ExamGuide WordPress Theme for Tutorial blog

WordPress theme for Tutorial Blog, When you will google this long-tail keyword in google to find out any good theme for your upcoming Tutorial website, Most of the time chances are you will land on a website that is listing a WordPress theme for learning management system.

A  good tutorial WordPress theme is basically focusing on the content and SEO instead of images and video contents, here tutorial website means the website who is basically teaching/publishing programming tutorials to its readers.

Example of good tutorial websites is tutorialpoint, w3school etc. All these websites concentrate on the topics and related topics and try to display related topics from the same category either in left-hand side or at the bottom so that its reader must consume more content from the same website.

We as a developer and teacher is also running such a website cbsetoday.com that is dedicated to school students, sharing sample papers, solutions and a lot of other things that matters a lot for students.

ExamGuide – WordPress theme for Tutorial website/blog

Examguide WordPress theme was developed for my own project, the major focus of this theme is on the content and SEO and loading speed, a major ranking factor in major search engine.  Some of the salient features of ExamGuide are as follows

100 % SEO score on the lighthouse

SEO Score for Tutorial Website theme

As we have already said our main focus is on SEO and CONTENT, ExamGuide is able to score 100%  in lighthouse test supported by Google.

Loading time

GT score for Tutorial Blog WordPress theme

We are able to manage to load our website powered by ExamGuide WordPress in less than 1.5 sec with all the code and adsense code on gtmetrix.com, I am sure if  I will remove the adsense code than the site will be able to load in less than 1.0 sec

Responsive Design

Developed using the latest CSS flexbox for responsive design thus we manage to generate the smallest code.

Built-in related articles

Built-in related article based on the tags of a post. All the tags are counted for the related post thus we are able to show the most relevant articles.

Admin Area for setting Logo and other vital information`

Simple built-in Admin area for setting up Logo, Small Logo, favicon from the backend.

Better Engagement

These are the site matrix of cbsetoday.com after implementation of examguide WordPress theme. These are real metrics, you can check it at any time on Alexa.

WordPress  support

ExamGuied WordPress theme supports up to WordPress 5.2.3 and Php 7 with major WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, Super Cache, etc.

Demo Website

Right now cbsetoday.com is running this Wonderful WordPress theme for Tutorial Blog.  So you can check the performance as well as its actual view on a live site.

What is included with Download

With every download, you will receive  1.  WordPress theme in ZIP folder   2.   Documentation  3.  PSD for logo 4. Plugins if required   5. My personnel Email ID for support

Optimized Google Fonts

ExamGuide theme is using some of the most clever and minimal Google fonts. No need to search and embed minimum resource-hungry Google fonts.

Built-in Adsense and Analytics Support

Just insert Google ads code and the theme is going to display Google ads at the most important positions. The same way fill Google / other Analytics code in the theme admin area and you are ready to go with analytics. No need to search and install extra plugins.

Full Functional Demo Website

If you think your current WordPress theme for Tutorial website is better to check out its demo only once. I am sure you would love to install a WordPress theme for Tutorial.  If you have any query related to this theme, please contact us via your comments.

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