How to build a review website with WordPress plugins

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Now a days you must be hearing people saying that they are earning by sitting at their homes. It seems something unrealistic or objectionable fact. But, what if I would say that you can also become one amongst them to earn your living while lying on your bed and having a cup of tea with some snacks. Will you able to believe on my words??

Many people have made internet a source of their living and even some have earned a huge sum of money. However, knowing where to start is one of the biggest road blocks faced by many aspiring online entrepreneurs. In this article we’ll be talking that how the word press plugins will have you make money. It’s also highly user friendly, requires minimal coding ability, and has an abundance of resources to help you use it.

You can build any type of website with WordPress, it’s just a matter of making the right choice.

One of the most prevalent types of money-making websites is the review website. These have been made popular in recent years. They are still at their boom as a method of turning a profit in just few short months. For those of you interested in this sort of thing, the journey can be fascinating, and really inspirational, covering many of the frustrations we all face when starting out.

Of course, the premise of a review website is relatively simple:

  1. Build website
  2. Publish reviews
  3. Drive traffic to said reviews
  4. If your review persuades someone to buy the product, earn an affiliate commission

It’s a fact that making a successful review website isn’t so easy. It requires relatively wide range of skills: niche selection, keyword research, high quality content, and SEO — just to name a few per-requisites.

Today in this article I’ll be focusing on how to explore a review site closely. I’ll be providing a few tips for building review sites, as well as helping you add the relevant functionality to your website by using simple word press themes and plugins.

Review Site Tips

I’ll start by sharing some of my tips for building review sites for all those enthusiasts out there which I’ve laerned from my own experience with review site projects in these years.

Follow your passion

I’ve seen this written thousands of time before, but it is the most important step for any review website- especially when you are writing the content yourself.

Your passion will be reflected in your content, and this will determine how likely they are to trust your recommendations – these people are probably already somewhat knowledgeable on the niche, and will see straight through lifeless, uninspired content.

Aim Big

The starting of a successful business start right from the stage where a person starts thinking something big and new which makes him different from others.

The online community is wiser, and less likely to value the opinion of a “spammy” looking website, like buythebestfootspa.net. And really, that’s a positive step forward, as it encourages webmasters to put more effort into building their website.

However, my second tip is that you should aim big with your review site – in terms of content, audience, and scope. Look to build something you are genuinely proud of, that genuinely serves an audience. Pack your site with news, advice, and tutorials alongside your reviews to comprehensively cover a topic. Doing all this will bring more readers to your site and they’ll be more likely to trust your reviews.

Add Value

When putting together a strategy for your website, it is important to evaluate your competition. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What would you do differently to them?

If you want your website to succeed, it needs to be above that all which is already existing outside in the market. You’ll need to build something better- whether in terms of quality content or bringing something new to the table.

When you build a review website, it must add some sort of value to a reader’s decision making process. I‘ve seen some review sites repaeating the information provided by the product seller on their own sales page. If the person can directly activate the information from the source then your website is adding nothing valuable to it- its totally redundant.

Monetization strategy

The next step is to work out the practicalities that how our website going to generate revenue.

You need to prepare yourself and identify that sites that stock the products that you want to review. You need to look out for the store prices, any offers (if there is any) and creditability and then narrow it down to your best option.

For example, Amazon Store might offer a better commission rate, but will people choose to buy there over Flipkart? Probably not.

How to build review website with WordPress plugins

Now lets not make you wait more, I’ll be sharing some short n steady tips to build a best review site possible. Review sites are a big business today. As a result, of so much variety of plugins available will add a zest to your website.

Here are some of my favorites:

Taqyeem ($16)

Make Money with WordPress plugin-1

Taqyeem allows you to add a stylish summary box to your content to display the key points and display an overall rating.

The summary box is fully customizable: the plugin supports unlimited colors, over 500 Google fonts, and an unlimited number of criteria.Taqyeem adds the schema.org markup to your article, too, which tells Google to add a “Review” rich snippet to your search result – great for boosting CTR.

Reviewer WordPress Plugin ($24)

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Its another best word press plugin which I like most cause a usually love to compare things and this word press helps me a lot in dat. If you also a developing a site that will be for comparison of various product then, I’ll recommend you to go for this plugin.

It’s not always enough to review just a single product. Sometimes you need to offer a comparison between all the available choices to help visitors make the right decision.

The Reviewer WordPress Plugin lets you add product comparison tables to a website. There are nine stylish themes to choose from, and each one has plenty of customization capabilities.

Amazon Link Engine (FREE)

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If you want to make your site popular internationally then it ought to connect to the thoughts of people living globally. For this is no best option other than this and that too free.

If you’ve read my review site tips above, and want to start earning global commissions then the Amazon Link Engine is a hassle-free way to do so.

The plugin localizes all your Amazon links, so when an international visitor clicks one they are redirected to their local Amazon store – complete with your affiliate ID. This is done automatically, which can save you a lot of time.

Sometimes products differ between stores, and so Amazon Link Engine uses a patented algorithm to take your visitor to the most appropriate product.

WP Review Pro ($25)

best wordpress review plugin

WP Review Pro is a speed-optimizing plugin for adding review functionality to a WordPress website.

The plugin is very stylish and also with review summary boxes, which can be displayed anywhere on the website using a simple shortcode. The review boxes are fully customizable, and you can use a star, circle, point, or percentage rating system. The boxes are fully responsive and include an eye-catching animation.

As an added bonus, WP Review Pro also adds your rating to the top corner of your thumbnails, encouraging readers to click through to read your review.

Final Verdict

Now it’s time to bind up this article. Reviews sites have been a great way of engaging your audience and generate some commissions – you don’t have to build a dedicated review website even you could choose to add reviews alongside your existing content.

This article provides you with a few tips for how you can give a kick to your aim of building a review site alongwith some great plugins that will add more breath taking functions to your website.

If you take one seriously, put the required effort and review products with integrity, you can do well. In fact, some of the biggest sites on the Internet are review sites, or are heavily depended on reviews.

Have you built a review site? let me know your experience in the comments section below and do give the link to that site!

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