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Do you feel that in this busy day-to-day office life, a lot of your working hours are consumed in managing new client issues and their associated tasks? Some companies keep tasks and issues in different locations.


This is done so that issues containing sensitive data are kept safe. Though, such system can create major issues when the number of clients increases and issues start piling up. It gets messy and most of the time the wrong information is stored in the database.

In order to get rid of a different number of databases and streamline the workflow, it is important to come up with a foolproof system. There are a number of data management systems available in the market to choose from.

You can choose a hosted software if you have a small company and do not wish to access data online. A better choice would be an online database management system like Fusioo, which not only allows you to streamline the work but also let you access all the information from anywhere at any time.

What is Fusioo and how it works?

Fusioo is a simple online database management system that allows you to track and manage different areas of your business in one place. The software provides a simple app development platform which you can use.

You can create apps for managing tasks, issues, projects, information about teams and much more options. The best feature of this software is that it does not require any coding or database knowledge. You can create fully functional apps without bugging your developers.

In the software, the first step is to create an App. For example, if you want to manage your team’s tasks, you can name the app Tasks and create it. The next step is to add some fields.

There are a lot of different field types which you can add. For example, you can add the task title, deadline, assigned person, priority, progress, related project and much more. You can also invite your clients so that you can share their tasks with them.

This way the client can see the progress as well as leave suggestions to your team.

The software also creates dashboards for every app. These dashboards show you a visual overview of how your team is progressing.

You can see the progress in form of charts, metrics, and lists. Saved views help you see relevant information on a subset of your data. For example you can create views for tasks that are overdue, due this week, due today and much more.

How this software helps the organization?

It provides an easy to use migration tool to import all the information about your organization. All you need to do is to create an app with all the fields similar to your spreadsheet columns and use the import tool. It also helps you create your work-space together with your team. You can check tasks and issues from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.

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