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WordPress hosting review

WordPress is software which is loved by all. You can use it to either write your blog or to create your website. But you need to have a hosting account. Hostinger can help you with this as it is a free host provider company which can host your WordPress, Drupal or magneto.

WordPress hosting review

If you are worried about running out of space then don’t worry, Hostinger will provide you with 2GB of disk space, even though WordPress blog only takes around 400 MB even after you write a lot of posts. It took Hostinger 6 years to achieve 1 million users.

Easy To Use

Hostinger is easy to use as well as affordable. There are several plans which you can opt for according to your taste and preferences. Cpanel demonstration in Hostinger is different from other service providers.  It has been modified to make it as simple as possible. Zyro builders as well as site script installer (i.e., WordPress auto installer) are very helpful. There is no other hosting company which will allow an auto installer for a free plan.

Even though there are so many features and it is user-friendly with 24/7 customer support, it doesn’t allow phone support.

Economically Feasible

Hostinger provides you with all kinds of hosting.  There several plans which are subdivided into various categories.  You can find cheap and affordable WordPress hosting, with dozens of features for WordPress. With the starter plan, you can get 10GB storage, 100GB bandwidth, premium technical maintain, at no cost domain name, and an email account. The entire packages come with weekly backups, auto installer scripts, FTP account; domain redirects, email account manager, and much more.

Even though the starter plan is cheap, you need to upgrade it to get more features. You can only host one website if you use the starter pack. You need to pay a certain amount to get the extra features.


Your site might have some good content. But even after having good content, you might be behind your competitors. This can happen due to t uptime. Uptime is a crucial factor when it comes to hosting. Server downtime happened with a lot of companies. You should always select a host who promises to deliver the maximum amount of server time. Hostinger guarantees 99% of uptime.  It tried to follow this for all the packages, even in the ones which you don’t have to pay.

However, there have been complaints that there is a difference between the free plan and the paid plan. People using the free plan have complaints regarding the 99% uptime policy. There has been a frequent amount of downtimes in the free plan.

Free Domain Name

You can get a free domain name on the higher plans.  Hostinger provides domain registration for the business and premium plans. If you choose a premium hosting plan, you have to pay $3.49 per month for three years. This seems very reasonable. It is a great opportunity to get a free website name. If you have to buy a domain name, it will cost you around $50 to 80 dollars per year.  Thus, Hostinger solves this problem.

Hostinger, however only provides you with a sub-domain if you have the basic plan which is free. You need to keep in mind that they provide free registration for .com, net, .info and .xyz.


If you are new to this field and have no experience at all, then you should opt for hosting. Hostinger not only provides you with a free plan, but it also gives you a platform to learn and gather more experience. This will help you to set up your blog or website and help you to stand out from your competitors and your brand will get a recognition among the millions across the globe. As you gain more and more experience, you can upgrade to higher plans which unlock more features as well as upgrades. Click here

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  1. It’s true that word press hosting provides so much benefits to all of it’s users. It is so economical and easy to use. On the other hand it provides the blog authors to write and publish their ideas.

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