How to create creative timeline covers easily

Creative timeline covers are one of the most searched terms on the Google and most of our friends think that these are the creation of the photoshop genius only. Did you also think so?  At-least i was one of them.

A good and creative timeline cover is essential for your perfect presence on one of the most used social media network, if you are not able to make a first impression on your visitor then i am sure you are one of them who still not able to recognize the power of this most influential market.

Before we start showing how to create the most creative facebook time line covers all time , let me show you some of the best creative timeline covers available on the facebook.

Most creative Timeline covers

facebook-timeline-covers facebook-timeline-covers-9 creative timeline covers facebook-timeline-covers-11 facebook-timeline-covers-20 facebook-timeline-covers-21 facebook-timeline-covers-24 facebook-timeline-covers-25 facebook-timeline-covers-27 facebook-timeline-covers-28 facebook-timeline-covers-33 facebook-timeline-covers-35 facebook-timeline-covers-36 facebook-timeline-covers-40 facebook-timeline-covers-41 facebook-timeline-covers-44 facebook-timeline-covers-45 facebook-timeline-covers-46 facebook-timeline-covers-48 facebook-timeline-covers-49 facebook-timeline-covers-54 facebook-timeline-covers-55 facebook-timeline-covers-56 facebook-timeline-covers-57 facebook-timeline-covers-60 facebook-timeline-covers-63 facebook-timeline-covers-69 facebook-timeline-covers-70

In my previous article,7 scripts to earn money online without doing anything, we have already discussed how you can earn huge money using this type of software, now in this article i am going to show you how to create creative timeline cover using tricked out timeline website, an online tool to create most stunning facebook timeline cover.

step to create creative time line covers

you are requested to follow the steps one after another to create a creative timeline cover, the base image of facebook timeline cover is

 step: 1  Visit http://www.trickedouttimeline.com/and check out the type of creative timeline covers supported by this online tools, for your ready reference, given a screen shot

creative timeline cover

step:2  select your desired layout and click on that, this process will bring a new screen that will help you to either upload a new image on this website or  alternatively you can use your current timeline cover but for that they need access to your facebook profile.

step: 3  Check whether it has the same effect you need for your timeline cover, if yes like the website on facebook to download

step:4   Now its time to upload the same creative timeline cover on your facebook profile.

I am sure using this method any one, means anyone will be able to design his/her own creative timeline cover, if you are able to find out any such tools which is able to do the same with such ease, let me know through your comments. otherwise share the same on your social media to get some more creative timeline covers in future.


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