensitive country like India but the facility and simplicity this software provides is incomparable. The Home edition version does not support APFSdata recovery that was a little bit disappointing for us and we were expecting at-least this is a free version. But it seems that all professional data recovery companies start to include the APFS data recovery capabilities into paid versions.

Online Help

Though the software is one of the easiest software to recover files from unrecognized external hard drives, still the manufacturer has provided extensive help for each and every step that you may need while using this wonderful software.

You can access this help either using the link in this article or from the left-hand corner menu available on the software. Help on Mac data recovery software by iBoysoft.

The final verdict on iBoysoftData Recovery for Mac

The software is one of the smallest Mac data recovery software we have ever tested on our platform. It is available for the two most famous operating systems Windows and Mac. The installation process, recovery mode is one of the easiest methods we can imagine.

The software interface is clutter-free and easy to navigate, a little bit pocket friendly. Thus we can clearly recommend our readers this data recovery software for external hard drives.

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