how to bring targeted traffic to your site


This is the single question no money making blogger would love to answer. If they will answer then you can not conclude anything from their answer,


You will get a diplomatic answer all the time. Like it depends on the different factors , what you are trying to promote and type of audience you need for your project/blog.

Few day back I posted an article on kabenlah.com related to why your blog will not make a dime and discussed some basic points with my fellow bloggers.  A quick reminder is

1. Your article does not have monetary values

2. You do not have products /services to endorse from your site

3. You do not know what is affiliate marketing and you are too much jealous to others

Now if you have some product or services on your blog but no one is purchasing from your blog then ?

Here in this post I am considering you a little bit social animal ie you know how to network with fellow bloggers and also have little bit knowledge of your niche.

1. Search Your product

Now you can say I am trying to bring targeted traffic and this is asking me to search? What the hell is this.
Yes I am very much in control.

fastest loading wordpress theme pagespeed
Search about your product and services in all the question and answer like website like quora or digital forum to yahoo answer. ( See above image once more and try to answer the above question )

Now take each such question on these sites and answer the query mentioning how your product/service can help them to solve their problems using your products or services. Or if you are not in the same domain, at-least educate your readers using your knowledge so that later on they recognize you as an authority in that niche.

2. Feed your Interview purposely

If you are not very new in blog sphere then I am sure one or two interview request are not a big deal. Newbies as well as some old hands like kulwant nagi of bloggingcage love to publish interviews. Interviews are one of the oldest school method to network with your seniors and bring traffic to your website.

So how do you use this interviews to bring targeted traffic?

The simplest answer is -introduce your product / services between the lines and convince its reader that if they are not using you product/services then their blog will die within a month.

3. Share you stats

I do not share my earning stats. It seems to be a very cheap tricks but believe me this force the readers to follow your blogs and whenever you write a paid post about any product. Most of your loyal readers will love to purchase.

4. Run affiliate programs

In y recent interview on mymagicfundas.com, I mentioned that I blog for money that money basically comes from affiliate marketing( learn affiliate marketing in $1 )  and from my niche WordPress themes, so why not create such a system for your readers so that they can also earn money sending targeted traffic on your website.

Yes, I am talking about running your own affiliate system

The major benefit of your own affiliate system is- you do not invest even a single penny to but any type of review or guest post or advertisement space on thousands of blog.  You pay these guy only when the coming traffic from these website purchase from your site. affiliate plus is one such WordPress plugin

5. Comment on related Blogs

Though we have already published 7 commenting tricks to bring targeted traffic to your website, still a lots of newbies love to comment on all those blogs who have either commentluv installed  or their friends are interacting with other bloggers.

No doubts, these blogs or site bring a lots of traffic to your website but how many of them are actually converts into your buyers?

Easiest method to find out relevant blogs and forums are a standard way to find blogs and forums in your niche using Google dorks and try to feed that sites with your comments, do not comment on just installed blogs.

How to customize Genesis theme

The above comment was made on a site trying to define how to customize a Genesis child theme, since, I am developing WordPress themes, this type of title attract me a lots.

6. Write review and Comparison


This is the new one, We tested on www.binarynote.com and www.latestmobilebuzz.com, people love to read review of products before  final call. The same is applied when their is a lots of  confusion, A detailed comparision between the products can feed your website with a lots of targeted traffic.

7. Guide Junior with a Purpose

If I am not wrong, Most of the time we do receive messages from our juniors related to different issues. Your juniors of the same niche are also your targeted traffic, You can not solve all their problem all the time with some simple tips and tricks  free of cost but do not feel ashamed  to show them your website or affiliate products.

Your juniors, if happy with your help then they can feed your website with excellent targeted traffic. feed them right, feed them at the right time.

Your turn on Targeted traffic

Though we have shared our own tried and tested 6 methods to bring targeted traffic on your website, if you know anyone else except SEO then please share with us thorough your comments.


The Whole concept was developed by the man you are watching here. I am rakesh Kumar Serial Niche Blogger and SEO Enthusiast. find me onfacebookandon twitter.. Developed popular WordPress theme for Wallpapers and funny Image WordPress theme. Love SEO optimized WordPress theme Designing and Customization.
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40 thoughts on “how to bring targeted traffic to your site”

  1. Targeted traffic is a good source to enhance the popularity of blog as well as its productivity. Your article is full of knowledge, let me add the thing and it is “CONTENT” because targeted traffic will also increase wen we have content for targeted persons and targeted country.

    1. 100% agreed with you in this case rafaqat but marketing of that content is equally important in this era of social networking.

  2. Hello Rakesh,

    Getting targeted traffic is dream for any bloggers or web marketer. I liked your above suggestion for getting targeted traffic to our website. Will try out few of them and lets see how much it helps our website.


    1. Hi Dev, I will wait for your updates. BTW using these method i have acquired first 5 position for my targeted keyword on the google search page and thus needless to say getting targeted traffic. :)

  3. Thank you rakesh for your help i will make changes soon and will surely see good results and if not i will ask you again…

  4. Thanks Rakesh for this wonderful article… i m struggling a bit with my site’s traffic.. hopefully your tricks will help me with some traffic.. keep up the good work.. cheers buddy

    1. Hi Rajni, Besides these tricks, Your blog design should be neat and clean and easy to navigate. Do not load unnecessary badges at the bottom of your website, they are not going to help you anyhow but make your website little bit spammy. ~rakesh

  5. Hi Rakesh,

    I appreciate your knowledge and way of presentation. Mutual co-operation and encouragement by way of commenting, sharing is essential to bring massive amount of traffic to our blog. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us. This is really working.

    Have a delightful week-end.

