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free social bookmarking software

Social Bookmarking Software : I am not going to explain you what is the significance of social Bookmarking sites now a days, we all are aware of this fact how much they are important to attract page ranking a visitors, Even Google is has recognized it’s power, and included it in it’s latest panda algorithm, So how do you bookmark your links on social bookmarking sites. Most of the forums sites are full of these questions. Here are some of the most popular social media bookmarking software which, I have collected to used to bookmark my website links. This is the brief introduction of Social Bookmarking software/ Addon /Plugins available on the internet.

Most popular Social BookMarking software

Magic Submitter

Creating articles and posting them is a very important part of SEO, and that is exactly what Magic Submitter is capable of providing. The best automation available is included within this product, allowing you to create unique content and post them in hundreds and thousands of websites with minimal user intervention. This would make you feel as if you have an entire team working for you, but at a fraction of the usual costs.

Social Bookmarking software
You Can use This Whole Software for a Whole month only for $1

The Magic Submitter is chock full of features that you will surely love, especially if you are someone who would like to perform SEO and is aiming to improve your search engine rankings. With this application, you can speed up your SEO campaigns, which would result in a faster rise in your popularity online. Magic Submitter includes functions that will spin articles and automatically post them in as many websites that you want, giving you convenience and efficiency unlike any other.

The application’s ability to spin articles will allow you to have several unique articles that stem from a single piece, and Magic Submitter is also capable of posting videos and images to supplement your content. The software is also able to accommodate different sites to post content to, and captchas are automatically resolved for most sites as well. This allows you to save on a lot of time especially if you are posting a lot of content across different sites. All of these are done without any user intervention, and will save you a lot of time, effort, and money in the process.

1. Social Monkee

social BookMarking software
best free social BookMarking software

This is a great website where you can submit your url, rest will be taken care by socialmonkee including account creation and submissions. It also gives a detailed report of where your links appear. Its free version will give you 25 submissions per day which is a good deal to begin with. SocialMonkee is also available as a Firefox plugin,To use this plugins you are required to create your account on scoialmonkee first. NOTE : Remember one thing for the free version it does not send your feed on the popular bookmarking site like stumbleupon, Digg , reddit etc. still it is very useful to create backlink for your site.

2. Social Marker

social marker social bookmarking software This is one of the best web-based Social marker available on the internet. It is actually a semi automated social Bookmarketing website/wordpress Plugins which help you to automate your bookmarking efforts. You are required to fill up the form on it’s website and select the desired social bookmarking sites .social marker-details It is one time effort to create accounts on all the bookmarking sites then it is just a matter of drag and drop. Social marker is a browser based tool which will allow you to submit bookmarks to 50 social bookmarking sites including the most popular like digg, redditt, stumbleupon , delicious etc.

3. SocialAdr

socialAdr free social bookmarking software Another semi automated bookmarking tool which is again a browser based tool. You need to setup your accounts manually and then you can submit your bookmarks in 21 most popular social bookmarking site. The main feature of this site is it’s totally free, keeps on updating it’s feature on regular basis, provide real time reporting , can post your links on twitter automatically, ping social media pages, so that search engines can search and discover your links easily,it is just a click of a button. When you submit other bookmark you get a credit. When you bookmarks are shared with others, these credits will be utilized. Interesting part is your stories may get popular along with getting back-links. There is a paid version of this which you don’t need to earn any credits to get your bookmark submitted.

4. IMAutomater

imautomator social bookmarking software free IMAUTOMATOR is a fully automated Social bookmarking software tool where you can submit 10 URLS per day. You don’t need to worry about any account creation. They will use the existing account to create bookmarks. Another interesting feature about this is its ability to drip feed your bookmarks. You can set the intervals of 1 day, 15 days or 30 days to complete your bookmarking. One thing which I don’t like is its inability to provide a good reporting. Still it is a great tool to try.

