Easiest method to find High quality do-follow CommentLuv Enabled blogs

Commentluv Enabled blog

Bloggers do publish CommentLuv Enabled Blogs on their blogs but most of them are of  no use, since you are writing on a particular niche, and niche bloggers never ever publish to make a new competitor.

So, you tired of  locating commentLuv enabled blogs to insert your desired Links?   Even not a single software is available to search latest commentLuv enabled blogs. So! Where is the solution.

Before we start, download and install Free Tools To Search High Quality CommentLuv Enabled Blogs.

SEOQuake Toolbar :

I basically use this toolbar to determine alexa rank, Google Page Rank of any website. The beauty of this toolbar is it can Give us exact alexa and page rank even in Google Search Result.

commentluv enabled high quality sites

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Do-follow Add-ons / Extension :

This extension is basically used to show the nature of links available on any website/blog.  Here is a typical extension showing do-follow links in Pink color and  no-follow links in blue background.

do-follow link -blog

Google Search Query

Google is one of the best tool to search information on the internet. Even it can help us to find out CommentLuv enabled sites or Keyword Enabled Sites.

The point is “KEYWORD” may be short keyword or Long Tail Keyword.  write down at-least 5 to 10 keyword may be short or long tail and it’s related synonyms ( Synonyms and Typographical Error may also bring a lots of traffic).

Must Read

Before we began our journey to find out commentluv Enabled blogs, it is very necessary to know how we will search the relevant blog and forums on Google.

Google has several operators to help you to find out your desired information two of them i want to mention here for the sake of this tutorial

  • Double Inverted quotes :  if you want to include all the term of your long tail keyword as a single phrase then you have to keep the whole “Long tail keyword”  inside the double quotation mark, otherwise you will see garbage results containing either single or double or multiple words in those pages
  • site : If you want to search any specific information from a particular domain then it is used. Rather than supplying a single domain, we will supply only the TLD  of the domain.

Google Query to search CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

  1. Keyword +” CommentLuv is Enabled” 
  2. Keyword +”KeywordLuv is Enabled”
  3. “Long Tail Keyword” +”CommentLuv is Enabled”
  4. “Your Long Tail Keyword” + “CommentLuv Enabled”  site: CO.UK

Above Google Search Query may Bring a lots of Targeted blogs in front of you. Now the installed SEOQuake Toolbar show the alexa and PR of each result.

high rank commentLuv enabled blogs

Final Touch – do follow Blogs

Now if you further want to search do-follow blogs. Now open your favorite browser ( my favorite –firefox ). Issue your do-follow plugin and it will show you whether the blog is publishing do-follow links or not.


Only do-follow links for your blog may make search engine little bit cautious. Pro Link Builder thus also try to attain simple one-way links to their website.  Easiest method to search relevant blog and forums can help you to locate niche blog and forums to insert desired link with niche anchor Text.

This is now more important in the post Google Panda Update.   What other methods do you use to find out relevant commentLuv enabled blogs and forums to attach good quality links? Do not hesitate to share your idea on this method.

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  1. Hi,

    No doubt it is a very easy way to find out heigh do-follow links.Good compilation buddy. It is a very helpful list and I am referring it to one of my link building strategies. Really your effort is very helpful for a fresher like me.

  2. Hi Rakesh,

    Comment blogging is used for link building, most of us do. Please let me know are these links are follow or do-follow.

    1. Hi Thomas, Comment links are basically no-follow links and as per my knowledge these links are basically used to establish a relationship with th blogger.

  3. I noticed this search functionality has been removed by Google. I’m wondering if it was the last update because there are no more targeted results if you google “commentluv is enabled” About 439 results. Has anyone else noticed that?

  4. Or you can also download the extension on Chrome to see if it is a do follow or no follow which is much easier in my opinion.

  5. Rakesh’

    I Really Thankful To you, I Don’t understand know to how to you give a Thank You, Its wonderful my lot’s of time save this method. Thanks Again Good Job ! God Bless You

    1. Ohhh this is the way you target your keywords thanks for this info it might be useful for me

  6. Thanks so much for this blog post Rakesh. I have not tried it yet but using it with SEOQuake to instantly see the influence of a particular website seems to be *so* useful!

  7. i personally use SEO Quack Toolbar. tool provide lots of information of any website and help me to build good backlinks. i don’t know about do-follow plugin. i surely try this tool in future.

  8. I used SEO Quack Toolbar. This is one of the best and very useful tool. With one drawback that it is very heavy and it hangs the system too. But Still very useful. This gives almost every information.

