How to create authority using Guest Post

Guest Post Authority

I am sure , if you are not brand new to blogging , up to this point of time you must  have read about Guest post. Thousand of bloggers had written on this and some of them are already start  practicing  this to build their fortune.

Does any one of them talk how to use Guest post to  bring authority to their blog or blog post. Well, some of them talked enough about guest post and Panda. But  here in this post,  i am not going to discuss that but we will discuss about how to create authority using guest post for every single post.

Before we start, let me finish some quick point,  what is an authority page and how Google decide which webpage has authority.

Guest Post Authority

Well according to the wikipeadia,  It all depends upon the backlinks that particular webpage is getting from another web pages and the information it is basically related to another authority pages.

So the point is  – backlinks from authority websites. But why another bloggers will always refer to your submitted xyz post all the time.

Since, I am discussing all about guest post so how your ‘any’ single guest post on any website became an Authority all the time.

Step 1 – How to create authority using Guest Post

The whole process is divided into two phase.  First phase basically dedicated to locating a suitable blog for your guest post  and the article topic and subsequent follow up articles on the same topic or articles on co-related topics.

How to select an article topic

The main focus of this subtopic is – Do not select any such topic which can not be divided into some sub-topics like seo, seo can be further discussed in the terms of PANDA update and Penguin Updates, link building, article marketing and blog posting etc. etc.

If you are fail to find out any such topic , believe me your article is not going to anywhere, you may be able to find out one or two new readers but  not a momentum from the article.

How to select blogs for Guest Posting

I am not sure how do you select blog for your guest post article, but here are the recommended methods , though it is not full proof  but can help you a lot.

  1. Lower alexa rank  : I preferably use  seaquake to check the page rank and alexa rank  of any website as well some another vital information.  How to find out high quality PR blog for link building is one such article.
  2. Your niche and website Design, as design define the success rate of any website.
  3. A large bloggers of your niche are participating in the same blog.
  4. Do not have any hard and fast rules to publish your blog post.
  5. If possible , they must have Adsense sharing model, so that you can make some extra bucks.

How to persuade the web-administrator of the blog, A beautiful guide has already been written by legendary NEIL Patel on the same topic. If you have missed the article here is a quick review.

  1. Participate in the article of that blog, posting your comment for at-least two to three week so that web-administrator can recognize you quickly.
  2. Send your best article for the Guest post. Medium or  average articles are now not accepted by the bloggers, also send them the list of follow up articles, explain how these follow up articles can enhance the authority of your article ( though it is guest ).
  3. If registration page is available, use them to register yourself and  submit your article for review and approval. Use contact form for further communication with blogger.

Now its time to submit your guest post for the final approval.

Step-2 : How to create Authority using Guest Post

Now to establish your submitted guest post as an authority , it is compulsory that this post must be linked with a lots of external articles as well as internal.

You can persuade your blogger to mention your article in another articles and other bloggers start mentioning your articles in their blogs and forums.

Do you think it is so easy? You drop an email to xyz and he/she will start mentioning your article in all their article ?

No this is not possible, so here comes the second round of article wheel.

Now its time to submit your follow up articles on another  blogs having links to this articles and continue this process for the next 25 articles.

This way you have secured at-least strong 25 backlinks to your single article. Now when so ever Google or any popular search engine come to this  single page,  is getting 25 strong links from 25 different pages on the same topic , thus decide that this page contains some juicy items.  ;)

Final Words on Guest post for Authority

Guest post is now been considered as one of the best link building method for enhancing the visibility of any site, side by side it also help to establish a healthy rapport with the bloggers.

If  used with a little bit of planning it can bring a lots of targeted visitor , authority to you. What is your opinion on this approach on authority page? Do not hesitate to share  with us.

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37 thoughts on “How to create authority using Guest Post”

  1. Rakesh! very well explained how guest post can be used as a tool for bloggers to attain high reputation on google. i think this is by far the best and precise article i have read about till now. I would love to know more about guest posting and will follow your articles. Thanks! for this insightful article.

    1. Really happy to hear this type of encouraging words, Will try to live your expectations. Keep in touch Damodar

  2. Much has been said and written about the need for Guest posting.
    But there have not been many such detailed tutorials like these which lay down step by step instructions for new comers. Thank you so much, Sir.

    1. Happy to know rahul, You like this article, Keep in touch my dear for such wonderful post in future, alternatively you can also subscribe us o that you can receive our latest post by mail.

  3. Logical article Rakesh.
    I would little more clarification on how you want to link articles outside of the article you create and internal links? I’m working to completely grasp exactly what that truly entails.

    1. Dear Ashley, internal linking means -create links from the same site where you are going to post your guest post, as it will encourage administrator to add your outside links- that is your another article on some other website/blog. This way your article will create a solid bonding with the website as well as support a solid link for your own website. that is the idea.

