How Best to Comment on a DoFollow Blogs

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Blog commenting as pretty much always been a fantastic way to build the number of targeted backlinks to your site or blog. There are lots of options for growing the number of backlinks to your site but blog commenting is one of the most popular.

If you want to use this method for SEO purposes, though, you need to make sure that your comments get left on blogs that are “dofollow blogs” because comments left on other blogs don’t get counted by the major search engines.

Easiest method to find out high pr do follow blogs, is an excellent resorce to help you to find out dofollow blogs.

Once you find such blogs, your next aim should be to have all your comments approved by the blog owners, since putting in so much effort to comment has to be worth it, right?

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Blog comment – what to consider

Look for Blogs that Have WP Plugins that are Comment Centric

When you’re searching for blogs, your aim should be to find the best. Sifting through a number of blogs, you should only pick the ones that you feel are worth it. ( Easiest way to find relevant blog and forum without software – A must read )

One way to find good blogs is by looking for those that use comment centric WP plugins, which have names like “top commenters,” “keyword luv” and “comment luv.” When you see these plugins, you have a much better chance of getting your comments approved, as the blogs are open to comments.

Use Courtesy for Your Advantage

It is important that you compliment the post you’re commenting on before you leave your actual comment. Saying a few nice words can go a really long way.

7 advance commenting tricks even pros will not tell you is a guide to guide you how to place your comments and establish relationship for better connectivity and targeted traffic.

The moment the blog owner sees your comment, they will instantly feel good about it even before they go through the whole comment. This helps create good vibes and makes it more likely that your comments will be approved.

Remember to be careful on do follow blogs

Being genuine and real is good; being overly complimentary is not. It is important that you don’t just leave a compliment but that you talk about something specific within the post and make sure to express your opinion on it because otherwise the blog owner may very easily mistake your comment for spam.

General Comments Are Lame

Blogger are tired of dealing with comments that say “good stuff” or “thanks”. This just shows you that you are not at all concerned about the blog post at all and will certainly keep your blog post from being approved. Until you are willing to add good value to the comments you leave, there is no way that it will be approved. ( How to write Good comments)

Make sure that your comments are related completely to the topic at hand in the post that you are commenting under so that the blog author knows you’ve done the reading and understand.


In conclusion, this article clearly shows you just how to make the most out of dofollow blogs; you need to comment on them correctly and put a lot of effort into having those comments approved. Slow and steady, you’ll be able to build hundreds of backlink to your site/blog by making sure all your comments get approved.

Don’t underestimate the power of blog commenting, it can take you places if you work on it effectively and follow what we’ve discussed here.

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53 thoughts on “How Best to Comment on a DoFollow Blogs”

  1. This just shows you that you are not at all concerned about the blog post at all and will certainly keep your blog post from being approved. Until you are willing to add good value to the comments you leave, there is no way that it will be

    1. Keep in touch ravi, You can subscribe my email to get all these types of post to your inbox. ;)

  2. It is a great technic indeed to create backlinks. But I have notice a lot of blog owners start using Discus and often your comment no matter how legitimate they are start to disappear. No spamming just answering to genuine comment to see what the blogger have to say, and they would often remove the post, sometime I will analyse what they say and make a conter-point -of view to open a discussion, I often see the post disappear. Anyway, I guess some blogger, really don’t like people challenging their point of view. It is a shame, because I see blogging as a way for people with same interest to challenge each other.

    1. Commenting is one such fine method to connect with the blogger. If you are not ready to receive the challenge. Do not allow any one to comment on your system. But if you are allowing, then prepare yourself for that type of challenge. No doubt a lots of bloggers are moving towards new commenting system but old hands are now back on the same commenting system, and according to my experience it is the best and people interact more with our old commenting system. Thanks for this wonderful comment Mike. See you very soon

  3. Finally found the for what I have been looking for form about a week… Thankyou so much rakesh for sharing great tips… as begginer in blogging I need these advices to help boost my backlinks :) I hope you do provide Do Follow backlinks…

    Btw one advice I need from you… Is it good to have CommentLuv in blogs? Or I should wait to install it for my blog??

    1. CommentLuv will help you to grow your blog easily, if you have some quality contents on it.

  4. I found searching for keywordluv + “keyword” and using the “s I can find tons of great blogs that will help my ranking.

  5. Well the topic you choose really unique and information is ultimate you gave us. I completely enjoyed the post and hoping more post from you soon.

  6. it’s a good idea to get some nofollow comment backlinks as well. If you just comment on those blogs that you are interested in, then you’re sure to get a mix of both kinds of links.

