How To Create Gaming Website using WordPress

Last week when my 10-year-old daughter asked me to create a gaming website for her so that she can ask her friends to play games on “MY DAD’s Gaming Site”.

As I mentioned in my several interviews that, I  love to design money making WordPress themes but embedding games in a WordPress like CMS was something different.

A typical online Gaming website needs lots of resources. Games developer love to design such games in flash and then showing that game in a gaming Website, with its screenshot as a featured image with Google ads and all that?

Do you people will really love to do such work for your website. At least I do not have years to develop such a game and then host those games on my website.

if I would spend such a long time to design and develop a single site like this – then it’s better to forget about such site

Wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my arcade WordPress Plugin is there to overcome all the above-said problem, and top of it is free and hosted on WordPress.org repository to try.

MyArcade Plugin is a powerful WordPress Arcade Plugin which is able to transform a WordPress Blog into an Online Games Portal or just to enhance your existing Blog with an Arcade section. MyArcade Plugin brings you all the features an Arcade Script needs.

This Arcade Plugin will embed games automatically, without theme editing! In addition, it is able to generate unique game descriptions!

Add thousands of free flash games provided by several game distributors with just two clicks:

1. Fetch Games

2. Publish Games

With MyArcadePlugin you can automatically fetch games from 10 game distributors: Big Fish Games, FlashGameDistributrion (FGD), FreeGamesForYourWebsite (FOG), Kongregate, MyArcadeFeed, Scirra, TalkArcades, Spilgames, 2PG, and UnityFeeds.

Additionally, you can import 10 game types manually: SWF Games, DCR Games, IBPArcade (IBProArcade), PHPBB Games, ZIP Games, Mochi ZIP Files, Unity 3D Games, HTML5 Games, Embed Codes and Iframe Codes.

These games are for minor and sometimes we adults love to play online money making games like American roulette. Such Games are only available on its premium version.

MyArcadePlugin also comes with three types of WordPress themes so if you are not desirous to purchase any extra theme for your Gaming site then you can use its default Theme. Gamesgames.com is a gaming website totally built using this Gaming WordPress plugin.

Your Turn on Gaming Website

This is such an awesome WordPress plugin that can convert your current boring site into a happening place and if you are able to market your website properly, then it can bring lots of Adsense income. There are over 70.000 games available that you can add to your site instantly!   So go ahead and enjoy.

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  1. Hi Rakesh, I’ve been trying to work with myarcade this year but have had alot of issues with inactivity in their forums, especially with HTML5 integration my the myscores presenter.
    Have you had any experience with this ?

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