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Ever since authorities recognized Internet to be a ‘rich-enough’ source of an individual’s identity and activities, there have been a number of initiatives to track internet users — revelations made by Edward Snowden are adequate, we hope. Well, quite ironically, there has been more than enough solutions to break these restrictions and thus to keep our internet identity anonymous all the way; let it be web browsing, torrent downloading or anything else. Obviously enough, Virtual Private Network tunneling technology — that encrypts your entire internet traffic and thus protects it from surveillance agencies out there — is one of the most popular ways used to keep anonymity in internet. In this post, however, to lessen your doubts and confusion while choosing, we have come up with a detailed review of one of the widely used VPN services in market — HideIPVPN. Given its extreme popularity and acceptance among public, you might be having relatively fewer doubts but this review will make your selection even simpler. So, as we hope at least a few of you to be unfamiliar with these VPN services, we shall have an introduction to HideIPVPN.


HideIPVPN — Your Reliable Guide to Internet Anonymity

Even before we start the description about HideIPVPN, there is something that you can read from the name itself — Hide IP, hide your Internet Protocol address. IP address being your unique identity while connected to internet, the solution protects your identity by means of another IP address that appears to be from other countries, like United States, UK or Canada instead.

Considering all these, we can say that HideIPVPN can provide you an external layer of internet anonymity as well as security, especially while you are transferring confidential information with servers. Of course, this layer of security makes enough sense if you are using a public Wi-Fi connection to browse and wants to access online banking account; in such situations, you can tunnel your internet browsing data via HideIPVPN and this outperforms the talented hacker in the public Wi-Fi network. So, don’t you think HideIPVPN is productive enough to help you solve the issue of internet surveillance and boundary-based restrictions? If you do not, you will as we move on to other aspects of HideIPVPN and its dedicated tool that has been made available for Windows-based PCs.

The Service & Plans

HideIPVPN clearly knows that different people have entirely different requirement when it comes to concealing his / her internet identity; while some needs comparatively higher speed, others do prefer tighter level of encryption, as they might be handling such confidential data. To fix this confusion of requirements, HideIPVPN has come up with an impressive set of VPN protocols, including SSTP, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP or IPSec. In other words, you need; you do choose!

As of now, HideIPVPN offers five different plans that give access to different VPN servers of HideIPVPN. The first plan offers servers from US, UK, NL and DE and adds Smart DNS and Proxy as bonus. On the other hand, you can have UK or US VPN if you need access to servers in specific regions only. In light of all these, we can say that HideIPVPN has a lot to offer as a service.

HideIPVPN for Windows PCs

If you want to use HideIPVPN in your Macintosh or Windows-based PCs, it takes only seconds for you to connect to a VPN server offered by HideIPVPN. We had used HideIPVPN for Windows and we were impressed, we should say. The main reason for this is the simplicity that is present throughout the application.


Using HideIPVPN for Windows, we can connect to the desired VPN server by spending a few clicks. For instance, if you want to connect to a server in US and bear an IP address that gives you a mask of a US resident, you have to click on ‘US’ flag, choose the desired protocol with respect to your requirement, select the desired server from upcoming list and finally click on ‘Connect’ to establish the connection — that’s it, you have been connected.

In addition to the simplistic connection procedure and user interface, HideIPVPN for windows has some features that make the tool quite useful. For instance, HideIPVPN for Windows can turn off some applications or tools when some kind of interruption occurs in VPN connection.

Other Things We Loved in HideIPVPN

  • HideIPVPN offers support for a wide range of devices and platforms, along with superb tutorials to help you to connect to the VPN servers. So, even when there is no dedicated connection tool available, you’ll have no trouble in connecting.
  • Smart DNS — a bonus that you get when purchasing ultimate plan of HideIPVPN — is a feature that can help you access unblocked websites in a click, let that be Hulu or Netflix — just grab US residents’ mask and start your journey.


Our Word of Verdict

Considering all what we have said, HideIPVPN is a sense-making choice when you want to keep anonymity of the life in internet! Nevertheless, we would be glad to know your opinion about the tool.

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