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Search Colleges via streams

A Good startup always tries to solve a common problem of the masses if they want to be successful in their startup. If you are fail to find such problem then I am sure your startup is going to nowhere.

Collegedunia is one such startup, started by Collegedunia Web Private Limited. Its aim is to provide comprehensive listing of all the courses and colleges under one place.

Once a student finishes his/her school and comes out in search of a good college, I am sure that they might end up being confused, wondering why? Just search the number of colleges in India. The numbers will surprise you for sure. Choosing a best college is the first important step to a successful career.

Do not believe in my words – Just Travel from Delhi to Haridwar via NH 58 and you will be surprised to see the total No. of Management and Engineering colleges offering different courses. Even times of India featured an article – Where engineering college beats DAABAs in numbers.

Only few gifted think smart way and find best-suited college. But for many it’s a nightmare. Not only students, even the parents stress themselves too. They try their best to find out the best college, searching, doing small size surveys, recommendations etc.

But do you think all these methods really works. Finally, the trend has changed, and people start searching for review of colleges its faculty, facilities and off-course their placements but Do you think these review sites really help us to decide the best?

Thus the collegedunia.com came into existence and start trying to fill this gap with their innovative tool.

What is collegeDunia and How it can help

CollegeDunia Home Page

College Dunia is a Delhi based website, you can say a college search engine, which has more than 20000 colleges and more than 6000 courses in India. The website boast to provide information about different Exams, events, College Festivals etc.

List of colleges for MBA

The search function lists all the top most reputed colleges all over in India and provides intense filtering mechanism, where we can filter colleges according to our requirements. For example, the portal provides a special list of all MBA colleges in Banglore along with many engineering universities and Top BCA Colleges in India.

Streams, faculty and facilities provided by the college

The best part of this search result is – Each and every college listing comes with grading of that college based on different factors like fees, faculty, courses offered and other facilities.

Now, as we all know mobile devices has been so much penetration in our daily life thus collegedunia has also developed their own app to fill this gap. Now you can get all these information on mobile device.

Interface of the website:

As a Niche WordPress developer, I always try to imitate some of the best niche website on WordPress, and I am sure they did a lots of preparation to design and develop such a flawless interface that is easy to use and at the same time too much fast to provide all the information.

While checking its interface, I was not able to find any delay in the information. Hats off to its developer and UI designer.

Search Colleges via streams

Even a non web savvy person can find out its desired information from this site. Suppose we do not know the college name or anything else. Then on its home page, they have placed comprehensive links to the most popular streams and using these links anybody can find out how many courses he/she can pursue and where are the colleges of these courses.


The one thing that I could not find in this website is email alert to its subscribers. Otherwise, I was not able to find out anything that a student need and it does not provide. Hope the Good people and collegeDunia will look into this matter very soon.

Collegedunia is the ultimate solution for a student’s worries. Browsing thousands of colleges and courses was never so easy before. It is an aid to help you reach your dream college. It is the ultimate answer to the five W’s of one’s life. So the next time if you want to search about any college or course, you know where to go!

If you people are also able to locate any such issue that needs your immediate attention, and if addressed properly can bring fortune to you and your company do not forget to address immediately otherwise someone else will be there, where you ever wished to be.

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