Easiest Method to find out profitable Niche sites

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You tube is full with video on” How to find out profitable Niche” and perhaps they are also shown you some sort of results using some keywords research tools like “Micro Niche finder tool” or “Market Samurai“.

Though both of them are great but how will you know that video they have shared on You tube are not outdated and stale.

You don’t have any method. except your own intuition. Am i right ?

Relax there are method to help you a lot in this case, allow me to explain each one of them.

First – Free method to Find out profitable Niche


Though this method does not reveal all the niche run by the same adsense id. Still a very Good Free tool to find out Niche run by your favorite problogger.

Just Look at the source code of that website/blog and find out the Google Adsense Publisher ID that is Just like  pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxx .  Copy this code and paste in the search bar of spyonweb.com and that’s it.

Second – Using Whorush

Some times back i have written an Article on “Easiest Method to find out High PR do-follow commentLuv Enabled blogs and forums” in which  i have mentioned a  firefox plug-in ” SEOQuake”

Now its time to see the magic of this plugin once more. Enable the same plugin on your browser and visit some well known blogger’s blog/site  which you think also runs some niche sites like Lisa ray of  2createawebsite.com

Learn How to Create an Awesome Website and Make Money Online Today

Now from the above screenshot, You can clearly  see that Lisa runs 30 sites with the same Google Adsense ID and make some very handsome amount.  ( According to her more than $6000 from only adsense)

Do you think she will tell you directly the name of her niche. Don’t fool yourself,  No not at all and even do not dare to ask.

So where is the solution ?

You have the solution in your hand !!!!!!!!!!!! Yes click on the same  30 sites by this adsense ID and it will send you on another website maintained by none other then semrush, it is whorush.


Now using the adsense ID of the author i am able to find out all the niche she is running right now.

Wait wait wait ???????????? Where is the domain names.

Give me one more minute ……browse the same window at the bottom there are two buttons

access whorush pagesHere you have two option and both are paid. if you think your mentor runs some very profitable niche sites which can also help you to earn some handsome money. Do not hesitate to invest this small amount to reap some real gain.

Your Turn on easiest method to find niche

In out test case i copied the adsense code of Lisa of 2createawebsite and tried the same code on spyonweb.com and the site was fair enough to show 18 sites on the other hand whorush was able to show all the 30 sites run by the problogger.

The results of spyonweb.com is limited but they are accurate and in some cases if all that domains are taken from the same source then it is equally useful as their counterpart paid version.

Do not hesitate to share your view on this easiest method to find out profitable niche.

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30 thoughts on “Easiest Method to find out profitable Niche sites”

  1. The easiest method to find out a profitable niche is searching sites in Flippa.com. You’ll get niches (websites) with potential monthly income.

  2. Hey Rakesh,It’s a cool trick to find profitable niche sites. I will try it to increasing my revenue. Thanks for revealing this scrumptious trick :)

  3. Hi Rakesh,

    Most of the time spyonweb doesn’t work. If you need free site I use seokitten.com. There is a tab “hosts with the same idents” and you can check other sites by adsense ID and analytics ID.

  4. I really like the way of writing the detailed information! Thanks for sharing the useful ideas, just now I downloaded SEOquake for Firefox. Keep writing Rakesh!

    1. Thanks Nirmala Ji, Just Trying to give back the community , what i have learn from the community. I will try to update all my readers with relavant information that they can use any time. Thanks for your valuable feedback. Hope to see you very soon

    1. Please also update your results – We all are eager to know that. Hope to see you very soon Gaurav

  5. It was very interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them.I would like to read more soon.

  6. What a nice detailed, article. All I have to do is literally follow the steps you gave to find niche sites for my blog! This is truly a generous and awesome post! Peace and love to you, Rakesh! Namaste!

    1. Thanks ‘Emilia’ for your comment. Gald to know that you find this piece of information useful to find a profitable niche. Hope to see you very soon.

  7. Great post you have here, Rakesh. I just had a hearty meal in this information buffet that you have opened for all of us readers! Can’t wait to digest this meal and use your tips! Kudos to you, man!

  8. I never really thought about exploring the possibility of identifying niche sites that will make blogging profitable for me. After all, we spend numerous hours online striving to provide our readers with quality content. Thank you for your tips, I can’t wait to try out these methods myself.

    1. Thanks Joy for this update. This method really works well. The only point is how do you explore the idea. Hope to see you very soon. ;)

  9. It was very interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks the author for it.I like such topics and everything that is connected to them.

    1. Glad to know that you find this piece of information useful. Hope to see you very soon.

  10. I found your web-site perfect for my needs. It is made up of splendid and helpful posts. I have read most of them and got a great deal from them.

  11. Great tips, and think this technique does not expose all the market run by the same ad-sense id. Still a very Good No cost device to discover out Niche run by your preferred pro blogger…Thanks for the sharing..

    1. This is i already mentioned in my article. Only the paid version is able to show all of them ie whorush. Thanks for your comment,hope to see you very soon.

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