      One or two outside links from authority sites are considered a healthy practice and every blog post should have at-least one external links as well as 5 to 10 internal links.

      Thanks Ashley for your valuable feedback. See you soon

  4. Great info Rakesh! Am a newbie blogger and just started writing guest posts of same niche. I learned a lot here and hope it would help me in the future. Thanks for sharing the useful post, keep writing.

    1. This is the main reason some poor quality posts on famous bloggers always attarct big page rank and great traffic. Do not forget to read my new post that will be a very very big helpful to attract quality and quantity of traffic, Actually i was planning to monetize that information but now i have decided to plublish the same on my blog. catch you later.

  5. great Post very useful information i get here .guest posting is one of the best ways to create brand awareness and online visibility. It fulfills the one of the most desired and challenging part of SEO that is to get quality back links..

  6. Wow great suggestion Sir, I Am new in blogging and i want to good writer like you and pro blogger. And after about this topic. i got some useful and valuable information in this post thanks. i will follow :)

    1. You are most welcome ashutosh, Do not forget to read my post about 7 commenting tricks/scripts for success. It is one of the best article on commenting. Hope you will love that and give me your valuable feedback.

  7. This is changing too often, to really know how you gain better authority, you know algorith changes often and so do websites, any link could change to nofollow or dissappear without notice you know!

    1. But right now it is the trend on the internet, The method i have discussed in this article is valid and i think it is not going to be changed for time being, till then follow the steps and enjoy. ;)

  8. The strategy of linking articles in other blogs is amazing. I never thought about this idea. Excellent tips for creating authority guest post. I also hope to build my circle using these tips. :)

    1. This is one of the best stretgy to rank your every blog post either on your site or any other site. The more it will attract the user and page rank, the more traffic and higher reputation you will receive. Hope in your guest post endeavor , you will follow this simple logic.

  9. This is once of the best and informative post i have read, some people are posting articles without knowing the basic step of communication and writing skills.
    You have the ability and know the way of how to convince your reader to read the whole article, very creative post, just keep it going.
    Thank you :)

  10. Hey Rakesh !
    There are lots of good things which I have learned through this post.
    Interesting information. And yeah I have read that post of Neil patel which is simply awesome.
    Excellent post.

    1. Delighted to now that you like this article also. Guest Posting is always considered as a superiour method to obtained quality links and this article is just trying to show you how to guest post. Thanks “Matt” for your valuable feedback. hope to see you very soon.

  11. Hello Dear

    amazing post really this is interesting points to share with me and guest posting is one of the best way of link building and choose right and correct title for guest posting is very must really thanks for the sharing me

    1. Mostly Guest post is used to bring some audience to our site but as i mentioned in my article it can be used to enhance your authority also. Thanks Sarika for your meaningful feedback.

  12. Great info Rakesh! Am a newbie blogger and just started writing guest posts of same niche. I learned a lot here and hope it would help me in the future. Thanks for sharing the useful post, keep writing.

    1. I am really happy to know that you find my article helpful in your endeavor as a Guest writer. Its always better to create a link wheel of your articles, that would hepp you and your site a lot. besides a great traffic this technique will also bring great PR also. Thanks “Nirmala” for your valuable feedback. Hope to see you very soon.

    1. I am delighted to know that you like this article. You were asking me how to enhance your pr. now you know the idea to enhance it. ~rakesh

    2. True. but my view is different rakesh. Instead of writing a guest post, i can just comment to get a backlink. am i right?

    3. since your are not placing your article link in the comment, thus it will not enhance the authority of your post. Dear Anchit that can bring some backlink and little traffic to your site but it can not bring authority to your site. Thanks Anchit for raising a valid point here.

    4. Agree with you Rakesh but want to add one more point in this is that,ab commenting you will get a backlink but that will be only no-follow and by doing guest post will get a backlink that will be Do-Follow and i am sure you know the importance of a do-follow link :) :)

    5. Yes my dear mohit, i am quite aware with do-follow link. but it is not all the time authority… what i have discussed in this article is to create a link wheel using your guest post to generate more page rank and author rank to yourself. Thanks for your valuable feedback on this “Guest Post” article.

    6. Rakesh, guest posting is indeed a great way to create authority. After reading your post I can say that in general I agree with you on this subject with one exception.

      At Step 1 you described how it would be nice to use the Adsense sharing model if the publishing blog offers that option. Here is where I disagree. Although the idea of making some extra bucks sounds nice in theory my experience led me to believe that one should better stay away from such a business model.

      I think we can all agree that Google has strict guidelines in regards to their Adsense program and I for one won’t risk having my account banned because of some rules another site is not sticking too.

      All the best and Happy New Year to you and all RSATechnologies readers!

    7. Dear Julius, If you are little bit worry about the adsense, then do not participate in this model but it is also available and approved by Google. Thanks for your visit and placing such a wonderful feedback on my article.

      Happy new year to you Julius. ~rakesh

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