    1. that is a better idea to rank higher on search engine as this will help them to recognize all your links as natuarl. Thaks Jame for this wonderful feedback, hope to see you soon.

  7. Hi Mr. Rakesh,
    honestly i don’t know which is dofollow what is not. This article has given a new horizon on DoFollow, thank you. Greetings

  8. first of all check the PR of the blog and then comment. it will give betterment to your own site linked.

    1. Very Well thought and executed idea, actually this is the theme behind the art and science of power backlinks. Thanks for this wonderful update.

    1. Unuqie article with buyer keywords can also bring a lots of fortune for you, my dear ;)

  9. Well thanks for the correction. I usually say my compliments after i have given my contribution. i tend to agree with you this is like creating 1st impression, you never get a chance to do it twice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. Right my dear Doreen, This is the main reason, i have written ” 7 Commenting tricks for better results even pros will not tell you”. You can find this article on binarynote.com. Thanks for your kind support, hope to see you soon ;)

  10. gonna try your advice :) Usually i just show my gratitude for the great information that the blog has shared. Now, i’ll try to give some word from the articles. Thanks :)

  11. 5. It so hard to find such good articles on best deals. This was really informative and satisfying. Thank you, please do keep writing such great article.

  12. Started career with seo field ,while learning seo the very tough part is to do blog comments. Blog comments we can say make more powerful backlink for your site or blog . Really found very good content regarding blog comments and could helped me lot .

    1. Dear Andy, It is true that -do follow links add more values to your blog/site but acquiring only do-follow links will make search engine suspicious, So it is advised , also acquire some low quality and high quality no-follow links. Thanks Andy for your valuable feedback.

  13. Good post Rakesh, thanks for sharing.

    I must admit when starting out with blog commenting I was one of those who just used general “thanks” messages but as you say you need to add to the conversation, especially if they need to be approved.

    1. Dear mark, Now you got it that point, If you are really interested to create power backlinks, Do not forget to read my latest post “The art and science of creating power backlinks”.

    1. Will you all the best, Do not forget to read my new post that will be a very very big helpful to attract quality and quantity of traffic, Actually i was planning to monetize that information but now i have decided to plublish the same on my blog. catch you later.

  14. It seems like more and more blogs are going to nofollow for their comments. It is harder and harder to find dofollow blogs. So it is important to make the comments as valuable as possible so they will get published. I liked your advice about using courtesy. A little courtesy goes a long way!

    1. But only courtesy can not assure that webmaster will publish your comment all the way. Your comment must have that meat to attract the webmaster the same way as he/she attracted you for leave a comment on his website. ;) See you soon.

  15. This is a great article that gives good tips. I agree with @joe writing meaningful comments doesn’t always mean that you comments will be published.

    1. Dear Timothy, if a webmaster does not publish Meaningful comments, its better to leave that blog/site/forums. A meaningful comment always add value to that site and always establish a better relationship with the blogger.

      Thanks Timothy for your valuable feedback. I will try to catch you very soon.

  16. I’ve tried writing good, meaningful comments on all the blog posts I read. That does not always mean you get approved, however. I think some mods are just lazy!

    Thanks for the info anyway.

  17. Thanks for sharing the importance of commenting in do follow blogs! Thanks for the do-follow list too. Hope it would help the blogger to drive genuine traffic to their blog/website. Keep sharing the information Rakesh!

    1. Though it enhance the visibility of your site but It is not the do-follow blogs that increase your website ranking and reputation, It is the rapport with the fellow blogger. Thanks Nirmala for your constant support.

  18. as shown by my practice of commenting on the right – this is a very big deal. It should clearly be able to choose the expression that you are not mistaken for a bot. Since English is not their native language, sometimes this is problematic.

  19. This blog is very useful and highly informative.Everybody can be benefited by this informative article.

    1. Welcome suraj, Ho[e you will be able to reap some real benefits from here. ~rakesh

  20. Very good article.Its help me to put some backlinks in those blog which have dofollow enable.

    1. Thanks Tajindra for your comment. Only do follow links to your own site might make big brother suspicious so grab some no-follow links also. ~rakesh kumar

  21. Hii… really very nice & helpful points are presented by you here. I’m very happy to read your blog because I was not aware of it before. I hope from you to continue it in future too.

  22. I think that it’s a good idea to get some nofollow comment backlinks as well. If you just comment on those blogs that you are interested in, then you’re sure to get a mix of both kinds of links.

    Another way to get a combination is to post free classified ads that allow backlinks. The vast majority are nofollow, although some are dofollow.

  23. Thank u very much for posting do follow blog list.Good idea to have google filter out what’s not that useful from a SEO point of view. Didn’t think of filtering date-based before.

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