LOL – Funny Image WordPress theme

Funny Image wordpress theme

How many of us want to earn money online while sleeping, or doing something else?

I think, We all want to do this but do not know, how to do this?  One such simple solution is niche site- Funny images.

LOL was my first niche WordPress theme dedicated to this type of niche ( NOW fully responsive ) and it is one of the simplest yet most effective free Like WordPress theme compared to such others premium niche WordPress theme.   You are getting three version of  Funny Image WordPress Template + Complete installation support in only $20 !

Demo of funny Image wordpress theme

Front End of Funny Image WordPress theme – version 1

funny image wordpress theme

Features of Funny Images WordPress theme

  • Compatible upto WordPress 4.5.2
  • One Image at a time on the front screen, so give you maximum benefit for page view
  • Images are automatically scaled according to the screen size
  • Very easy to embed YouTube, Vimeo Videos ( only url of video is sufficient to drop on the post page)
  • Random Post automatically shows the best three /six post
  • Adsense placing are optimized according to the Google Adsense recommendations
  • Custom Logo can be embedded easily from the admin panel
  • Custom Favicon can be embedded easily from the admin panel
  • Built in Adsense Manager – No extra Plugin required

Second Version of  Front Page

Funny Picture Template

Version -3 of Funny Picture WordPress Template

funny image wordpress template

 LOL – Free funny Image WordPress theme ADMIN Panel

funny image wordpress theme - change website logo via admin panel

Post Panel with Featured Images

Funny picture wp theme

LOL Funny Image  Theme Demo

Purchase LOL- funny  image WordPress theme Only for $20

[messagebox] Download Instantly- Download Link will appear in Your Email ID used to purchase at Paypal ID .  If you are from India and want to Pay in INR through bank Transfer , Please contact me at : rakesh.linux@gmail.com for further detail. [/messagebox]

With this purchase you will receive all the three version of this theme as well as free installation support on any one domain of  your choice through TeamVeiwer.

Your Turn

How much do you find this niche WordPress theme useful for your funny image site. Do not hesitate to share with us, you can also spread the message over the social media sharing this wonderful funny image WordPress theme.

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88 thoughts on “LOL – Funny Image WordPress theme”

  1. I like your theme, i have few questions about it.
    1).Do we get plugins like submit pic, social share
    2).Do you help in installation
    3).Can we upload bulk images


    1. Hi Kirran,
      1. Social Sharing plugins are already available in WordPress repository, This theme is tested with almost every type of plugin to work.
      2. Yes, i do help my theme buyers to install this theme properly.
      3. Yes, We can bulk upload images.

  2. Ok some questions I have:

    1. How do I get the mouseover working (turns pic to grey)
    2. Even tho I have categories, there is no menubar with the categories showing up
    3. I would like to make the inner div smaller (where the pic is showing up) because else my share-plugin which is floating at the left side would cover a part of the ad

  3. Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

  4. Demo of your latest version appears to be not working properly. I am interested in buying the theme but can you update your demo to see the theme in action?

    1. Yes, you are right- right now i am working on that so that you can see the proper result of this theme. Keep in touch raj

  5. hi rakesh
    can u help me i try to buy your funny image theme but i donot know why i see this message ( Checkout
    Your cart is empty. )

    please fix this problem because really i need to buy this theme for my web site

    1. Its working very find Mahmoud, Kindly check out fearlessly and download link will reappear on the same pay after the payment. Keep in touch for any query.

  6. Really nice theme bro i came here for searching for it .. but its no longer free ::( .
    appreciate your work !
    peace !

    1. They are still like free , their price is nothing if you will see the features and compare it with the price. Right now providing these two theme in this price. Keep in touch Sanjeev :)

  7. Hi Rakesh,

    I need help. I would like to edit the complete outlook of this theme. Is there anyway I can send you the PSD template of what design I’m looking for and you can then turn it into this same functionality. The basic layout will be same. I only need to make this theme full width and change some colors and design of headers and image border area.
    Please let me know if you can help.

    1. Kindly send me the PSD, if i could do this for you but that will cost you much more than the current $10. Are you ready to pay for that?