  9. I downloaded almost all of the tools above and some of them are really helpful. Especially SEO Quake Toolbar.

  10. Awesome, i was searching for ways to create the follow comments, because these type links are getting really hard to get, thanks rakesh for the info, it’s difficult to find a really worth reading website.

  11. Thanks for sharing this article. However, commentluv blog commenting are still working in 2017? And i searched photography + “KeywordLuv is Enabled”. I am not able to find blogs related to my niche.

  12. Hello,
    Awesome article. Great helpful content, I will revisit this page to recheck and reconfirm that I am on the right track. Will be looking forward for more posts like this from your blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi,
    Thumbs up for providing such great information. I was not aware one could use an extension to determine the nature of links in a website. I have tried it and its working like a charm. And before I go, the google query technique was awesome. I compiling my results for later use.

  14. Great lists of Comment luv do follow links sites its going to increase our backlinks and many more SERPS results thank you

  15. Excellent tools. I was unaware of these do-follow finder extensions and some of the tips shared.

    Thank you.

    Take care,

  16. Hi,
    There is so much information in this content that I have to come back again and again on this page to recheck and reconfirm that I am on the right track. Will be looking forward for more knowledge-heavy articles like this from your blog.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  17. It’s really an informative post. It helps me to find blogs for comments and achieve my SEO goals.
    Thanks for sharing….

  18. best information to find commentluv blogs and keywordluv blogs in google thank you for this infornation.

  19. I am actually confused.I have searched with my keyword but I havent found any related keyword site.can you please tell me that in the chart of query where you say keyword should i use my keyword??

  20. Excellent post. These tools will make the link building task easier. Is very hard to find a comentluv blogs enabled. It spends hours to find good place to put the links. Well, this before reading this post. Thank you very much,

  21. Seriously this is the first time I came across such method to use and find comment luv in an effective way possible. Worth a share. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  22. Hey!

    I would like to thank you for this method. This is the easiest way to make more backlinks to your blog and increase SEO :)

    Have a good day!

  23. I am searching for How to create Do-follow Backlink and what is more powerful link building between do-follow and no-follow? another question is : what should be the anchor text of a comment ?

    1. Hi Debashish, Both Do-follow and no-follow links are important for your website. Though it is considered do-follow links give you more link juice to you but if you will acquire only do-follow links then this will be considered as spam links thus it is always suggested that the link distribution must be equal.

  24. iam searching for dofollow backlinks. and i did not find any post regarding this so far.but here i found some key points to get success.thank you for the post.

  25. It too aweseome, your post helps me in find out no follow links in such a way and a good effective seo tips by you

  26. Commentluv always gives us quality backlink.This is the best plugin for any site.There are many tools to find dofollow and nonollow backlink.
    Thanks for provide a good tips.

  27. DoFollow links has become little difficult to find. I guess Comment Luv is one of the best commenting system for wordpress. Thanks for the tips

  28. Blog Commenting is very effective link building technique to get permanent backlinks for website and improve ranking. I love this way since it helps me to get backlink and make relationship as well. You have done good work to comping this blog commenting sites list.

    1. It increase the page load time, this is the only reason i do not install on shared hosting.

  29. This is a very great resource indeed.
    I never thought of something like this since I never use Commentluv before (I even didn’t know it exists)
    Thanks for this great method
    Cheers :D

    1. Hi walter, Even people install Commentluv to enhance the user interaction on their blog as this plugin place the last posted article link along with the user comment.

    1. Awesome Post,Actually I Am Little bit Confusion to find Do Follow Links after reading your article,i have idea about to find the do follow links,really awesome post..

    2. Hi Viswa, that is your confusion about do-follow links? If you do not mind may i know that.

  30. google query to use comment luv is a great way to get do follow links, i used it very often and i also use dropmylink to find out the blogs

  31. Hi rakesh,
    It seems lot of tricks are there to make high quality do follow backlinks. I will download the above mentioned plugins & start to workout. I appreciate Kurt Thomas that he corrected (No follow links are red not blue) that I need to follow in this article. I just started my career in this stream. This discussion is fabulous that everyone were sharing their thoughts & queries

    1. Hi Vahini Manohar, Thanks for your valuable inputs for article. No-follow and do-follow both are required to rank high in the search engine, You have to take very good care of both types of links, Otherwise you can invite big brother to take care of your blog. I really mean it. So be very careful about the balance between these two types of backlinks. :)

  32. Hey bro, that is what I was looking for. This is really good to manually find quality and dofollow commentluv blogs. It is going to help me out so one biggest thanks for you.

