Make Money Online – 5 Google Tips and Tricks

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It seems like everyone wants to learn how to make money online these days… Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up in the morning, make yourself a cup of coffee and casually stroll over to the computer only to see that you made two hundred bucks while you were sleeping!

Well, do you think that is a dream that will never come true? You might be right, but if you are willing to take a chance and start an online business or a Business blog, work hard everyday for the next year and crank out content that your visitors will actually find helpful, it might be less of a dream than you think.

make money online
Make money online- 5 Google tip and Tricks

The path to making money with Google is not the easiest path but if you are a talented writer and a quick learner, who can write a new article every day,  you will be able to pick up this stuff fairly quick and you’re only a few months a way from a very decent passive residual income stream. In the past internet marketers have written a million articles on everything from payday loans to online marketing techniques.

This article is dedicated to exploring what you should do after you create your blog or website to get the natural search engine traffic that only Google, Yahoo and MSN can provide. But lets face it we know that you’re reading this because your interested in learning how to make money online with Google.

If you want to make a lot of money with Google AdSense you are going to need traffic and plenty of it. The ironic thing is that the same people that are paying your bills will also be sending you the traffic to earn that money. So in reality Google is like a loving mother feeding their child. Ok, maybe that was a bad analogy and it’s certain that you will only be fed if you play your cards right and follow mom’s rules…

Generally the topics that are covered in this type of discussion include:

1.) How to get quality one way backlinks
2.) How to increase your Google page rank
3.) How to create articles with targeted niche keywords
4.) How to find strategic networking partners for 3-way link exchange

This article is dedicated to focusing on 5 Google tips and tricks that will help you make money online.

Tip #1 :Search Engine Optimized Articles

Try to write articles with search engine optimization strategies in mind. What do I mean by this? When creating your content make sure to include your target keywords. If you do this too much you may be flagged by Google, but if you don’t do this enough, your article will most likely remain hidden from the masses. If you use your target keywords once every hundred words or so you should be able to massively increase your search engine ranking place for those keywords over time.

Tip #2 : Focus on Internal Link Optimization

Focus on internal link optimization strategies that connect certain keyword phrases in your articles to other articles that elaborate on those phrases. What this will do is strengthen Google’s perception of your site’s relevance to your niche. In essence, you will be telling the big G that you are the authority and your articles are important.

Tip #3 : Connect with Network Blogs and Sites

Try to network with website and blog owners in the same niche. The possibilities are limitless if you work as a team to increase the greater good of your small community. You will find all sorts of ways to incorporate contextual one way links into each others sites to maximize your authority in your niche.

Keep in mind, Google is a machine and it’s not intelligent enough to know quality content from blog content. The way you tell Google that you’re site is important is with anchor text links from high page rank, high authority websites. If you really want to know how to make money online, this is a major part of the equation. ( How to find out relevant blogs and forums without software , A  highly recommended  article to read )

Tip #4 : Article Directories

Article directories are a great way to obtain anchor text backlinks and show Google that you’re the boss! There are a few things you should know before you attempt this strategy. Make sure that the content you post on article directories is not identical to the articles you post on your website.

I have made this mistake several times and the reason you don’t want to do this is because Google will find duplicate content and credit the site with higher page rank. Because I have done this with quite a few articles at this point, I have had to work harder to get to the place I would have been without it. The backlinks will still count but this will seriously damage your target keyword SERP’s.  1o Best Article submission software can help you a lot in this case.

Tip #5 : Create Quality Backlinks

Create quality one way links in all sorts of places including, forums, do follow blogs, website directories etc… The more variation your links have the better you’re chances for success with the SERP’s, Google is smart enough to detect natural linking behavior. If it finds you have been doing otherwise, it will penalize you, of that you can be assured.

The following are just a few things that you can do to start to make money online with Google. The more of these strategies you implement, the faster you will reach success in regard to search engine traffic. When you get the traffic, the advertising revenue will come along for the ride.

What do you think about this method on “Make Money Online“, if you have different opinion then please drop me a message at the end.

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