How ADZbuzzUblock Adblocker Helps To SolveProblem Of Revenue Loss for Publishers

Adsbuzz ad unblocker plugin

In today’s online business environment, it is important to make money to cover the cost of production, to break even and to make profit. Bloggers and publishers often take steps to ensure they make enough money that would keep them in business. They often publish ads on the websites to generate income.

Revenue from ads is the major source of income for most publishers. However, over years this trend has dropped because of the increasing use ad blockers by site visitors.

Most visitors use adblockers on their sites to block ads which have become ‘annoying’ or intrusive. Also they take this step to restore their user experience which has been eroded by ads.

In the last couple of years, adblockers have resulted in the loss of billions of dollar in revenue for publishers and advertisers. In a 2015 PageFair study, the estimated revenue loss for publishers was estimated at about 22 billion dollars. This is a huge loss in an industry that practically needs constant revenue stream to stay afloat.

The solution to adblock and revenue loss for publishers is ADZbuzzUblock extension

Adsbuzz ad unblocker plugin

ADZbuzzUblock is the solution to revenue loss for publishers who have been affected by Adblockers usage. The following are reasons and benefits you will love this solution:

  • ADZbuzzUblock is a free browser extension that users can install to prevent the accessing of ads on a web page. Once this extension is installed in a browser like, let’s say, Chrome, no advert will appear on the site. This will help the user enjoy a smooth browsing experience.
  • ADZbuzzUblock is an adblocker with a difference. This is because it will be the world’s first adblocker that directly pay publishers from revenue generated by a centralized advertising platform. The adblocker comes with a script that publishers can install on their websites. This script will track the volume of visitors that come to the site and the amount of revenue that would be earned by the publisher.
  •  The ADZbuzz centralized advertising platform is the ADZbuzz Savers. Whenever a visitor clicks on any online retailer in ADZbuzz Savers, the system automatically distributes money to publishers. More so, any user who installs this adblock is automatically helping the publisher to make money.
  •  Everyone benefits from ADZbuzzUblock – the user, the publisher and the advertiser. It is the first adblock solution that pays publishers. Their efforts and sacrifice publishing content is rewarded. Since ADZbuzzUblock blocks ads from websites so that users can enjoy a smooth content consumption experience, publishers are rewarded with payments in lieu of ads not published on their platforms. Advertisers also will have their credibility intact as they can now advertise where their products are needed.

You should embrace this ultimate solution to curb the adblock problem. ADZbuzzUblock from ADZbuzz.com should be tried today! If you are publisher, then you can certainly increase your revenue base by getting paid through this adblocker which is the first to pay publishers directly.

Click here to download AdzbuzzuBlock for free today.

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