Google Adsense Tricks:Get Approval in Just 2 Days

Just creating the blog and writing articles will not earn you money from internet. Placing ads and affiliate marketing helps you to earn good from your blogs and that too with no investment. Just attract more visitors or readers to your blog and earn good amount from your web property. But now a day Google is very strict for the approval of google adsense account and other all revenue sharing ads programs are not so successful as adsense.

This is updated version of my previous two tricks using flixya.com and indyarocks.com, it was working tricks but right now they are outdated, thus removed those two paragraphs.

People are trying hard to get approval from adsense but are not able to do so. In the start i had also tried for 3 times but all time my application was rejected.

After that i found 2 tricks to get Google adsense approval in just 2 days and that too with no need of website. So i thought to share the same with all and help all to generate revenue from their blog. You have to just follow few steps and then you get Google adsense approval in just 2 days.

Just follow the below mentioned steps and you will get adsense approval in just 1- 2 days. The Method is coming through YouTube.com

1.  Go to http://www.YouTube.com and register your account there. In this case YouTube  will ask your current gmail account information. Remember, if you have already contacted adsense team with the same gmail account, do not use the same gmail account to login into YouTube. Prepare a fresh gmail account and then using the same login into YouTube


2. Under Your Channel  Setting  Tab , Enable Monetization and do not forget to read their policies otherwise, you are  going to kill your chance once more.

YouTube Monetization Guidelines

3. If you have not uploaded any long video in the past ( at least 15 minute Long) , then its time to upload at-least 3 to 4 such video.  Camtasia OnScreen Recorder is one such onscreen video recording tool that must be tried by every bloggger.

4. If  your uploaded videos have any meat, let me assure you, with in a day or two day, you will receive your confirmation Email.

This way you will be able to get your adsense code for YouTube but the same code you can not use on your blog. So its time to work on your blog.

Now insure that your blog must fulfill the following conditions

1.  It should have an about us page with all your valid details and a current photograph, do not post here any creative work or some one else image. Image must not be a passport size photograph, it must be more than that.

2. Define your website’s Privacy policy and comment policy and it must be available from all the pages of your website. so better place to link these two pages are -either the header of your website or footer. Free Privacy Policy Generator is an excellent tool to grab your very own privacy policy in a second.

3. Do not use someone else images or just copy paste images from the internet, there are a huge library of free images available to explore. if using, give them proper credit.  21 Free image library for smart bloggers

4.  Prepare a contact us page and thoroughly check whether it is working or not. Every user of your website must be able to use that without any technical problem.

5. Write at-least 40-50 Good articles( though it is not a hard and fast rule), you can rewrite someone else work but do not copy paste, if you are little bit lazy and thought a German website’s content in English is more than sufficient for you to fool. You are wrong my dear! Your chances  are 0.0001%.  how to find more content idea for your blog by     is a must read for every wanna be pro-blogger.

6. This is only a recommendation, from my side, Invest some time/money to find out a clean SEO friendly fast Loading WordPress theme and make is very sure that this theme must have provisions to add adsense code at the highest paying positions.

7.   Now its time to apply for your blog/site and believe me, they would love to approve your site.

Next Step

Once you have your Google adsense code for your blog, its time to deploy a Google adsense ready WordPress theme, remember very clearly not try to trick any how to increase page view or clicks on your adsense units, they have a very vast technology to find out your every step, so be patient and try to enhance the quality and quantity of your blog post. I am sure success will by yours.

Still have some queries, do no hesitate to raise your queries, if yo like this article, consider to share on your social circles.

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157 thoughts on “Google Adsense Tricks:Get Approval in Just 2 Days”

    1. Hi Vicek, as per my knowledge , Once you have adsense code, you can paste the same adsense code on as many as website you want but all of these website should follow the basic rules of google adsense policy.

  1. thnx 4 the article my apllication was rejected by adsense nw i will try ur trick to get approval .keep posting this type of article

  2. wow, there is a great content here. i really love your particle. It is great for me to be here today.

    i also wrote on this article on how to get fast approval from google adsense i make mention of how you can get approved from google adsense in 1 minutes.

    Do you know that there is something actually you can do that your blog will be approved immediately.

    Most attimes i discovered that google adsense like giving quick audience to the applicants form a very secure country like america, england and so more. In my article, i emancipate on how to do this things very well.

    link directly from the bio..

    Thanks Once Again for this awesome article. I love it… Thanks

    i help many people to get adsense approved in 2 days for each each sites.