    1. Hi Purushottam, happy to know that my method help you to find out some quality blog for you. Keep in touch :)

  33. this will be mine second article that got my attention upto now regarding seo, so now i’ve to target visitors, in many sites i’ve read about getting visitors through fb, linkedin twitter, but is that traffic healthy and i donno whether it is considered as spam while posting on fb and tagging many of users for my benifit…!!
    please elaborate me to get healthy traffic for my site

    1. Hi Ajay, Social signal is a good signal but how much time you will spend on such sites. Commenting and guest posting is another good options to make permanent backlinks for your website. On top of that content marketing is the best among all the listed methods. I would recommend you to use magic submitter to do this simple task. That would help you to save a lots of time.

    1. Hi John, Since google had not updated its page ranking thus the only factor you can consider about a popular blog is its alexa ranking thus people now a days check alexa and actual site users before posting good comment on any website. A well written comment always bring traffic to your website. This is a very simple rule. Keep in touch John.

  34. CommentLuv catches the concentration of huge numbers of commentators. It joins blog author with your visitors & provides referral to the mainly fresh post of the commentator’s blog

  35. Some nice tips there :) I usually find the best blogs to be from the people who’re commenting on a regular basis on my blog posts. Usually, that’s people who’re in the same niche and are focusing on networking. I also find great blogs from the people who comment regularly on blogs I read often (like yours).

    ~ Tim ~

    1. Hi Tim, They are the best if your aim is to just generate more page view but if you promoting something or selling something from your website then these type of visitor should not be your target. Visitors that come for any type of solution are the best type of visitor – as per our conversion they convert the best.

  36. It’s my second comment at Binary Note. Another awesome article! Thanks again! :D

    I hope to start building do-follow backlinks and rank my blog higher. :)

    You’re awesome bro! :D

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  38. That’s a very smart and simple trick, its much better than scanning through huge list of outdated dofollow list articles.

    Thanks for this smart tip.

    1. Hi Sreejesh, Happy to know that you find this tricks useful. Keep in touch for such for information ~rakesh

  39. Commentluv blogs can be very good sources gaining dofollow links but I think point here to make is for some niche, you will not be able to find a lot of commentluv blogs. For example, you may get a big number of blogs for SEO niche but you might to get that number of blogs for Auto repair niche, keeping in mind that it is important to have links from niche relevant sites.

  40. I think Commentluv is a most used for every blogger because of the reward it bring when it comes to backlinks. am using it on my blog
    and is really helping to transform my traffic. thanks for sharing…keep writing…

  41. Wow great info,

    you couldn’t have laid it out any better, Not too many would share this valuable information, Dofollow backlinks play a big role in SEO, Add a mixture of different backlinks directing to your blog and you should generate more traffic to your blog guaranteed, thanks for sharing :)

  42. I do know that Keywordluv enabled blogs provide dofollow backlinks but not all commentluv enabled blogs provides dofollow comments. I already have searchstatus add on installed in my browser through which I can check dofollow and nofollow links of a website. Still it was a really helpful post to find good blogs to leave comment.

  43. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing how to find sites with do follow backlinks.

    I’ve been finding them through a google search by searching for do follow backlinks with internet marketing and make money online keywords.


    1. Hi Khasrang, These are my tried and tested methods thus I am 100% sure that will help you to make some good backlinks for you.

  44. Do follow plugin is really a great asset for a blogger, i just started using it. and thanks really for sharing the awesome Google query operators, they are really the best shortcut way to find comment luv blogs. I love binaryquote for the valueable tricks.

  45. very thankful for this post I know the ways to build backlinks but don’t know how to find proper blogs after reading this I got clarity now Build Backlinks To My blog

    1. Hi Bhanu. Backlink from a relevant post/forum topic add value to your website and always send targeted traffic to your website, AND on the top of it, it is also a ranking factor in major search engine.

  46. Thank you very much Rakesh for sharing this useful guide. As a new blogger, it is quite difficult for us to give the natural with backlink benefit because of the social media impact. Once again, thanks…

  47. Hello Rakesh,

    Link building is very very important aspect in SEO. But we must have a balance between Do-follow and no-follow backlinks. You above idea to find dofollow backlinks enabled websites is really going to help a lot for my link building process.


