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The main idea behind these share picture sites are they are trying to sell these pictures to their probable Customers or  show these pictures on the network of sites to increase the visibility of their site. One such popular example is mdgil. Some of these are very known and popular sites engaged in buying and selling your photographs on the internet.

Learn how to  Get paid taking picture and how to earn money without professional camera or special photography tricks to woo your viewers.

I have selected some of the most reputed websites engaged in this revenue sharing model. They are not according to the popularity or how they pay to their user.

Earn Money to share picture
Earn Money to share your pictures/ Photo

Site #1 :  ShareAPic.net

You can upload and host unlimited pictures on shareapic, and invite your friends and family to check them out. You get $0.22 for every 1000 views you get on each one of your images. Minimum for payout is $20.00, which will be paid via Paypal or various gift card methods such as amazon.com. If you have an account with Bidvertiser, you can add your code to your image and gallery pages, and earn extra money Bidvertiser account as well.

site #2 : Submit.ShutterStock.com

This is one of the largest image sharing site available on the internet.  Very simple and straight forward method. Upload your photos and every time one of your photographs is downloaded, you earn money. The payout rates for individual images differ from $0.25 to $28.00 USD per download.  This is my personal favorite picture sharing website.

Site #3: Picable.com

Upload and publish your photos on picable. They have partnered with Triond, and created a photo revenue sharing service, where you can upload and publish your photos, and earn money for sharing your photos.

site #4: FreeRangeStock.com

A great Photography revenue sharing site where you can earn money from sharing your photos. You must have a Google ad sense account (its free). After submitting your photos, your ad sense code will be placed on your profile and download page. And they will share 80% of the revenue generated by Google ad sense ads with you. 80% is a lot!

Site #5 : Flixya.com

You can get paid to share your photos, videos and even blogs post. They give you 100% of the revenue generated by your pics and videos, which is great.

Site #6 : RotatrixFriends.net

A fairly new photograph revenue sharing site, which is growing quickly. Upload video, photo and blog and earn money. You can use Google ad sense to monetize your pages. The best thing is that you get to keep 100% of the revenue generated.

To ensure you earn a decent amount of money, upload as many photographs as you can. The more photos you share, the more money you earn. Of course, it is silly to think that you can make a lot of money doing this, but none the less, its an easy way to make extra money online in your spare time, sharing photos that other wise would be forgotten.

Though, I have taken care to prepare this list, if you find any thing wrong or some better website which pay us the same way as these do, but before all that image to upload on any one of these website, I would love to recommend you to go through this trick photography course, that will surely help you to enhance your skills, people love to see in their images.   Please let me inform, so that, I can  update my list of  Earn money online -share pictures.

Update : Now you can also earn money via your images or wallpaper using Image blogging website  using our very own Wallpaper WordPress theme via Google Adsense.

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