  3. Thanks sir this tip is very helpful for me
    I follow all your step and I get my approved AdSense account in 1 week
    Thanks sir

    1. Hello Pranav, Thanks for your update on my article “Google Adsense approval tricks”. Keep in touch

  4. Thanks for sharing this article.but it is difficult to post 15 minutes video but i tried for 7-8 minutes video. Is it Ok???

    1. Hello Aamir, 7-8 min video is also fine. But do not restrict to one or two video, the more video you have the more chances to have your own adsense code.

    1. Hi Satish, I think you have adblocker installed on your system otherwise This website is already serving Google ads from the last 7 years.

  5. thanks for sharing this article….
    I am really thanks full to you by following all your guidelines finally i got approved my adsense account on my blog.

  6. Hi Rakesh,keep posting these kind of articles it inspires to every internet newbie like me.continue your good work.

  7. I enjoyed your tips and i summarized it for my self, kindly take a look, if anything is left please let me know.
    ” In order to approve your website for adsense you need to work on quality of the content and submit your site to “webmastertool, “.
    – Use Google Analytics and proper navigation for your website.
    – Use a Disclaimer and provide a privacy policy and About us pages in your website or blog.
    – Adding information of your company, create header and footer.
    – Dont use too much images and videos.
    – Create a user friendly easy to navigate website.
    – Using Domain email or branded email.

    1. I think you have already covered most of the points a user will need to qualify for Google adsense program.

  8. I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for people. I am impressed with the way of writing. It kept connected me all the time.Keep up the good work

  9. your application is under review you only see blank ads unit your account has been fully approved . …sir plz help mi …wht is this ..error …..

    1. There is no problem in this swapnil, Just keep your fingers cross and wait for some time. Everything will be fine.

  10. What if I purched my domain 10 days ago how long I want before applying adsense? It’s a tech niche website and I am sure it will got 5 lakh alexa rank in a month, a tech niche blog. Suggestions appreciated.

    1. Dear Devendra, It hardly matters how much old is your domain name, if it contains some meaty elements over there then i am sure you can apply within a month. Alexa rank or domain age is not a problem but if you are trying to reinvent the wheel through your blog then there is a big problem. So according to me try to be specific and concentrate on your skills and your blog should be the showcase of your skills. Thanks for stopping by and Keep in touch.

    2. @rakesh….. Boom I got adsense full approval. You was true that age hardly matters, In my case blog was just 8 day blog. And I got adsense approval. I always recommend ‘content is the king…. If it was your own :) thank you

    3. Good to know that Devendra. Now your time starts :) Keep in touch for some untamed wordpress tips and tricks

  11. Thanks for sharing this tricks i have done this all process very well and i get google adsense approval but after 5-6 day it will automatically disable …..so how can i recover and what i do to get again google adsense approval…..please tell me any solution……

    1. Are you following all the Google guidelines for Adsense. If yes then i am sure no one is going to disable your account. Cheers Ram

  12. I have a hosted account but I don’t know if I submit a upgrade request for my domain DevUpdates.net will they accept, Rakesh check my site please and guide me if my site meet Adsense requirement

    1. Welcome Devendra, i will thoroughly go through your website and then contact you about the adsense requirement very soon.

  13. Sir, i have hosted adsense a/c from youtube, but when i submit my site for approval, google rejected. please guide me how can i upgrade my hosted a/c to non-hosted.

  14. i have started my site http://www.knowtheworldfacts.com around ~5 months back with more than 2 Cr. alexa rank.. and after keep adding content to my site.. now it reached to 11,58,700 . still not as good.. but i can see the difference in it against my efforts for my site…

    So now planning to apply for google adsense.. lets see.. :) Hoping for the best…

  15. I applied for adsense,But in second review they disapprove my application and didn’t receive any email informing what’re the reasons for disapproving my application. Can you view my blog and explain me what’re the wrongs in my site and how can i get a adsense account ?

  16. I got my AdSense the way you described last year. But I did not follow the blog thing properly. Registered a domain and took the ad codes.

    The real fun started after that; I never put the codes on site as it was new. Now I can’t apply for the new and crated blog as the previous codes were not used.

    I have email facility on my hosted AdSense; it was bizarre but AdSense India don’t know what to do either. They have told me to get back once they know it from technical team. I just want my AdSense application for last domain cancelled and put a new domain there. Do you know how to fix this anyhow?

  17. Hi,

    Please tell me, is there any process to get fast approval for a website. I was rejected everytime I use adsense. Please tell me. My site is:

    1. I am sorry to say but your website is not following the basic google adsense policies, so it is almost impossible to get adsense account for this domain.

