how to bring targeted traffic to your site


This is the single question no money making blogger would love to answer. If they will answer then you can not conclude anything from their answer,


You will get a diplomatic answer all the time. Like it depends on the different factors , what you are trying to promote and type of audience you need for your project/blog.

Few day back I posted an article on kabenlah.com related to why your blog will not make a dime and discussed some basic points with my fellow bloggers.  A quick reminder is

1. Your article does not have monetary values

2. You do not have products /services to endorse from your site

3. You do not know what is affiliate marketing and you are too much jealous to others

Now if you have some product or services on your blog but no one is purchasing from your blog then ?

Here in this post I am considering you a little bit social animal ie you know how to network with fellow bloggers and also have little bit knowledge of your niche.

1. Search Your product

Now you can say I am trying to bring targeted traffic and this is asking me to search? What the hell is this.
Yes I am very much in control.

fastest loading wordpress theme pagespeed
Search about your product and services in all the question and answer like website like quora or digital forum to yahoo answer. ( See above image once more and try to answer the above question )

Now take each such question on these sites and answer the query mentioning how your product/service can help them to solve their problems using your products or services. Or if you are not in the same domain, at-least educate your readers using your knowledge so that later on they recognize you as an authority in that niche.

2. Feed your Interview purposely

If you are not very new in blog sphere then I am sure one or two interview request are not a big deal. Newbies as well as some old hands like kulwant nagi of bloggingcage love to publish interviews. Interviews are one of the oldest school method to network with your seniors and bring traffic to your website.

So how do you use this interviews to bring targeted traffic?

The simplest answer is -introduce your product / services between the lines and convince its reader that if they are not using you product/services then their blog will die within a month.

3. Share you stats

I do not share my earning stats. It seems to be a very cheap tricks but believe me this force the readers to follow your blogs and whenever you write a paid post about any product. Most of your loyal readers will love to purchase.

4. Run affiliate programs

In y recent interview on mymagicfundas.com, I mentioned that I blog for money that money basically comes from affiliate marketing( learn affiliate marketing in $1 )  and from my niche WordPress themes, so why not create such a system for your readers so that they can also earn money sending targeted traffic on your website.

Yes, I am talking about running your own affiliate system

The major benefit of your own affiliate system is- you do not invest even a single penny to but any type of review or guest post or advertisement space on thousands of blog.  You pay these guy only when the coming traffic from these website purchase from your site. affiliate plus is one such WordPress plugin

5. Comment on related Blogs

Though we have already published 7 commenting tricks to bring targeted traffic to your website, still a lots of newbies love to comment on all those blogs who have either commentluv installed  or their friends are interacting with other bloggers.

No doubts, these blogs or site bring a lots of traffic to your website but how many of them are actually converts into your buyers?

Easiest method to find out relevant blogs and forums are a standard way to find blogs and forums in your niche using Google dorks and try to feed that sites with your comments, do not comment on just installed blogs.

How to customize Genesis theme

The above comment was made on a site trying to define how to customize a Genesis child theme, since, I am developing WordPress themes, this type of title attract me a lots.

6. Write review and Comparison


This is the new one, We tested on www.binarynote.com and www.latestmobilebuzz.com, people love to read review of products before  final call. The same is applied when their is a lots of  confusion, A detailed comparision between the products can feed your website with a lots of targeted traffic.

7. Guide Junior with a Purpose

If I am not wrong, Most of the time we do receive messages from our juniors related to different issues. Your juniors of the same niche are also your targeted traffic, You can not solve all their problem all the time with some simple tips and tricks  free of cost but do not feel ashamed  to show them your website or affiliate products.

Your juniors, if happy with your help then they can feed your website with excellent targeted traffic. feed them right, feed them at the right time.

Your turn on Targeted traffic

Though we have shared our own tried and tested 6 methods to bring targeted traffic on your website, if you know anyone else except SEO then please share with us thorough your comments.

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