    1. Hi Manoj, I think sharing content in your network is the best option if you want to bring some targeted traffic. So start sharing content tagging that fellow , BTW keep in touch ~ rakesh

  6. Hi Rakesh bro,

    Great article. I appreciate your research on traffic. Yes reviews play a vital role in generating traffic as well as leads. Thanks for the insightful post. :)

    1. Hi Suresh, Its nice to see you here, even comparision post also do well. Thanks for your feedback on this article. Keep in touch if you want to earn money online. :)

  7. Here are some methods I use to drive targeted traffic to my blog:

    – Do doubt search engines use to be the number one source of traffic for my blog and thus I use to write contents with the intention to get them ranked for targeted terms on search engines,

    – I use to do guest posts on most trafficed blogs in the blogging domain.

    – I use to do blog commenting on targeted blogs with the intension to drive some targeted traffic to my blog.

    – In the past, I had used Yahoo Answers kind of Q A websites to drive converting traffic on my product pages.

    – Social media also use to send good amount of traffic whenever I sahre something interesting there.

    1. Hi Anil, This is a great list from you to bring targeted traffic. for me its Q A website that is most successful to bring targeted traffic for my site. Blog commenting bring traffic but it rarely converts. It help us to network with our fellow bloggers.

  8. yes that’s right these techniques are very useful for targeted traffic you cane also use Facebook groups and pages to drive targeted traffic on your page and if you are have multiple facebook pages then you can manage all with ease from any social media management platform like vkonnect.

    1. Hi VKonnect, Facebook groups and pages rarely bring targeted traffic, They bring traffic to your site but that traffic rarely converts. Though you can network with the members of such group that can help you to achieve some sort of success. Nice thoughtful comment, Keep in touch :)

  9. Hi Rakesh,

    Really simple but effective tips for NOT only start up bloggers but also for the established bloggers… :)

    These points are so simple that after few months some how you start to forget them… :)

    Thanks for sharing…


  10. Hi Rakesh

    First of all its an wonderful post.

    As an new bee, like to take and execute the steps you have given right here.

    They are not seems to be very hard to follow, that is the best thing for a new blogger to get from experts.

    So, thanks for the valuable article.


    1. Hi Prasanna, These tips are not hard to follow but very easy to forget. Thus you can bookmark this page for your reference. Keep in touch :)

  11. Comparison post , Interviewing , guide and blog commenting which brings more traffic especially I try to comment first on the blog post because it can bring the attention of the blog readers and the methods you have listed are more worth to drive traffic.

  12. Hello Rakesh,

    One thing is clear when it comes targeting traffic is of course feeding others right with a purpose. I for instance have being receiving direct emails from various bloggers wanting support in one way or the other and I always try my best to help them out in the best possible way I can.
    This is indeed an insightful piece.

    1. The method, we described in this article is specially useful for all those bloggers who are trying to make money through their blog. Why they are not making money was already discussed in the article published in your blog. :)

  13. Hi Rakesh,

    Thanks for sharing this informative post. One thing is to have products to offer readers and I think any reasonable blogger who blogs to make money must have a blogging plan. Part of this should be the monetisation strategies to use at the monetization stage. If you aren’t blogging for money, this is of concern.

    As the journey goes further, one great challenge bloggers face is targeted traffic generation. The first point you make solve most part of the problem “searching your product”. How did you get the product? Where? What gave you the product is the best market for your audience? If you can answer these, you have already got the targeted traffic. How? Just simple

    Curl your contents around the like terms people can use to find the product.
    Where your got the product can give you ideas about where and how to promote your content for targeted traffic.
    The feature and benefits of the products that amazed you must be cleared out in your content to improve CRT.

    Thanks for the tips

    1. Hi Aceclue,
      You just captured the soul of this article in your comment. You thoroughly gone through my article and picked the most crucial post of this whole article. Keep in touch my dear friend. :)

    1. Hi Nitin, These are really effective tips and hope they will be able to bring some good fortune for your site also. Keep in touch :)

  14. Hi Rakesh,

    It appears we’ve stopped listing SEO even when we are talking about bringing targeted traffic. Was it done purposefully or it’s been so common to mention anymore :)

    Good point about Sharing Stats but we should be careful to learn it has two edges. You’ll attract your loyal readers to buy your product at one hand and equally invite your foes to attack. One more thing, we’ve seen lots of fake claims about blog income and you need to be more careful to make your claims conceivable.

    Tanks for the nice discussion.

    1. Hi Suresh, right now we are so old and its very common to mention SEO in this article that i purposely removed that heading. You raised very good points here about sharing stats, thus i do not share my income stats, Let others guess how much we are earning or not earning. Thanks for this wonderful feedback.

  15. Hello Rakesh,

    Traffic is always a big problem for every blogger and i am sure that your traffic tips are make them happy. Thanks for sharing your suggestions with us :)

    1. Hi Sweta, Perhaps you have not read my article title carefully, traffic and targeted traffic is totally to different dimension, I had written about targeted traffic and that matter a lot if we are selling or endorsing something from our site/blog. :) Happy blogging

  16. Hi Rakesh,

    Driving traffic to your blog is a big challenge.

    There are millions of blog and if you want to attract people at your blog then you need to provide them the best content.

    I always prefer blog commenting because it’s the way by which you can connect with many famous bloggers and you know beginners like to get comments at their blog the most.

    The tips you have given are worthy to follow.

    Great post indeed.;)


    1. Hi Ravi, basically newbies are not able to differentiate between the traffic and targeted traffic, the moto behind this post was to bring targeted traffic, pleased to know that you know the difference.

  17. Woah! Nice work Rakesh sir! I am working on a health blog now and need some tips about it. How can I target health freak people?

    1. Hi anchit, As I have written in my blog post target your audience for each and every step you take to bring more traffic otherwise all your efforts will bring only your friends on your website.

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