    1. Dear imran, this is not possible as i am bound to provide assistance for each installation and every theme require some sort of hard work so that each of its user may earn some passive income online. Thanks for your valuable comment. keep in touch

    2. Dear Rakesh,
      SOme days ago I download this theme for free but when i visit it for download it again it say purchase for 10$. I recommnd that make a free version for this theme if you can. Thank you.

  8. Hi rakesh , i just purshased the theme and i have alot of problems < my comment box don't appear in my posts and some posts apear ! so help me to fix that problem please

    1. Send me the registered email id and transaction id to resolve your issues. As per my system – there is no entry to your transaction right now.

    2. But seoclearks.com have not cleared my payment. You are requested to wait for some time.

    3. These craps have not cleared any amount. so helpless right now. You are requested to withdraw your amount from seoclerks.com. meantime i am also trying to remove that theme from seoclearks.com.

  9. Hey can you tell me how to stretch this theme a bit?. Like I need 640 px space for the photos. Let me know thanks

    1. Just wait for for few days as i am working on its new version right now. Keep in touch Usama.

    1. Dear Usama, Your theme link would appear after you clear your amount through paypal. Do not worry about the theme, mailed the same theme and do not forget to contact me for any assistance. Keep in touch

  10. The ad placement spots seems positioned in such a way as to earn a decent income as long as the traffic comes in of course. And since people love sharing funny pics and videos a site using this should go viral.

    1. Glad to know that you Love this theme. Ads placement were according to the Google recommendation. Keep in touch Caleb

  11. please can you contact me ASAP i need your help to develope this template and enhance it for a client!

    send me an email please

    1. Dear Steve, right now this theme is paid. You are reqested to purchase this theme. My Email ID is :rakesh.linux@gmail.com

  12. rakesh, I`ve sent an e-mail today from this same email address. I`ve purchased yr time but didn`t received any download link on my email or anything. Please contact me on my email address to resolve this issue. Thank you!

    1. Do not worry about the theme, I have send your mail reply and this theme as an attachment. Kindly download the same and do not hesitate to contact me for any assistance.

    1. Download link is very much there after the theme images. Right now this theme is a paid theme( only $10). So can not give you direct download link.

  13. Hi Mr Rakesh! I tried to add my website to google adsense but they did not take me twice. They said that I do not have enough content but I have! How you did this for your demo site – http://funtoolbox.com/ . Thanks in advance for your reply!

    The reson:

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


    Insufficient content


    Further detail:

    Insufficient content: To be approved for AdSense and show relevant ads on your site, your pages need to have enough text on them for our specialists to review and for our crawler to be able to determine what your pages are about.

    To resolve this issue, please work through the following suggestions:

    – Make sure that your pages have sufficient text – websites that contain mostly images, videos or Flash animations will not be approved.
    – Your content should contain complete sentences and paragraphs, not only headlines.
    – Ensure that your website is fully built and launched before you apply for AdSense – do not apply while your site’s still in a beta or “under construction” phase or only consists of a website template.

    1. Sorry to say but you removed my link from the footer of your funny image wordpress theme and think that i should help you. Which type of blogger you are. You have just forced me to make this a paid theme. BTW i have more than one site and adsense and added adsense only to show that it is fully optimized for adsene. ~rakesh kumar

    2. Dear Rakesh,
      I agree with you. You were already offering this theme for free. As per my judgment, lots of blogger downloaded this theme for free. If one is a real professional blogger, he will never remove the theme author’s credit line as far as he has the written permission from the theme owner. And as far as, if one has downloaded it for free, he Must Not Remove the theme owners credit line from footer… I have already downloaded this theme for free previously from this same page and kept your footer line as it is… giving backlink to the theme owner (as far as, if its a free theme), is a kind of Thanks Giving ! A professional blogger should obey this ethics…!
      Anyway… Thanks for this highly convertible theme… downloaded it for free some months ago and using it with your back link in the footer !
      Thanks Again Bro ! :)

    3. Dear Mandaar what else this type of fellow can do. but i am happy that still a lots of people are buying this theme and i will try to help them. Thanks for this thoughtful comment. keep in touch.

  14. Hi,, Very Nice theme, I like your theme, Please tell me how to increase previous and next button size ?

    1. To increase the size of these two buttons, you have to supply new images for these two buttons,that you can find out inside theme images folder.

