Easiest Method to increase traffic and Adsense Income- Case Study

Simple Step to increase traffic

Right Down any tutorial on “How to increase traffic” and I am 200% sure your visitor will at-least check it once, why ? They also want to increase traffic and Adsense income.

I am one of them, searched  or visited almost every blog to find out some simple yet effective white hat technique. SEOmoz blog have a very helpful article in this case on “how to increase your blog traffic but in my opinion it’s too much laborious  and difficult to follow for new age smart bloggers –like you and me  ; ).

Relax I am not going to discuss all that method that listed in those blogs.Every blogger on the internet want to be famous and attract a lots of traffic and using this traffic want to earn more money online.

increase web trafficWhat I am going to explain in this tutorial is my experience. Before everything else, I would recommend you to check this Keyword research Video At-least once in Google Adwords Tools –part –1 , otherwise i am  you may miss this whole concept.

The tools requires in this case are not how to search relevant blogs and forums or how to find high quality do follow commentLuv enabled blogs for your Guest Post or comments or how to build tons of backlinks.

Tools required to increase Traffic and Adsense are the most obvious,Free Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Yoast SEO. Google Adwords Keywords remains  one of the best free keyword research tool available on the internet.

How to increase Blog traffic step –1

First of all login into your admin dashboard and find out all those your old post you want to promote or for whom you want to increase traffic.  Simplest method to find out your less targeted articles, can be achieved using these two methods

  1. Arrange post according to their comments and Track Back : Click on post links on left hand sidebar panel. Now click on comment icon-> Your all posts will be visible in ascending order, click it once more and now you have some posts that have minimum traffic.
  2. Arrange number of view received by each post. : There is no direct and indirect method to arrange your post according to this criteria. All you need is this smart plugin called  search term to tagging-2, which can display all that article from your site that does not receive much traffic or having least traffic.

How to Increase Traffic Easiest method   step-2

Select any one post from this list and check out its focus keyword and other details like meta description and meta tags using YOAST SEO plugin.


  • Now its time to login into your Google Adwords Keywords Tool and select keyword tool from the drop down menu box.
  • Paste or type  your focus keyword here
  • select show all related data
  • select your desired countries from where you want traffic to this article
  • Add filter to show only those keywords having traffic more than 5000 local search per month
  • Add filter to show only those keywords having traffic more than 15000 global search per month
  • Add filter to show only those keywords having traffic cost more than $1 or Rs. 50

Point to remember – Do Not select  broad or phrase or broad check box, So that your keyword tool should be able to show all possible combination of your focus keyword.

How to increase Adsense Income Easiest method – Step –3

Now Download these suggested long tail keywords as excel CSV file format. This will show the keyword pattern and all other necessary pattern. From this you have to choose only those keywords which has approximately equal search every months.

Reopen your post in wordpress admin panel and now again paste these selected long tail keywords in tags- appearing in right sidebar.

You can also copy the same keywords in meta tag section in Yoast SEO. Though Google has already announced they stopped considering meta tags and meta description as ranking factor, still I strongly believe that other search engine has not such discrimination.

long tail keywords tag

The Last Point of this whole story is now – display these tags at the end of your article. If you forget to display these tags, then the search engine will not be able to index these long tail keywords.

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #012 - '3 Reverse Image Search Engine-Search Images using Images, not Keywords - RSA Blog' - www_rsatechnologies_in_3-reverse-image-search-engine-search-images-using-images-not-keywords_html

Final Words on Easiest Method

This is one of the easiest method to increase the traffic and Adsene, but the whole process is totally depend on you –how do you search these long tail keywords. Though in this tutorial I have discussed how to use Free Keyword Research Tool. You are free to use more professional keyword research tools like market samurai.

The second point which I left throughout this discussion is – Why not try to embed these long tail keywords through out the article, So that it does not seems –keywords has been stuff at the end.  Though your theme can save you – like I do in this article.

So what do you think about this method. Do not hesitate to share your idea about this article and if possible share this with your friends and followers.

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  1. Hey,
    Nice article , thought i get 1000+ visitiors per day i want to increase the demand of visitors on my blog and help users to get to my data on blog. i hope with the keyword research and Yoast , i can make vistiros drive to my old post as well.
    thanks for your support and for your wonderful information. surely it will be of help to me.
    great work.

    1. Dear Ali, I am sure if you will write your post powered by keyword research then they are bound to bring lots of targeted traffic. Do not forget to update your success. Keep in touch.

    2. Hi,
      sure i will be in touch with the blog, because it has grasped so much of my attention. you truly have very rich info, love reading it to the whole. will always be your frequent visitor. Also i have a small favor from you. Can you just take 2mins of your time to explain me how i can select effective keyword. it would be a kind help. if you would explain me over team viewer just for 2mins , it can help me.

    3. I think you have not seen my article on “How to find out profitable buyer keywords”. I am sure this article can solve your query very easily. If you need my help after this article, do not hesitate to call me.

  2. Whoa, great ! thanks for sharing this, i really learn and am gonna implement them as soon as possible. Thanks for the Tip.

    1. Glad to know that you like this post. DO not forget to update us, how this method was useful for you. Keep in touch Olamosh for such awesome article.

    2. Thanks Rakesh, i will surely be back. You have really done a great job. You have lot of educative and interesting articles.

    1. Do not forget to update us about the results of this method to increase the traffic and adsense-instantly

    1. But do not put too many keywords in the tags otherwise it can hurt your site also. ~rakesh kumar

  3. Rakesh,

    You just seconded my thoughts with this article. I was wodnering in he afternoon tags should also carry the long tail keywords and presto you have seconded my thoughts.

    1. Long tail keywords are the best to get a rank on the search results. If we are able to locate them properly then i think, a win win” all the time.

  4. Commentluv is a great utility. I am thinking of actually buying the premium package. Creating links is everything because it raises traffic, Google rank and chance to become successful in general by a huge amount.

    1. With thin contents you can not raise your traffic at all. No plugin can sustain your traffic for a long time unless until you have great content to feed them.

  5. yeah sir, Am new to this blogging field and need this type of tutorials and Help of Senior Bloggers, I will first start working on Keywords now. Sir i have sent you a Friend request in Facebook, Please accept it if any doubt i will directly contact you in Facebook.

  6. Hello Sir, Nicely Explained the methods to increase Good Traffic, This is what actually a blogger needs. Thanks a lot for the Post :)

  7. HI Rakesh
    nice post
    you are right Google keyword tool is one of the best free tool available. secondly in my experience too long tail keywords tend to bring in much more visitors . it is foolish to try to optimize your website for exact keyword.


    1. You are right bryan , Long tail keywords always bring better traffic to your site. Thanks for this wonderful update.

  8. Traffic is the most important thing for the website in google search. Your post about the traffic and adsense is really useful and thanks for sharing with us

    1. You are most welcome, How did you use this information to increase the traffic , Do not forget to share with us.

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