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Online marketing is on the rise. Businesses, regardless of their operational scales, have realized the need and importance of online marketing.

Digital marketing is not only considerably cheap but extremely effective as well, considering the consumer’s’ behavior patterns. As modern consumers rely on the internet for information, they can be effectively approached via social media. Embedding digital marketing into the mainstream marketing strategy will result in improved relationships with customers, promoting brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Digital marketing also enables you to establish and maintain relationships with potential customers that would benefit the business in long term.

To implement digital marketing effectively, you will be needing some tools like email marketing and business automation tools. GetResponse is one of the best in providing these tools.

What is GetResponse

GetResponse provides a suite of online marketing tools, aimed at stimulating the growth of your businesses. The tools provided are scalable hence ideal for businesses operating on all scales. These powerful tools can assist you with boosting sales and maximizing ROI.

GetResponse is currently serving over 350,000 clients, from all over the world. They aim to empower entrepreneurs by providing feasible online marketing solutions.

Here are some notable features  provided by GetResponse.


Autoresponders are simple yet smart automated email cycles. They are automatic e-mails, newsletters or messages, sent to the users.

Autoresponders can be programmed to function automatically after a specified time frame or can be setup to function once they are triggered by specified conditions.

For example, you can set-up AutoResponders to deliver a welcome message to all users as soon as they subscribe.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation refers to the use of technology in the marketing department of businesses to automate marketing tasks. It enables businesses to automate tasks such as market segmentation, customer data integration, campaign management, and workflows to improve operational efficiency and boost revenue.

Marketing automation helps marketers organize their marketing tasks including segmentation, customer lifecycle marketing, customer retention and ROI measurement.

Lately, all businesses including large organizations, have started to adopt the concept of marketing automation, to improve the CRM and promote engagement oriented approach.

GetResponse Marketing automation tools are the solution to your engagement-oriented digital marketing.  It basically automates the customer journey, based on their behavior and data.

These tools enable you to illustrate complex campaigns using simple and user-friendly workflows, which can be created using a convenient drag-and-drop workflow builder. These simple yet powerful workflows will illustrate the entire user experience.



You can build numerous scenarios and follow your subscribers’ journey in real-time. This scalable marketing automation is based on subscribers’ actions and customer workflows.

GetResponse enables you to create intuitive workflows using three elements; Actions, Conditions, and Filters.


Conditions can be used to generate automation events based on user behaviors. You can apply numerous conditions to restrict your search results and target certain subscribers. For example, you can apply the SUBSCRIBE condition to restrict your search to only those who subscribed to a certain campaign. You can apply the PURCHASED condition to narrow down your search results to only those who made a purchase.

Filters can be used to intensify the targeting. You can narrow down the number of targeted subscribers even further. For example, you can apply the AMOUNT filter to restrict the number of subscribers in a segment to a certain limit. You can use the Dynamic Segment Filter to target subscribers in your workflow.

Actions are taken by the tool based on the conditions and filters you’ve applied. Actions will let you engage with a targeted segment. For example, the SEND EMAIL action will deliver an email to a specific group of subscribers. SCORE action will add or deduct points from the targeted subscribers. The Tag action will label the targeted segment with a specified tag value.

Scoring and Tagging


Scoring and tagging are utilized to examine and analyze subscribers’ preferences and habits. You can use these tools separately to segment users and monitor their activity.

A combination of these features can be used to produce a personalized automation workflow.

Web Event Tracking

Web Event tracking can be used to utilize your inbound traffic in the most efficient manner. You can discover and target the individuals who have been visiting your website. You can track and analyze visitors, score/tag them after every visit and send them targeted emails based on specific page visits.

Web Event Tracking also assists you in establishing and improving relationships with customers. You can track your customers in real-time when they make a purchase and score/tag them. It also enables you to approach your potential customer as you can track cart abandoners.

As per GetResponse, over 60% of purchases are left incomplete. GetResponse provides features that could help you ‘recover’ the ‘lost sales.’ It enables you to approach cart abandoners. You can set time frames to determine when a cart is abandoned. If the product was placed into the shopping cart but not purchased during a specified period, it is considered ‘abandoned.’ Web Event tracking allows you to track and engage with them immediately

Automation Segmentation

Automation segmentation enhances your segmentation by creating highly tailored customer journeys. It enables you to discriminate between users, according to their preferences and behaviors, and send them the content they’d be interested in.

Automation Segmentation enables you to approach users with relevant and personalized content based on their geolocation, subscription date, last message date, webinar participation etc.


GetResponse also enables you to set-up and conduct webinars to reach new heights of engagement. You can customize your webinar title, send out webinar invites, secure it with a password if you wish and conduct it. Webinar invites can be created using the templates provided by GetResponse.

You can keep your audience engaged by setting up chat, conducting polls, utilizing YouTube integration. And you can interact with them using real-time reactions, smart polls, intuitive whiteboards and much more.

Moreover, you can utilize the statistics collected by GetResponse as soon as your webinar ends. You can review the number of participation and some information about them.

EMail Marketing

GetResponse’s email marketing tools’ suite is also worth mentioning. Hailed as one the best email marketing tools provider, GetResponse offers a comprehensive set of tools, aimed at organizing and aiding your email marketing.



These tools will enable you to customize messages for targeted segments and deliver them at the ideal time. You can design and customize your email/newsletter/messages, using the tools and templates provided by Getresponse. You can establish relations with your customers by addressing them via highly-customized messages. You can also optimize message delivery and approach your subscribers at the ideal times.

Getresponse will let you segment your customers to sharpen the targeting even further. You can group customers with common preferences and behavior pattern to send personalized and relevant content to the targeted segments, based on their preferences.

Also, in order to maximize engagement, you can use A/B TESTING to test and observe the combination and CTA that will trigger the most response.


GetResponse’s A/B Testing allows you to test the content, subject line, from the field, time of the day, day of the week. The results obtained from A/B testing can be used to customize the content and maximize response.

Pricing and Conclusion

Perhaps GetResponse is one of the most reasonable tools out there. It’s pricing, along with the combination of features offered, makes it a considerable option.

The most reasonable option is available for as low as $15/month while the plan concerning professionals and large organizations will cost up to $799/month.


It doesn’t matter whether you run a small or large scale company, GetResponse has a plan for you. If you want to try out, GetResponse offers free trial that might be of interest to you.


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