  15. Hi, thanks so much for this theme, its simply amazing.
    I have few small problems, hope you can help me.

    1) How do i add image to posts? at the moment i am inserting them into post, but is there another way of adding images like set it as featured image?

    2) how to do i get adverts on left and right side?

    3) all the images are loading up on single page when you click on the category. How can i have only one image?

    Many thanks :)

    1. Dear Mike, all your querues had already been addressed here, so please read comments for solution.

  16. This theme looks nothing like the demo once I set it up?

    How do I add the ads where they are seen on the demo?

    Also social buttons how do i add them as they don’t appear for me?

    Are there any instructions on using the theme?

    1. Dear Colin, Use ads Manager to place your ads in this theme. Right hand side bar ads are coming through text widget. Do not worry there is nothing hidden in this theme, for any query you can ask in this comment thread. Social Sharing features are coming through jetpack wordpress plugin. ~rakesh kumar

    2. Thank you.

      Getting it all set up now do you know of a good facebook comments plugin to add comments under the posts?

      Also when adding images to the theme as posts how do I make it so that they are unclickable as on my site when clicked the images loads in new window but on demo site they do not?

      Currently I am just adding new image direct as post then adding featured image.

      Thanks the theme is good for a free theme with great ad placements!

    3. DO not link these image to their original location. This way these image will not become clickable. ~rakesh

  17. Hi Rakesh first of all I want to fank you for this cool free theme, and ask for help I have the same problem as has Mr Khan. on my front page there is all my posts and a can not do it as in your front page here http://funtoolbox.com/ have only one post! How can I fix it? Please give as clear answer as possible!

    1. dear Sarkis, Under your admin panel->setting>reading->Blog pages show at most ->1 , if you will supply here two then this theme will start showing two images.

    1. Define featured image of every post my dear friend. These images are coming from featured image.

  18. Hi Rakesh i want to thank you for the free theme, i love it , but i have a question.. how can i change the height of the posts so that my larger images can fit in.. i searched all CSS and i haven’t found..can you help me please? thank you

    1. In index.php file we have this line of code at line no 29
      “width:545px; height:600px;float:left;overflow:hidden;
      remove the height tag or increase the height, and your problem will be solved.

  19. Hey That’s prety Good looking, and I’d love have this theme for my site. But think Damnlol theme is now old version for funny Images .. Their are more designs you must check them out. too

  20. Thank you so much for great theme that to for free cost…
    jus now i saw your theme and planning to use it for new website

    i hav some doubts..
    1.why doesnot it have comment box either wp default or facebook commenting box?
    how to add facebook comment box?

    once again thank you sir

    1. The idea behind this was – people share it on social media site and comment will not help you anyway to grow. Thus not given any provision. Hope you will understand my point. ;)

    2. thank you for quick response :)
      yes..thats true butthis commenting system not much helpfull as much as shring or like
      i agree with you!
      at least i shud hav wp default comment so ,when users like pic they can express their feelings through comments..
      is there any option to show comments below the each post>
      even it has comments.php too…
      but why doesnt it show comment box

    3. dear praveen, it does not showa comments because i have not included them in the system, so this comments.php file is useless.

  21. I was wondering how to get the advertisement up on the left side? I used a widget to get an advertisement on the right side, and the LOL manager to get an advertisement on top above the header, but I can’t find out how to add the advertisement on the left side of the post like your picture is above. Please help.

    1. I am not using adsense, but I just want to know how you placed the long advertisement on the left side of page. The built in ad manager doesn’t give you an option to put an ad there, I am not sure where you’re placing your ad code to make it appear on the left side of your post.

    2. Inside Ads manager , there is a after post title -> column, i am using that to place ad at that position.

    1. YOu are welcome man, if possible update us, how much it was helpful for your project.

    1. YOu are welcome imran, if feel any difficulty installing this theme or any other issue with this kindly let me know. ~rakesh

  22. I would just request u to make a video and upload on youtube how to upload images and ads, how to link the next button and previous button.

    1. I will do this for you, next button and previous button are automatially designed to move forward and backword the post. There is no coding directly attached with these two buttons. Thanks vish raj for your query and concern.

    1. You mean “How to add a new image”? If this is your question then it is same as we add a new post in any wordpress blog. To add Youtube /Video video Just copy the url of that video and paste in the post. Do not generate any video code to insert in the post.

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