How to generate more affiliate sales than anyone else

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It’s every blogger’s dream to earn 5 figure money online via his /her blog, and to achieve this goal they use different type of tactics – Place Google Adsense, create niche site, place a lots of viral videos/ post on his/her blog. Try to promote all their contents on different platform like nuts. Even some of them published Photoshop Adsense account to attract newbie

Generate more affiliate sales
Quick Methods to generate more affiliate sales

BUT what happens?

How many of them really able to make even 4 figure money per month?

And when the people show the figure on Facebook / social media?

Do they are doing something else?

Yes they are doing something else- They are doing affiliate marketing and they are doing it completely differently which most of us do not figure out.

After a more than 2 months hard work and research what we are able to generate was astonishing, What actually I was not able to generate in last 11 month, I was able to generate in only one month, as I told you earlier this is totally different with normal blogging.

Let’s begin how we are able to generate more affiliate sales

Published Detailed reviews

Review are mostly read by the reader who is already exited and, is at the last stage of the product purchase. Thus you are requested to published detailed review describing the main features as well as any deficit / cons, if you are able to find out on that product.

Your review must be well supported by video / images and how to – otherwise the reader will not consider yourself as an authority and will try to Google more review on the topic – thus you are going to lose your exited buyer forever.

Publish Product related Interview:

Interviews are one of the most easy method to establish related with the fellow bloggers but instead of publishing the most famous blogger, you should try to catch all those blogger / software generator whose product you are trying to promote.

The interview must contain such question that will help you to promote the product and why its end user should prefer his product over the other.

Give extra Discount on the Product

Generate Special Page with our specially designed page with our own extra goodies that is not available with product and prompt our reader that they can get all these extra goodies if they will purchase from your link.

How to protect from affiliate theft

Yes, People are able to steal your hard earn affiliate sale?

Confused? Yes, it’s very much true.

How they do this and how you can prevent this affiliate theft?

The above mentioned tricks are only a tip of huge iceberg that “Affiliate Marketing for bloggers” contains. There are a lots of other tricks and tips that we are able to learn only in few days using the book written by enstine muki of enstinemuki.com

Affiliate marketing for blogger Index
Affiliate marketing for blogger Index

The book contains almost every information that you basically need to become a successful affiliate blogger like how to select a perfect product to promote and what must be your tricks and to promote on google and how to remain in top on search result.

On a special request, Enstine muki has decided to provide special discount to binarynote.com user. You can use coupon code binarynote to get 25% discount.


Just go ahead and grab your copy now. If you are not able to implement his listed tricks on your blog then you can get your full refund within 30 days.

So it is a win-win situation for you and all the bloggers who are new in affiliate marketing but dreaming to generate huge amount from their blog.

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