    1. Hi Blogger

      I think you are right, while writing this article i missed the color. Thanks for this error. Keep in touch

  48. Commenting in do follow blogs really speed up the ranking of our blog in search engines and your guide is awesome to find useful list of do follow blogs. Thanks.

    1. Hi gautam, Nice to see you here.
      Thank you very much for your kind words. Besides commenting on do follow blogs it is equally important to write right kind of keywords rich articles for your own own blog. Keep in touch :)

  49. I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for people. I am impressed with the way of writing. It kept connected me all the time.Keep up the good work

  50. Thanks for sharing valuable tips to get high quality backlinks
    It’s a great post and definitely useful for me :)

  51. hi Rakesh, thanks for the great method you share, but do you have a recommended tools for search a dofollow links? i mean i want to search the dofollow links with auto way, and its okay to pay the tools. and i don’t want to use the service from the people offer, i just want to search by myself, so i know what i want.
    sorry for the bad language.


  52. Thanks Rakesh, the no-follow or dofollow extension is for firefox or google chrome? and thank you so much for providing all these ideas….

  53. HI Rakesh,
    This is Really Great way to find Dofollow commentluv Enabled Blogs with the help of SEO Quake tool i had been using this tool but there was problem in finding with Quotations i typed in google “quotations finding for dofollow blogs” so i found out your informative Blog Post Which really helped me to find using Quotations too.

    1. Dear Junaid, Have you checked my new WordPress theme for Food Blogger. Waiting for your ideas on this theme.

  54. Great ways to get backlinks. I was searching for comment enabled site to make high quality backlinks. Your article helped me to make 2 backlinks thank you for sharing this article. I will recommend every backlink seeks to come to your website. Thank you.

  55. Hi.. Nice to see this helpful post.
    Because i was searching for a Toolbar which shows Page rank also in Search Result . So, Thanks to Share it.

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  56. That’s so kind bro, i will try to be in touch of this great blog. Guys like you who appreciate one other are great. Thanks bro. I wish your blog do well in future.

  57. Not only me but everyone who is in the online marketing know the importance of dofollow blogs. Dofollow blogs are quite necessary in order to increase the search engine ranking of our sites but it’s really hard to find. I always search over the web for the ways through which i can accumulate more and more dofollow blogs. And this you gave me few more ways. Thanks for sharing these great tips of finding dofollow blogs. I hope all readers of this site will be benefited by these tips.

  58. It was a great article and the tool which you have mentioned in the article i.e “seoquake” is an awesome tool.It reduces a lot of time for me.

  59. I’d read and tried most of the ways other blogger suggested how to find do follow blog to follow , but the searching term you shared with us are the best , thanks a lot , that’s exactly what i want .

  60. What a great tool, now I can directly find out alexa rank, blog PR and many more things. No need of alexa toolbar.
    Thanks for the article. Keep Sharing, I like Googe search one.

  61. Hello Rajesh,
    What a great tool, now I can directly find out alexa rank, blog PR and many more things. No need of alexa toolbar.
    Thanks for the article. Keep Sharing…

    Pankaj Jain

  62. CommentLuv enabled blogs are a good source of driving traffic to a website and getting dofollow links from CommentLuv enabled blogs is pretty awesome. Thanks.

  63. As am a regular reader of your post, I already installed SEOquake toolbar on my browser.

    Having dofollow plugin too.

    Sure, will follow your ways to find the dofollow commentluv enabled blogs.

    Thanks for sharing this Rakesh :)

  64. absolutely brilliant post my dear friend.Do follow add on’s for firefox is a great tool.One to two months back i was using it for identifing do follow links and it was really helpful and effective.I use moz tool bar for finding page rank and alexa rank of the blog.Seo quake toolbar seems to be a good toolbar.I would like to try it.Thanks bro for sharing some brilliant tips on tools which makes blogging easy.

  65. Hi,
    I think blog commenting is not so good technique to gain traffic! I preffer guest blogging cause you built better quality links and you gain more permanent audiance!

  66. i searched with the google terms you mentioned above, but i couldn’t locate the website with commentluv. i just want some help with it.

    1. You are most welcome sanjay.Do not forget to subscribe my email to get such awesome post in your email.

  67. Having both dofollow and nofollow links are important to get ranking because if a website attains only dofollow backlinks, search engines are likely to mark it as spam. Naturally, it will look specious. Search engines does not want you to build backlinks for yourself. They wants people or traffic to build backlink on behalf of you.

