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With the introduction of Wixcode, Wix will change the whole scenario of dynamic website and data driven web applications development. Now non-programmers will be able to develop such applications on cloud without even bothering the hard part of database management.

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Wix is a well known name in the field of ‘How to make website using DIY (do it yourself) tool’. They are already pioneer in the field of cloud based free website builder technology like wix editor and ADI tools. These two tools helps a non-programmer to design beautiful professional websites without a single line of code.

But, it was considered that these two tools do not help us to create dynamic website and custom user interaction forms that can gather user generated information. So the data driven application was a far dream using Wix editors, now by using Wix code anybody with the basic database knowledge can design database driven dynamic website in no time.

In this review, we will discuss the best practices of wixcode that can help us to generate dynamic website without writing even a single line of code, such websites were earlier developed using a database like mysql.

‘How to choose the best Database for WordPress’ can help you to choose the best database program for your WordPress driven website but this article is especially helpful if you are well versed with WordPress development and it also discusses how to choose your best hosting that provide robust database deployment for optimum output.

What is in WixCode

In order to use wixcode, first of all you are supposed to apply for wixcode beta. Once your application is approved, you have the accessibility to use wixcode inside your wixeditor. Some of the stunning feature of WixCode are as follows

Create Database driven application

Database application needs a lot of pressure from database administrator as well as kind attention of its developer to use that database prudently so that it should not break the application in crucial times.

WixCode host all this database on cloud and allow you to generate server less database without writing a single line of code and enables you to generate sophisticated web application. Data driven form without coding also helps you to attach this data with your designed dynamic forms and pages and for all this you only need to know how to use the mouse and basic terminology of database.

SEO friendly Results

This is the major issue that most web-developer overlook when they develop  websites for their customers. It is known that web-developers rarely do SEO so they are not accustomed of SEO.

As per WixCode, Dynamic webpages generated by wix are SEO friendly i.e., you need to worry whether the images will have proper ‘alt’ tag or not, how the heading and sub-heading will be displayed on a single page + it will take very good care of internal linking of all the pages so that you can get the best of both worlds.

Another major point – now a days a major SEO factor is responsive layout, specially search major Google consider it very seriously. Forget about mobile device models and mobile device layouts. Websites generated with wixcode are adaptive with all the devices.

Data Driven Custom Forms

Since, I am a WordPress developer and I do understand how it is difficult to generate a custom forms. In WixCode this is a cake walk. Just define the information you want to collect and using their built in Editor define the form layout and forget it.

The best part of wixCode is –You can use this user generated information to generate your dynamic pages that you can show on your own website or any where else if you want.

What Forced Me to try WixCode

Perhaps you can ask, why? When you are a WordPress developer than why you are advocating for wixCode? The answer is WixCode itself.

GUI Web Interface

Using its path-breaking technology you can design any type of website Form, reviews, quizzes , product information. All the data will be automatically store in the database and you can reuse the same data in your website anywhere on your website.

User form using WixCode

This is not the case in other major CMS, where you have to design all this information inside some sort of plugin and then very carefully, you have to manage how and when to use this information and on top of it, it is programmer dependent.

Extensive WebAPI

Build any type of website with a little JavaScript and Wix Code APIs. This combination gives you full control over your site’s functionality, from Wix elements to your databases to backend files, including fetching & routing.

Extensive Help

wixcode video tutorial

People love to use technology when they find that the technology have zero learning curve and if they need help, someone will be there to take very good care of there problem.

WixCode have extensive video library as well as article base  to help you in every step to generate your first web application.  Here is a sample video from Wix Library, that will help you to generate your first customized form.

Our Experience with WixCode

As we have already discussed in the previous paragraph about the registration of WixCode beta. We were fortunate to get the WixCode beta pass within 24 hours.

The first noticeable point was its stunning new WixEditor, All you need to do is enable Developer tools and  your wixCode is ready to rock the web.

WixCode Editor Free

We were able to develop a new professional looking website within 10 minutes without any code. Here is the screenshot that can give a better idea of how much you can do without even adding a single line of code.


Here is the final version of our generated website that contains dynamic forms. You can visit my wix website using this link


Final Verdict on WixCode

Though right now few features are not available on wixcode like database import export but these features are coming soon on wixcode. In our review WixCode passed all the necessary criterias that are required to generate a sophisticated website without coding knowledge.

IF you are a non-programmer and very much fed-up with programmer’s demand and want to generate your own website according to your need then Wixcode is highly recommended to you.

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