How To Make Friends With A Nerd: Unique Gift Ideas For Photographers, Designers, Marketers

Being a creative professional is challenging these days, as there’s always someone to compete. Staying on top of things means more projects and clients for designers, marketers, and programmers. Hence, better expertise in the latest trends equals more income and popularity. Luckily, today there’s plenty of information sources that allow to follow and explore trends as well as exchange creative ideas.

Believe it or not, social media isn’t only a great way to while the time away. It’s also a powerful tool to help you learn and develop as a creative professional. How so? In this post, we’ll try to unveil how to use social media for professional growth and networking in a smart way. Most likely, you check Facebook a few times a day on your desktop. And, you definitely have a few social apps installed on your smartphone.

One of the most-visited social platforms is Instagram with a little over 1 billion monthly users, according to the official numbers. Just check a few stats that will blow your mind:

  • 500+ million users log in to Instagram daily
  • 64% of Instagram users are aged between 18 to 29
  • 38% of users log in to Instagram multiple times a day
  • 100 million photos are uploaded daily

What Makes Instagram Popular Among Creative Professionals?

So, what makes Instagram so popular among designers, programmers, marketers, and other nerds? How to boost your presence on Instagram to get more clients?

To become a true Insta guru, one has to master the science of putting hashtags. If you want your post to get more coverage and promotion, it’s crucial to put hashtags in a post caption or comments section. Once you’ve tagged your post with a hashtag, they can be tapped on. Hashtags lead to a page showing all photos and videos users have uploaded with the same hashtag.

If you want to learn more about top Instagram hashtags to use in 2019, check out the linked post. You will learn hashtag stats for 2019 and find out how to create the right hashtags strategy for your Instagram account in 5 simple steps. Also, you will find out which tools to use for exploring popular hashtags that can garner more user activity.

What Makes Instagram Popular Among Creative Professionals

How To Get More Organic Followers on Instagram In 2019?

Once you’re done with hashtags, there’s one more challenge to cope with. Setting up a business Instagram account, a creative professional can access the demographics, engagement and other data. Based on this data, one can create and adapt their content strategy to get better audience engagement.

How To Get More Organic Followers on Instagram In 2019

Do you want to learn how to get more followers on Instagram in an organic way? Then, take a look at the linked post, as it has plenty of useful information. You absolutely have to read this post if you want to learn:

  • how Instagram algorithms work in 2019
  • how to get organic followers without spending extra money
  • how to invest in Instagram promotion wisely
  • get 30+ premium Instagram templates for posts, stories & highlights

What Are the Best Instagram Fonts In 2019?

What Are the Best Instagram Fonts In 2019

One of the ways to boost the popularity of your Instagram account is to make it look unique. In case you didn’t know, it’s possible to customize fonts on your Instagram profile! So, what are the best Instagram fonts in 2019? In the linked post, you will find out more about Instagram typefaces:

  • how to customize font for Instagram bio
  • how to change font on Instagram story
  • how to create animated fonts for stories
  • how to use font generators
  • get access to 10+ Instagram fonts tools

Also, you will get access to exclusive templates for Instagram stories and learn 4 tricks to craft outstanding Instagram fonts with minimum effort.

How To Incorporate Instagram Feed Into WordPress Page?

Today, social media is an integral part of a business promotion strategy. So, incorporating social widgets into your website will help you get more coverage on all platforms available. It’s no secret, WordPress is currently one of the most popular cms due to its ease of use. No need to be a programmer to put together a WordPress webpage thanks to Elementor page builder.

Whether you’re a professional web developer or a marketer, knowing how to add Instagram feed to WordPress page with Elementor Page Builder will be a benefit. In the linked post, you will find a detailed step-by-step guide on how to install JetElements plugin. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to put an Instagram feed on your WordPress webpage. You will also find a few business themes for WordPress and Instagram templates to use for your business needs.

How To Use Instagram For Inspiration?

How To Use Instagram For Inspiration

Remember, we told you Instagram can be a perfect source of inspiration for a creative professional. Not everyone can use it the right way, though. Check out the list of top Instagram accounts to boost your creativity in web design. You’ll get access to over 100 Instagram profiles for UX and web design inspiration to follow in 2019. Numerous prototypes, sketches, UI designs are there for you.

Best Gifts For Marketers In 2019

Okay, how about marketers? These nerds are fond of crunching numbers and analyzing data. Take a look at the list of gift ideas for marketers to buy in 2019. In this post, you’ll find over 30 present options: for techies, eggheads, stationery geeks, as well as personalized gift ideas.
A marketing professional would love to get a useful digital present like a presentation template or a resume template. here’s one good example:

Resume Word Template 5 Pages/CV [DOC, PDF] – $9

Resume Word Template 5 Pages

A professional-looking CV template is just the thing for a creative professional. Well-structured resume will help a graphic designer present their portfolio at its best.

Best Gifts For Graphic Designers In 2019

Best Gifts For Graphic Designers In 2019

Professional growth and creativity boost are impossible without an effective networking strategy. Instagram allows easy and fast communication with fellow professionals unless you know how to start the conversation. Is there a better icebreaker than a gift? In this part of the post, we’re giving you tips on what to buy to win over a creative professional.

Good thing is, today you can choose among the material and digital gift options Just take a look at the post with gift ideas for graphic designers! Here you will find over 50 present ideas and options like digital devices, books & tutorials, decorations and other useful things that can come in handy.

As for the digital gifts to present a graphic designer, check out an interesting present option below:

Aisyah – Modern Hand-based Typography – $10

Aisyah – Modern Hand-based Typography

Hand-based typography is trending, so presenting a beautiful handwritten Aisyah font is a great idea!

Best Gifts For Photographers In 2019

Best Gifts For Photographers In 2019

Most of the time, photographers look through the lens of their camera. So, they will love presents reflecting their view of the world. How about checking out the list of best gifts for photographers? In this post, you’ll discover 100+ unique present ideas for photographers to present in 2019. The list is really impressive: tools and kits for light control, lenses and lenses kits, chargers, batteries, accessories, and whatnot.

386 Backgrounds (14 Sets) – $10

386 Backgrounds

14 sets of high-quality neon backgrounds will be an asset for photographers who like experiments.

Best Gifts For Nerds In 2019

Best Gifts For Nerds In 2019

What if you’re aiming to win over a nerd? Copywriters, programmers, web designers and developers love surrounding themselves with unusual things. Here’s the list of best Valentine’s day gifts for nerds, but it’s actually applicable for any fitting occasion. A nerd will definitely appreciate a digital item like a business card bundle, here’s one for instance:

100 Business Card Bundle – $15 ONLY!

100 Business Card Bundle

A bundle of 100 business cards will be a great present for a creative professional. With the help of these ready-made templates, a nerd will create a unique business card.

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