  18. Great info!! I am dying to get approved for Adsense. These tips are really fruitful to me. I will try these tips.
    Thanks for sharing…

  19. hi rakesh, i got adsense account as listed above and right now this trick works also. i using this trick for getting my friends adsense account. thanks for this great tips.

    1. That’s a real update. Keep in touch neha. You can also consult my article for affiliate marketing tips also.

  20. Hi,
    I know this is not the right place for this comment. You needn’t post it. I couldn’t think of any other place to reach you.
    Is there any way to add doodles to blog posts in self hosted wordpress sites ?
    If yes please do tell me. You can make a post on it too to help other bloggers.

    1. Target high CPC long tail keywords in your articles. follow the following article to find out long tail keywords : binarynote.com/how-to-find-profitable-keywords-using-free-google-keyword-tool.html. Keep in touch sambal :)

    1. Its really working method, few readers already confirmed this. Do not forget to update us as this will help other readers to try this method. Keep in touch Pierre

    1. Really very happy to know that jacob,thanks Jacob for this kind update. Keep in touch my dear.

  21. Hii..rakesh…Please see my blog and suggest some guidelines why my application for google adsense is rejected and what type of changes i have to do for gettong adsense approval..?

    1. Dear Kailash , as i mentioned in my article about us, comment policy and privacy policy of your webite is three most important things. right now these are the only points i could recognize. secondly check your articles for plagriasm and replace or rewrite all those paragraph/article that have some duplicate entries. If you are using images from internet, Just remove them and replace with free images easily available(photopin.com).

    1. right now i can not say, but if you are following their policies, then it is sure, you are gonna made this. Good Luck

    1. Dear Ashish, I think you must update about us page with you image and contact details that would establish you as this site owner and do not forget to link this site with your Google+ account. Read once more the rejection letter as well as google adsense policies and try to fill the gap. Good Luck

  22. hello sir , i signed in for adsense and when i opened the earnings tab the messeage came that your account is awaiting approval after 5 or 6 hour i opened earnings tab again the message was then not displayed that your account is awating approval but ads are not displayed in my site only a blank box is shown so SIR i have got approved or not

  23. Hi , my blog [check my profile] is getting rejected by the google adsense team . And i just dont know why they keep rejecting it . Please rakesh give me some advice about it . Where i am doing wrong thing . My all posts has original content .

    1. I am not adsense pro Subham, still believe that contact us page must have your valid address and phone No(if possible). Besides that about us page must contain some valid information related to yourself. The next point that strike in my mind was, Did you copy pasted games code? if yes that might be the major issue of rejection.

  24. Another way is to partner up with someone who already has an Adsense account and set up a split commissions payout until your account does get approved ;)

  25. Hi
    in pakistan very hard to get adsense either you have a very good site or not you cant get adsense.
    if we make from as u mention the method again all in vain.
    what should we do?

    1. Dear Khalil, it is quite easy to get google adsense in all the countries. The point is just follow their policies and adsense will be yours. BTW i am writing a complete guide on this issue, and publish on my blog very soon to help all those struggling for adsense around the globe. You can subscribe to my email list to get all new post into your inbox. Keep in touch

    1. Dear Ataur Rahman, In my personal opinion your blog lack basics required by the Adsense team. For Example does not have contact us page , privacy policy, copyright notice, disclaimer, about us. Kindly try to create these pages and add some more values in your blog. Re-apply for the same, i am sure adsense will be yours.

  26. dear i have made account at flixya…now how can i get new form of google add.i have already disapproved by Google Add. and i have mad ethis bloge just a 4 days ago

    1. Dear Abdkhan, Just wait for my next post, I am going to write a complete post on this issue. BTW you can subscribe by email to get all my pot in your inbox. Keep in touch

  27. hi Rakesh….. I applied for google adsense yesterday and got a mail that u application has been reviewed nw u can place blank ads on your website………but when i tried to log in in my google adsense account it is showing your account is not active yet….plzz help what is going wrong with it……

    1. Just wait harsh one or two days. Your account will be active. NOthing to worry now.

  28. hai rakesh,

    i want to create blogs with u r help.
    how to create can u plz share any information to this mail id

    1. Dear Venky, right now i do not have any such post but your comment has given me a new topic for all those bloggers who are struggling to acquire google adsense. BTW you can subscribe to my email to get all new post into your inbox. This way you will come to know when your expected article is here on binarynote.com. Keep in touch

    1. This is only to check your site and expertise how you are going to implement their adsense.

  29. sir my website got rejected when I applied for the adsense. I have 6 months old domain and I follow all the policies… I got reply form the adsense unacceptable content …i even don’t copy from any website….my website is http://www.job-in-bank.com please just have a look on my website and tell me the solution so that I can get adsense approval…