    1. You read it very right Debra, Happy to know that there are people who actually know what is right and what is wrong to get a good ranking and better traffic for their website. Thanks for this thoughtful comment, Keep in touch

  68. I didn’t know that Google Search Engine can be used as a tool to find dofollow blogs to comment.
    Well, thanks a lot mate :)

  69. Thank you Rakesh Kumar. Its interesting and very informative. But i have a small doubt.. blog commenting really helpful for ranking…it really works?

    1. It really works and it is one of the tried and tested method to bring lots of targeted traffic to your site. But commenting trick must be known to you.

  70. It was a great journey to your blog from last 1 week.Finally the time to thank you and appreciate your awesome works.You posts are really unique.Thanks a lot.

  71. You have written a great post and I have also tried these tips provided by you, but have been unsuccessful in my search. Please post a list of dofollow Sports blogs,if you could. I have been looking for the same for long time now….

  72. It’s actually a great and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  73. I’m the beginner, I think this is good resource for me to build link and for good progress and purposes as well. I think I will download add-on which you have suggested before. I really big thanks for your information.


  74. This is a great post! I’ve gone through several forums and websites looking for a good explanation to help me sort out an efficient process to find and utilize do-follow blogs. Your posts are helping me tremendously! Thank you!

    1. you are most welcome jared, one more thing, if possible kindly update us how much it was actually useful for you. ;) Thanks for your kind words

  75. Hello I think you have mention wrong her. you mention that red color for do follow and blue color is no follow which wrong bcoz i also use seo quak tool…first of all the img you have share is for tool no-dofollow toll imge in that it show red for no follow and blue for do follow… Basically in seo quak their no color highlighting but their is stick trough effect to identify no follow links…
    I Disagree here your info

  76. Is commentLuv can’t show us the notification whether the comment is being sent ?

    So after we click the Post Comment we can get such a notification (your comment will be moderated), to make sure that the post is sent.


    1. no commentLuv i not liable to do that this feature is only available through the themes. Some themes show this, some avoid this to save few extra bytes to save bandwidth. ;)

  77. Seems great, but I can’t get the Google searches to work. I put in:

    “travel blog” + “CommentLuv Enabled”

    I would think I’d get travel blogs with CommentLuv enabled, but I just get a bunch of sites that have lists of blogs with CommentLuv enabled…

    1. Dear Emily, thank for this query, the problem with this search query is -people does not name their site as travel blog or even does not write their article having keyword “travel blog” thus you are getting undesired results. In this case my suggestion is – redefine your search query and enjoy the targeted results. ~rakesh

    1. Thanks rasel for this update, enjoy newly discoved blogs to place your backlinks. ;)

  78. thank you very much rakesh for share wonderful article. I can find commentluv blog easily with your article…
    keep bloging and thank you..

  79. You got the nofollow/dofollow colours the wrong way around. Might wanna change that unless you love people commenting on your blog

  80. What awesome strategies…I have SO much to learn. I’m going to work on some now, I really need traffic! Thanks!

    1. You are most welcome Michelle. Hope these tricks will help you to place links in desired positions very easily.

  81. Thanks for the tips and suggestions. We need all the support and advice possible from experienced and successful persons like yourself.

    I really appreciate your generosity, and I definitely will use your tips to make the most of my backinking strategies.

    1. Dear Yaz, do not forget to update, how much you were successful to implement these tricks. basically these are my experience while searching for high pr pages/post on the internet. Hope they will help you the same way. ;)

  82. Hi,
    Thank you for these tips.
    I’ve added CommentLuv to my blog.
    Are you sure google won’t consider it as a link exchange strategy ?

  83. This is a great post! The search queries are working wonderfully! Good job Rakesh! Now if there was a way to exclude certain PR levels, ahh that would be neat!

    1. Dear Renee, right now i do not know how to exclude this from the search results, but will try to update as soon as i will be able to find out the solution. Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  84. rakesh thank you for the info, that’s interesting. I never noticed before what is dofollow and nofollow .. after knowing this I became more clear .. Will you come back to my blog this simple?

  85. I am sorry to point out but the Color codes in the DoFollow plugin should be vice versa.

    Red for NoFollow and Blue for DoFollow.


  86. After reading your article I will definitely try this method. I find it very valuable and useful tips to all of us. I’m glad I found your site this will help me in any way to get backlinks.

  87. Thanks for the list of queries. I was already running the 1st 2 sources….now I added the queries to my list. thanks again.

  88. Comment Luv blogs are my best friend!

    I also find loads of tremendous content on most Comment Luv blogs I stumble upon so that is another plus.

