Focus Paving the way for better SEO in 2014

Website SEO today has become synonymous with on page optimization and offsite optimization that is designed specifically to improve search engine ranking for Google. Targeting all SEO efforts for your business and personal websites for the most popular search engine service in the world is definitely an obvious thing to do, and the fact that most SEO optimizations that you do for Google are also helpful in improving your rank on other popular search engines likes BING and Yahoo, is a very useful bonus.

SEO-tricks-in-new-year-2014With millions of people all over the world using search engines to search for everything from online stores for electronic gadgets to places where they could go to eat, search engines are the largest source of high quality traffic in the world. A high search engine ranking for carefully selected keywords can ensure that you get thousands of new visitors everyday and any SEO company that is not adopting better SEO practices is making its clients miss out on an amazing business marketing and promotion opportunity.

Google has distinguished itself by creating one of the most advanced website analysis and ranking algorithm the world has ever seen. This algorithm is regularly updated to improve search results and make them more relevant. For the past few years Google has been modifying its algorithm to filter out websites that do not provide great quality to users but have high search engine rankings.

With the Hummingbird update in its search algorithm, Google has once again reshaped SEO. Hummingbird has pushed for a more human approach towards searching and gives better results for long tail search queries in natural language. Website owners will have to reassess their websites and change how they have been doing SEO if they want to maintain their search engine rankings, and further improve it.

A Greater Focus on Semantic SEO

Hummingbird has put the onus of maintaining the quality of content on a website on the website owner. The more useful your website is for users, the better your ranking will be. Through Google Authorship tools, and things like how well your website is rated by others will all factor in when Google awards your website a search engine ranking. Rich text markup is already making the rounds, and in 2014 a lot more websites will want to take advantage of the authorship tool to make their search results more visually attractive.

The Ordered List is Going to Die Soon

Stop striving for the number one spot. Google will be taking the focus away from search engine rankings soon and ensuring that every search returns results that offer the widest variety of websites. Search engines have been trying to present their users with more useful information for their search queries for quite some time now. This will mean that the top results for every query will all offer different content and will be of use to users in more than one way.

Improving Content

Content is going to matter more than ever in 2014. It is time to update the content on your website and host content that is of greater value to your visitors. Relevance of content is going to be a major factor in deciding the search engine ranking of your website. Get a head start now and you will benefit from better ranking on Google automatically.

On page Optimization

Website optimization is a no brainier for every SEO company in 2014. Everything that you do to make your website perform better will improve your search engine ranking. This includes optimizing images on your website and making them load progressively, ensuring that all tags and headers are filled, creating alt tags for all images, reducing page size for faster loading, and offering mobile optimized WebPages for users who are online from their smart phones and tablets. Usefulness is going to be the number one criteria for search engine ranking, and these website SEO efforts will give you long lasting benefits.

SEO in 2014 is heading in a different direction and every SEO company will have to move beyond directory submissions and backlink creation. Your website SEO efforts will have to shift start focusing on your users, and providing them high quality content and service is going to be one of the best ways of getting a great search engine ranking.

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