    1. Have you checked your site’s contents for plagriasm. I think this is the main reason for it.

    2. yes rakesh, i have checked it and my site is copyright protected ….the reason that Adsense team has given to me is your site don’t comply with the program policy, but I don’t understand which of the adsense policy I don’t follow. I have about me page, privacy policy page, minimum 18 articles, I have written all my article and 3 to 4 article always come at top in Google and bing…yar plz help me

  30. Hello Rakesh,

    This is extra ordinary stuff provided by you, especially flixya. I love to make videos and ppts. Recently I have uploaded a video on youtube. I want to ask you, can I upload the same video on flixya.? I made PPT of that video also. Can I publish that PPT on both platforms like slideshare and flixya.???

    Will it not be copy or spam..?

    1. Yes you can do it. But define it with some synonyms keywords otherwise search engines cat catch you.

  31. Google Adsenes Approval For Rs.300 Only (For blogspot alone) Make ur Blogspot a money making website

    Google adsense terms have been strict for india for the last few years.So,it may be difficult to get adsense account in india for you,it takes 6 moths or later,….
    But don’t worry we will get you adsense approval within 6 Hours

    You can pay after I show you your new gmail adsense account screenshot. You can then link your account with blogger

    If you need adsense for your blogspot mail me : gillysachin@gmail.com

    1. I do not know how much you are real or how much you are fake, but if you are doing this , then this is awesome man!

    2. Hello vicky brother, Am eager get adsense approval, And its cheap because most of them selling for 1000Rs
      K i will send you a mail. Please get adsense for my blogspot

  32. Hi I have a blog with you tube hosted adsense unfortunately i cannot use this to my website, so how do i get fully hosted adsense publisher ID. I badly need it. Pl guide me – Satish (India)

    1. When did you received your youTube adsense approval for your videos. As per my knowledge, they are using two diffrerent type of code for contents and videos and after few days they are going to seperate this. Sorry, But i think you have to apply for your content.

  33. Hello, when i register Google Adsense through indyarocks or flixya. that means i only use my code on this or my own other blog?

  34. It’s getting hard these days, both sites above don’t work anymore. Do you have any suggested sites else?

    1. I have seen your blog amit, it has tremendous potential to earn a lots of amount. so keep it up my dear.

  35. I think the both tricks are genuine to get Adsense Account.

    One thing I would like to ask you is whether it is possible to get approved by using free Blogger blog or not.

    Otherwise we will have to purchase a domain name & hosting too.

    Keep smiling.

    1. It is easy to get adsense account through blogger account. But that blog must follow webmasters guidelinesa all the way. ;)

  36. I Read above comments
    & go to the final step that I’ll make a genuine content for my site-
    but all are images on this site are from web, then i edited it,
    Does my blog successful and get Adsense Approval after 6 months?
    Does really flixya, indyarocks & third party sites are now – not get approval for adsense ?

    1. If you don’t mind prashant, I would like to suggest some changes in your current website: 1- Add at-least 30 to 50 unique post in this blog. 2- Write down a privacy policy. 3- Do tell us about yourslef in about us along with a recent photograph and attach this blog with google authorship using google+. 4. Do write lenghty and descriptive post not less than 700 to 800 words. After these i am sure google can not refuse your application for this blog. 5. A notice that copying material from this site is strictly not allowed without your written permission.

      6 month is not a limit for any blog but it is considered that if a blogger is new then in the nextt 6 month he/she will be able to learn the basics of blogging.

      as per my knowledge, right now google adsense does not support third party activation like it used to do.

  37. Hello Swarnima,

    I always get confused over CTR, it is good to Increase or keeping it low ? I know Google consider 5% max as average CTR. Please suggest !!


  38. bro my google adsense has been disapproved.
    plz check out my site and tell me where i am wrong ?

    1. yups bro when i leave this msg on ur site…i got approval on same day
      but bro my cpc is just few cents like $0.04 to $0.08
      i am getting daily 20 to 25 click but still not getting money to above $1
      what to do bro ?
      that means i am wasting my time just because of my overall traffic from India ?

    2. Dear Rishi, Your website is based on bloggers, so two things that i can right now point out is 1. – Your ads are not targetted ie they are poorly placed in your website. the most visible position is below the title of post. 2- Your article does not have buyer keywords thus you are getting this much of low cpc.

  39. thanks bro for reply me
    today i applied for google adsense then i got a e-mail

    “Your application has been reviewed. Now you need to create your first ad
    unit and implement the ad code on your site for the full activation of
    your account. Only blank ads will appear at first until the final approval
    goes through.”

    tell me bro i am going on right path and now what to do ?
    google will approve fully ?

