Easiest Method to Find Buyer Keywords List Even experts will not tell you

Buyer keywords

buyer keywords list

When looking for words to work articles and web pages around, you need  tools like Google’s AdWords keyword tool to find buyer keywords List.

Have you ever wondered, why some of your keywords  have higher search results in Keyword tools but wondered , why you did not get many click through on your  highly influential products?

It may be because you are using keywords that don’t target buyers.

There are several factors you need to keep in mind when you are looking for buyer keywords List. AdWords keyword  tool is one place such place where,  you can look for keywords that you need. You can search for keywords that match a particular feeling or mentality state your buyer is in.

How to use AdWords keyword tool to find Buyer Keywords List

Adwords Keyword Tool doesn’t tell you exactly what you are, looking for, or will attract buyers but simply tell you how many searches it had recorded on a particular keyword.

Here are few tips, learned through my experience over the years, to help you  keep on track for your buyer keywords searches. But before that i would recommend you to read my article “Easiest method to find profitable niche” and see this youtube video for better understanding of  free keyword research tools.

Tip #1 : Use words like buy, purchase, and get

AdWords keyword tool will give you a large list of keywords if you use just one of these but you can combine it with your product to find a list of longer keywords, you can write your content on. AdWords keyword tool may not give you all the keywords for purchase if you simply look under buy so be sure to check each word by itself.

Tip#2 : Avoid using the word free

Free is not what our products are. AdWords keyword tool will give you a lot of great keywords with free in it and many of these have a low number of exact search matches. The reason for this is any percentage of free is still $0 in our pockets. If you are giving away a basic version of the software and have a huge incentive for them to purchase the upgrade then this could be a viable keyword strategy.

NOTE : Free stuff can bring traffic to your site or it can also enhance your bounce rate but it will not help you to make money. Even the product having label – free , does not attract higher CPC.

Tip#3 : Using the word review can get you more buyers

AdWords keyword tool also can return you lots of hits off the keyword review. Many people who are looking for review sites are looking to verify their choice is correct. This is later in the buying stage and when properly pointed to a site that confirms their research, they will buy if there is an option.

unbiased seopressor review

AdWords keyword tool can narrow down the review process for your product significantly even to the model number of a specific product. The more specific the keyword, the more buyers you will attract.

AdWords can be used to find hundreds and thousands of keywords but not all keywords are created equal. Some will entice people simply looking for free information or free products. If you know how to use AdWords keyword tool and use the three tips above to help refine your words to buying keywords, then the AdWords keyword tool is an excellent tool to have.

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Keywords are important and I have found many mistakes in the original keywords I use to work my online content around. Many times I looked for keywords that would bring in people but it was the wrong kind of people. I have learned new ways to search for better keywords and have posted more information at my site. There is even a few other ways to generate more keywords outlined in my guide on generating keywords with AdWords keyword tool and brainstorming techniques that really gives you ideas to work

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  1. Hi Rakesh, I show both the parts of the videos. Very nice explanation…………..

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  2. Rakesh, these were killer explanations about buyer words.

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    1. you are most welcome kulwant and it was really a nice feeling to have you here on my blog. Goodluck for your ppc compaign.

  3. Thank you for sharing this article. I never thought I have committed a mistake as obvious as this, my keywords don’t target buyers. After reading your article, I’ll definitely do better this time.

    1. Targetting buyer keywords always brings targetted traffic and also targeted ads on your blog/site. Thus it is always better to do some research before hitting publish button, otherwise later on you have to make changes in your published article. Thanks sandra for your valuable feedback, see you soon.

  4. More on buy and purchase, and defer from using the word free. Got it. Thank you very much for your three important tips, this is like Yahoo, but just between us, you presented your points clear and more concise. Looking forward to more of your future posts.

    1. Free also means this type of material is already available on the net free of cost, Thus people will not bid on such keywords it means all your hard work will not able to fetch any good revenue. Thanks stacey for your valuable feedback on this article, see you soon

  5. Thanks for explaining all about google adwords in a nice way
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    1. Dear Reeja , buyer keywords actually define how much logwe can earn from our blogs or website, if we are not targetting them , then it is off no use to invest so much time of yoour blog. Thanks for posting your valuable feedback, hope to see your soon.

    1. Thanks sandi for your kind support. Its is always better to target buyer keywords for better conversion rate. see you soon

  6. AdWords Keyword tool is realy powerful to find buyer keywords, is very effective and is easier to work with it.

    1. ” A tool is as intelligent as its user” This is the same with Google adwords tools. Most of the time affiliate promote such tools which import data from google adwords tools and show in fancy way. I am really happy to know that you find it useful. See you soon bro.

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  9. You are welcome Gopal, Use these tips to increase revenue of your website and do not forget to update us “how useful these tips are? “. Hope to see you soon

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