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You people are well aware that I am a developer not a designer thus always struggle in my designing whether it is social media cover page, Book Page, Magzine cover, Instagram post or posters on special occasion, All these times, I post some messages on facebook for some cheap and reliable designer, But as you are all aware this type of call normally does not get proper response.

So to overcome the above problem, recently, we discovered a tool that can help people like me a lot, Yes I am talking about FotoJet Designer – A graphics tool for the non graphic designer, that can give you the same edge that you always wanted.

FotoJet Designer comes in two flavours- Online tool and offline tool. Right now we are having offline tool THAT right now I am using to generate beautiful blog images for my own blog https://www.binarynote.com and http://www.themeauthor.com  and believe me that took only less than 5 minute.

Personally, for most people, especially the ones serious about content marketing, working with graphics and images Fotojet is an inevitable skill now.

Since the art of making beautiful posters, blog post images, social media images, and info-graphics has attained the non-negotiable status, design software that is light, intuitive and FREE is nothing short of a blessing. This skill is easily one of the best productivity boosters.

What is FotoJet Designer?

FotoJet Designer is a graphic design software/service that is right now available for Mac and Windows as well as also available on http://www.fotojet.com as a service that help us in photo-editing, collage making and designing photos very easily. It’s a web app that could potentially be a great resource and tool for bloggers and vloggers like me.

The main interface of its web interface has three major tabs – Design, Edit and Collage. Free online collage maker that enables you to create amazing collages, photo cards and posters quickly from its 170+ delicate templates, working perfectly in your browser without the hassles of downloading or installing anything!

FotoJet Designer Review

Its amazing assortment of templates deliver endless inspiration for you, including 6 styles – Modern, Classic, Art, Holiday, 3D and Creative.

To create a unique collage, you just need to choose a template, easily add favorite photos, manage any other adjustment as necessary and then choose to save or share your creation. Even a computer novice can use it to make beautiful collages effortlessly!

It’s very easy to use FotoJet tool to create collage of your photos, design invitation cards, create stunning Facebook cover photos online, and all this without any downloading and registration. All you need to visit www.fotojet.com and start designing.

This review is mainly going to look at the main features – create a design – make a collage – edit a photo.

Create a Design

No need to be a professional graphic designer. Thanks to Fotojet, you can make and design for almost every need. Design a poster, invitation, card, Magzine cover, Facebook cover, YouTube Channel art or anything else you can imagine. Fotojet has a powerful graphic design tool you need!

Check out FotoJet Designer for Windows and Mac.

Here, you can make a design with present sizes, designs, and templates

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With these templates, you can save your lots of time and believe me , the result will be as good as produced by a professional designer.

Here is the business card designed by me only in less than 5 minute.

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Make a Collage

 A collage is a piece of art work that is generated by pasting images in a pattern that looks great in all the platform. FotoJet Designer comes with more than 600 ready made template to solve this mystery.  Just select the template and images and this generate a beautiful collage for you.

FotoJet Designer review-4

What I like here the most is – Its auto fill button that saves a lots of time of  you can say – life savor.

Editing a Photo

In order to check the photo editing capabilities, I uploaded my own photo  on the website, In Fotojet’s Photo editing, you can do almost everything that a professional does, Add Text, Special Effect, ClipArt, Overlay, and Frame with just a few clicks.

Edit & Advanced (Premium users)

These are new essential editing feature: Crop, Resize, Rotate, Exposure, and Color. If you want to use the advanced feature, you MUST subscribe to premium type, and you will enjoy the following: Sharpen, Dehaze, Vignette, Noise, Focus, Color Splash, and Selective Filter.

Fotojet Designer review -5

effect using FotoJet Designer

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Is it necessary to register for FotoJet Designer

You don’t need to register to use FotoJet Designer, there  are a lots of options available for all the users but its highly recommended to register because registered users have special features and many more templates.

If you are not registered and try to use a special template, You will receive a message like one mentioned below “Exclusive for Subscribers”.

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Again, registration will give you full access to all features and templates.

Major Disadvantage of  FotoJet Designer

The only disadvantage of using FotoJet is that, its desktop version does not support collage making and also does not help us to edit our images. Every time, I have to visit their website for my collage and photo editing needs. It is also not available for Smartphone but I am sure when they will roll out its smart-phone version, perhaps, I will be among the first users.

FotoJet Designer Review- Final verdict

I had been using Photoshop for over a 5 years but never find myself in a comfortable situation , Personally , after using this software for more than one week , I think you should give FotoJet a try, visit  www.fotojet.com.

It has a lot of very nice and time-saving features that can make it a pretty good alternative when you just want to get something done really quickly, I made my featured image only in 1 minute.  I’m really impressed with FotoJet as it contains lots of my favorite and very useful features and allow me to design cards,  Facebook cover,  photos designing and collage making  with  lots of beautiful themes, and all this for absolutely FREE.

A very highly recommended tool for all the content developers..

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