    1. Dear Rishi, You just crossed the first line of defence in google adsense, so prepare some add units through its dashboard and place in your blog/site. Remember one thing very clearly. Do not click or ask even your best friend in america to click on that add/ even not to check whether that add unit is working or not. And lets hope for the best. ;) ~rakesh

    1. Dear Naveen, right now on your blog you have a very limited contents. Try to add at-least 50 such articls. Besides that add about us. Privacy policy comment policy and one DMCA notice that if anybody copy your contents then you are going to report it on google. if possible add your original image, google+ account and such things. Make it very sure your contents are not copy-paste version of someone else work. Only after that apply for google adsense.

  40. hey i followed your 2nd trick (indyarocks). but after that i saw your comments that Google does not support third party system for their google Adsense program so now i need to remove my a/c from indyarocks.com or not ?

    1. So do you have adsense account. If yes then there is no need to remove your account. Just use this adsense account to place your ad-code as many places as you wish. ;)

    1. Dear RamKaran, I am not google adsense expert, though it seems to me that these are not your own images, if i am not wrong then these are pulled from internet. so copyright violation, besides that no privacy policy, about us etc. So in my opinion it is very hard to attain adsense for your site.

  41. great trick rakesh,
    I got my adsense verified after 8 months and it took whole out of me.., its nice that you are sharing this great information to blogosphere..,
    thanks for sharing such a nice information…:)

    1. Its nice to see you got your adsense account after such a long time. Hope you would make a lots of money using this adsense account.

  42. Hi Rakesh Sir, I am struggling to get adsense with my own domain on Blogger.com but now google creating more problems for me. It is not indexing my Post Titles and showing my content under homepages address in search, also it is deindexing my content after a few days. Can you help me to back on the road? I can not afford for web hosting :( Your blog have really nice information!

    1. Dear Satbir, I personally checked your blog and according to me there are some issues with your blog. This is not a proper place to resolve all that issues. Kindly contact me at mail@binarynote.com. Or wait for my next post on Google andsense and Indian bloggers. I will try to catch you very soon.

    2. Hello sir….. I am also facing same problem with satbir sir. I did so much hard work for my website but unfortunately everything is going in wrong direction. Please help me out too.
      Thank you

  43. bro please tell me i had sign up through flixya but i did’nt find any form to apply for google adsense on the flixya site……….where that form is? what should i do now?

    1. Alas, Now both of these tricks is now outdated, Google has now removed this method to award Adsense. feeling very Sorry for this.;(

    1. I know it these are the old tricks. right now you have to develop your own blog/site and then you have to apply for the google adsense. There are some basic features that your blog must have like privacy policy, your authorship after every blog and if possible your address and email. Besides these basic feaures i would highly recommend you to have some unique articles. Hope you will very soon get your adsense code. Thanks for your time to read and comment on this article “Gaurav”.

  44. well well well awesome tricks first of all but sorry to say this nowadays these tricks not working and i also heard that from last few weeks all those indian bloggers who have applied for GA, all got disapproved due to unacceptable site content or lower quality content so i really hope that everyone should keep this in mind and only work as per their guidelines :D

    1. Poor contents are now a days are not welcomed Google, since it’s latest Panda and Penguin update. Just try to feed your readers with some genuine contents and then apply for GA, i am sure you will get your share very easily.

  45. I had applied adsense last year via my email id which I associated with blog, but that was rejected by the adsense.

    Now can i against applied via indyarocks with the same email id which I associate with previously rejected email with blog.

    1. Right now Google does not support third party system for their google Adsense program. Now its better to create a blog on blogger and publish some original post and then apply for the same.

  46. Wow really informative post!Now I’ll apply your tricks hope I’ll get ad sense for my site.

    1. These tricks really works for me and hope they will also work for you. Just give them a try. ~rakesh kumar

    2. These tricks really works for you, bcoz you have really an informative blog…Vinod B

  47. I’m happy to hear that no third parties approval will work anymore. This will help create more trustworthy Adsense Publishers. Even I dont satisfy all the requirements of Google Policies, but am working hard on it & be a trustworthy publisher

    1. Yes i have also seen the same. This is the reason flixya and indiarocks are now not providing this speedy method.

  48. hello rakesh.. i’m new in adsense and i try to apply but my application rejected… i try fixya but it said they no longer support adsense… can u help me? here is my blog…[removed by administrator ] thanks in advance……

    1. According to Google’s new policy you can’t use Adsense with any website,if you activated using 3rd parties like indyarocks.

  49. I feel that is one of the most significant information for me. And i’m happy reading your article.

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