    Thanks for the great information!

  89. When it comes to widgets, CommentLuv really works best for my Site. Such a great apps and it help me to attract more visitors.

    1. Thanks marc Law for this valuable feedback on commentluv. I am delighted to know that you like this article.

  90. I am using Disqus in my blog. Do you think I can use both Disqus and Commentluv together? Disqus is for monetary benefit to us coz it shows related ads. Which one would be better?

    1. I would never ever recommend to use disqus for commenting and most blogger try to refrain them-self to use disqus as it does not allow them to insert their links thus will decrease the interaction with the readers, that will lead you to lesser readers and more bounce rate. Another issue with it is low cpc. CommentingLuv on the other hand encourage to add comment.

      if you want to earn some money through your blog then try to get google adsense for your blog and consider direct ad publishers, affiliate etc.

  91. If I want to search sports blogs for blog commenting so how can I find. I have searched by following your query but I didn’t find it, so please guide me.

    1. Nobody will write sports blog for commenting, instead of that try to name the specific sports name. Suppose you want to write comment on football blog then your query might be like this “football”+”leave your reply” or “football”+”speak to your mind” something like that. The idea is how blog encourage readers to write comment on their blog.

    1. That is a paid software – are you ready to purchase that paid software, Since acquiring only do-follow link for your site make search engine..suspicious and they can mark your site as spam. So it is advised, acquire links from everywhere..no-follow also.

  92. Commentluv really works best especially for those sites who aim for visitors. It could be one of the advantages in page ranking.

  93. The tools you’ve listed above have completely changed the way I look at back-linking and how to go about it. It has certainly saved me a lot of time. However, I noticed that I went through a phase of being obsessed with dofolow blogs. I think dofollow blogs are still great, but I focus less on that now and more on providing value-add comments. I find this more ‘normal’ whether it is dofollow or nofollow. But anyways, thanks for pointing out the tools above. If you haven’t installed them, give it a try.

  94. It is nice tips all around but i an confused with the color. I have read many seo article where claimed dofollow color is light blue and pink for nofollow. Pls clear me what is the real.
    Thank you

    1. Do not listen to any one my dear friend. Install this wonderful firefox addons and check it yourself. Best of luck for your link building endeavour. see you soon

  95. Commentluv really a big help and a great widget. I can observe my site gain more traffic since the day I installed it.

  96. you are doing a good job. Nice stuff for every seo people. Do Follow list is always great medium to optimize site. I will be happy to read your all post.

  97. I learnt something new today..Thanks to you..I was struggling to find blogs with comment luv plugin didnt know it was so simple :)

    1. Dear suraj, I always said” A tool is as intelligent as its user” . Follow these tricks and place your comments on high quality blogs with your desired links, and please do not forget to update me. i am waiting for your response.

    1. Never heard about SEO Quake before until I figure out from your valuable post, thanks for letting us know about this.

  98. Hi,
    About the colored indication of ‘nodofollow’ plugin, isn’t the blue color indicates ‘do follow’ and the pink color the other way?

  99. Actually seoquake and do follow plugin is already used by me from some days ago.but using those we can find comment luv plugin.I did not the tricks u used for this.So i would try this to explore more cumment luv plugin.

  100. Hi bro thanks for telling me on how to find DoFollow CommentLuv Blog to comment and get backlinks. I will visit your site often. Keep up the good work.

  101. Sometimes I sit around reading things I’m already familiar with scratching my head after thinking, why did I just read that. Not the case here I use Google chrome and use a few plugins not listen but WOW. S.E.O. Quake is AMAZING. Thank you for turning me on to this tool.

    1. really happy to know that you find seoquake useful. it seems to me we are sharing same kind of thoughts, most of the time i think bloggers are trying to re-invent the wheel again and again with different names and size, Thus just trying to be little bit different. Hope to see you very soon. “Craig”. ;)

  102. Hi Rakesh,

    As you mention in the snap shot as no follow and do follow that is wrong.
    Blue color is for “Do follow” and Orange color is for “No follow” Kindly check by using (NoDoFollow) 1.1 for fire fox add ons.


    1. May be this is the color or do-follow blog. But i am really delighted to know that you grasp the idea. Hope to see you very soon

  103. I have been using SEOQuake toolbar. But relied mostly on lists to find dofollow blogs. It never occurred to me that I could use search queries to find CommentLuv dofollow blogs. This new technique has made my work considerably easier and saved me a lot of time. Thanks for sharing.

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