Effective Writing Guide and Tips to Improve Content for SEO

Writing guide for better seo

Content has always been at the heart of search engine optimization and marketing. Without interesting and unique content, visitors would just last a little more than five seconds once they see your page. In recent years, the demand for interesting and engaging content has significantly increased especially after talks that SEO is slowly losing its grip on internet marketing. Whether this is true or not, businesses which have established their sites on the Internet should be ready.

Creating top-notch content for SEO is not that difficult, especially for professionals who keep themselves updated with the latest trends. In case you are an SEO specialist or writer who wants to learn more about content creation, then here are some valuable tips:

Keep Your Sentences Short

For visitors who are just looking for quick information, reading a three-line sentence would not be worth it. When writing content, especially at the beginning, make sure you start with short but concise statements. There is no room for confusion here, and it often enters long and complicated sentence constructions.

Use Social Media Sharing

Once you are done with the content or article, you may now share it with your social networks in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites. Doing so will not only get you more views and traffic, but also increase your reputation as an information or service provider.

Avoid Editing and Writing at the Same Time

There are some writers who just cannot stand not editing a sentence they have just written. It is not bad to have a perfectionist attitude, but editing while writing would often mess up your thinking process. If you want to write fast, then make sure you write everything you think until you have reached a conclusion, or the minimum amount of words needed for the article. After you are done with writing, that is when you can use your editing skills to clean up some typos or grammar errors.

Writing guide for better seo

Block Your Internet Connection

While this method is definitely not for everyone, it will really help you focus on what you are doing. The problem with many writers today is that they write a few paragraphs, but when they get bored, minimize the document program and start surfing Facebook or other websites. Once you try it, you will see if it would work for your situation and working habits or not.

Use Informative and Factual Details

Creativity in writing content is a given, but in order to keep your article fresh and unique, you need to be updated with the latest in the industry. The ‘latest’ will include recent changes, news and even statistics about a particular subject. Once you do this, you will be surprised to get a lot of visits in spite an average-level of writing.

It is really difficult to maintain a unique and fresh content in your websites due to millions of new content published every month. And in rare cases, even if you thought you were able to create a unique write-up, your content might still become ‘duplicate content’ because of cliche words and ideas. But fortunately, with the help of the tips given above, you would have fewer problems in this aspect of internet marketing.

About the Author: Walter Simms is a journalist who has found his new love in the social media marketing niche. Through the years, he has been providing valuable information and tips to marketers and other professionals in the field. One of the firms he has worked for in the past is SEOP.com, which offers SEO consultation, web development and marketing services.

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  3. Absolutely right , content is heart of search engine marketing. In other words we can say content is the king of Search Engine Marketing. A good unique and niche content help a webmaster to improve his/her site value over SERPs .

  4. nice post and thanks for sharing this use full tips content is king i hope these would help with me

  5. Thanks for sharing these SEO tips with us. I have permote my these keywords easily real estate investment, how to invest in real estate, Investment properties with the help of your tips and technique. Thanks again.

  6. Content marketing + SEO is not a mystery, and is increasingly growing important for your Google rankings. With a few easy steps and a long-term vision for your company and online presence, you will be found.

    1. Almost perfect feedback Evans, Happy to know that you are reading my articles. ;)

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  8. The internet can be a distraction. There is quicker response to the task at hand when logging off from the internet.

  9. Hey Rakesh !
    This is a great post. I really liked this post, because I had some problem with writing techniques. These sounds really helpful.
    You are right that we should write informative and factual details, otherwise our audience will be disappointed. Moreover, i just want to add that you have to write contents when your mind will be in best condition, no stress and no disturbance. Moreover one will have to avoid all distractions while writing.

    1. That is really interesting and very useful fact to improve our content. How a disturb man can create useful content for his/her audience. A very fruitful suggestion. Thanks sonia. ;)

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    In SEO content matters a lot and good content is very effective for the bloggers as it attract the readers.

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  12. I agree, with all the points you have mentioned here. And just a little difference of opinion about blocking internet conection.

    KISS Principle always works.

    Sometimes, we may need the help of internet to refer something pertaining to the article. So I feel it is not advisable to block internet connection.

    Instead of that Rahul Kuntala has mentioned in one of his blogs to keep your monitor off, while you are writing. I think that might work.

    1. Sometimes internet connection is too much disturbing, this is the reason author had written this point. how we can switch off only monitor on a laptop? Thanks Mohammad for this insightful comment.

    2. i am totally in favor of your opinion rakesh. Internet connection is the most disturbing thing in my life…

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