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Aqua Page Builder is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create an unlimited number of template variations for use in your WordPress themes. It follows the same user interface used by the Menus & Widgets admin pages – making you feel right at home with the UI.

Similar to the Widgets &amps Menus, Aqua Page Builder features the drag and drop interaction to build its templates.

When I asked  “what the features  you people love in a free wordpress theme”. then  one of my reader responded with a free page builder.


A page builder is a WordPress facility in which user has the GUI tool to create a new WordPress page. He/she does not need any extra programming skills or not not to follow any instruction.

Though there are  lots of WordPress themes are available on the themeforest.net that have such facility. but none of them is free.

The main features of aqua page builder is as follow

  • It is free
  • Easy to extend and Develop
  • Easy to implement  : Aqua Page Builder was also designed to reside on a completely independent page, instead of cluttering the post editor like some other “page builder” out there. The idea was to offer the freedom to build content outside of the editor, and use it anywhere they like at all. The “template” doesn’t have to be a complete page at all, it can be part of a page that can be re-used on a unlimited amount of pages/post they like. Use your imagination, go wild.

The main interface of page builder is divided into four major parts that render four type of data on your page.

  1. Text- Can be used to populate text content
  2. Column – Sort of a wrapper element to contain other block elements
  3. Widgets – Pulls available widgets to the page builder.
  4. Alerts – Different types of alerts
  5. Tabs/Toggle/Accordion – Arrange dynamic contests in the style of Tabs, toggles or accordion
  6. Clear – This is a separator element between content blocks

To create your page layout you can drag different block elements from the left into the builder interface on the right. You can re size the elements within the builder itself by just pinch and drag. The final output will reflect the size adjustments you make to block elements within the builder.

Once you have created a layout in the builder click “Save Template” and copy the shortcode generated. Then you could proceed to create a new page and paste the shortcode corresponding to the layout you have built. Just Publish the page and you will see a working custom page template.

This is an awesome plugin with great potential, do check it out and contribute to it if you can. I have made a small screencast of testing this plugin out. Hopefully it can help you to get started with this plugin.

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2 thoughts on “Free Page Builder wordpress plugin”

  1. Hello Rakesh,
    Nice post. There has been a lot development in developing Drag and Drop Page Builder in recent years. Apart from Aqua Page Builder there is another one on wordpress.org repo i.e. Page Builder by Site Origin. That plugin is worth trying. I am sure you have checked that plugin too. :)

    1. Dear Rajeeb, Right now i am busy with some review theme that is able to update all the affiliate link price automatically, so not able to locate this page builder plugin. Thanks for this update, and do not forget to check my this review theme, that i am going to release on my site very soon. Keep in touch

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