Your Turn

I have taken utmost care to prepare this list, if I have left some important social Bookmarking software, Please let me inform so that I can update this list. if you enjoyed reading this article , do share this on your social media network.

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34 thoughts on “Free & Automatic Social Bookmarking Software”

  1. Hey Rakesh,
    i read this article and found Social Monkee on your list, i have used this on one of my blog, because of this my Visitors got less and ranking got reduced.. so i fear using Free Automatic booking marking Software’s. Is it safe to try?

    1. Dear Ali, Right now social monkee is sending this data on C-class social network and these networks had earn bad name for them-self, Thus it is my suggestion to submit your articles manually on social networking sites. Submitting your article on social networking site is not enough, it is the peer group that promote you or your article. So always try to connect with top influential on that network.

  2. Thanks for the advice it ll help for my blog. pls helpme with free domain website and best templete for my blog pls email me

    1. You are requested to subscribe by email, it will also help you to keep in touch with us. ;)

    1. You can follow the instruction on their respective websites. right now social monkey is not free for asia pacific region as this beautiful service had been misused by this resgion’s blogger.

    1. in my opinion- simplest method to drive traffic to your site is produce seo optimized unique contents to search engine. Easy to said but hard to implement. ~rakesh

  3. hi nice share..
    i very love social monkee i think this is the best
    but now Social Monkee is premium..

    1. The only problem with social monkey is-It does not submit automatically on the most popular social sites like. still use this to enhance my presenece on social media. Besides this you can also use jetpack plugin to automatically submit your post on 5 most popular social media site like facebook, twitter, linkedin , yahoo and tumbler. Thanks Sepatu for this positive feedback. Hope to see you soon

    1. When the article was first published then the 1set service was free. It was mostly misused by the asian countries so they convert their service premium for these countries.

  4. Do you think that social monkey is worth paying this 7$ to just give it a try or better to use other free services if I am a beginner?
    Thanks for posting this article.

    1. If you want to know my personnel idea- Then do not submit your blog links through these software. Instead of that manually submit your article on social bookmarking site and make a lots of friend on these sites. otherwise you will be only submitter and reader of that feeds.

  5. This is indeed very helpful article for those who needs help on this topic.Hope lot many people will be happy to read this post.

    1. Social money is awesome only for building low quality backlinks for your site. Hope you will get my point ?

  6. I guess Social Monkee is very cost effective as it comes only in $7 for a silver account for lifetime! But there are some limitations to it as you don’t have any choice to select bookmarking sites in its default list, and secondly, most of the bookmarking sites in its list are new with PR0-PR2. Otherwise Social Monkee is the best of them all considering cost and quality parameters,

    1. You are right aivil still love to use social monkee to syndicate my content to social media. Thanks for this update Aivil. ;)

  7. Abe english ni aati to kyun likhta hai be … Meri baat maan chod de blogging ..

    Error in 3rd Line
    “Even Google is has recognized ” =— its not “is has” , they don’t come together

    Your article is full of gramatical blunders , please make your grammar a bit readable and then write

    1. Dear Rahul

      I am really happy to know that you at-least read my whole article and given me your sincere advice. Though, i know, i made some real grammatical blunder in this case, but defiantly , can assure you, i will try to re-check each and every line of the forthcoming articles before posting.

    1. Welcome Maher, and do not forget to follow the fellow members from these social bookmarking site. This is the wonderful formula to attract targeted traffic to your site. ~rakesh kumar

  8. I was looking for something like this, I think I will use all of the services above and then reach a conclusion as now by just reading it is hard to decide as each of them has their own specific qualities.
    BTW thanks alot for your useful post.

    1. Thanks Dear, but which one is your favorite among these one ? Kindly update us

  9. Nice list here buddy. Of all the sites you have mentioned, I love social marker and enjoying it.

    Thanks for sharing the sites with your readers

  10. Hi

    Please let me know How can i create a social bookmarking website?? Which is the best software? Is plig the best one???

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