How to Migrate Blospot blog into WordPress

I am sure, you have a successful blog now you want to monetize your blog with some more money making tricks like affiliate programs. I am sure till now you have read a lots of article about the benefits of wordpress over blogger. if not here is a quick recap for you.

Here are top three reason why you should choose blogger blog over WordPress

  • It’s Free  : In case of bloggers everything is free. so experiment unlimited
  • No Hosting required : Though it is highly recommended but still a lots of user love to maintained their blog with blogspot domain name.
  • Less Hacking Problem : Because everything is maintained by the Google so Less hacking problem with bloggers. You have to consider once more before
  • Google Automatically manage it : No need to create your own sitemap or robots.txt to control crawlers.
  • Fast Indexing  : Since maintained by Google
  • Direct integration with Google Plus
  • Direct Integration with YouTube.  Your uploaded video automatically goes into YouTube
  • Importing and Exporting is Easy , that’s why you are here and reading this article

Top reasons to migrate Blogger blog into wordpress is here

  • Search Engine Optimization : Though Google love Blogspot blog and their is no need to show special arrangement to optimize your blog. You can only do the basics, but Google is not the last search engine on the net. it has only 80% share on the internet. So your blog is basically hidden from other major search engines.
  • Category wise blogging  : Blog Spot only allow you to add new post and pages. If you want some thing else like if you want to organize all your posts according to a category then blogspot does not allow you to do that. That is only possible in wordpress.
  • Custom Themes : Though this is not a big deciding factor right now. Even some developer start developing themes for bloggers also, still  you will not be able to locate a proper professional for blogger.
  • Plugins to enhance built in facilities: Plugins are the small program to enhance the basic functionality of your wordpress software. Thus you can convert your website into any imaginable niche or style. Do not believe me, Just look around yourself and check the source code.
  • Affiliate marketing  : People will not consider your blog or your advice seriously and thus you will not be able to make any dent in the affiliate marketing.
  • Commenting System– Not attractive . Recently Google added threaded comments to it’s blogging system ie. now you can also enable threaded comment upto two level only.
  • Security and Management : Blogger delete one of my blog and they also delete one of my post from my main blog.And they warn me “If you repeat this type of content,We will suspend ur Blog”  No one can delete your blog if hosted on wordpress. You are the owner and mentor of your own blog.
  • Ads placement-Some limitations, blogspot does not help us to place ads in our desired locations as we can  place ads as in WordPress.

Now, you are sure to try your luck in wordpress and want to migrate / import your blogger blog into wordpress. Here are my version “How to import /Migrate blogger blog into wordpress

CheckList before trying to migrate

  • WordPress Theme : Select a suitable wordpress theme to suite your niche.
  • Proper Domain Name and Hosting service Provider
  • Plugins : Required plugins to enhance the basic functionality

1. Log in into your wordpress Admin Panel and Choose Tools –>import

bloggerto wordpress1

2. Above action will bring up with a lots of  options to import data/ post / article from different blogging platform.

bloggerto wordpress import

3. If  the blogger import wordpress plugin is not installed on your wordpress site then, bring you blogger wordpress plugin to install.

4. Once installed  this wordpress import plugin ask you to authorize it. Once authorize it directly ask your blogspot credential to look your blogger blog. Supply your Email address and password.  If you are going to import first time Google again cross check whether it is you or some one else access / import your blog. So Grant access

My Account

5. Once authorize it bring all the blogger blog on your admin screen . Just click against the desired blog. That’s it.

import blogger blog into wordpress


Though import/ migration of blogger blog is very easy with the above mentioned steps. Still a lots of works is still there. You have to categorize all your post. WordPress need a little bit of learning curve.

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  1. WordPress is a easy,effective and a good platform for a blogger.everyone start with blogger and finally fall in love with wordpress…

  2. I am glad to find a guide to moving services. Previously I’ve tried using the tool of the WP, but it seems they can not work at all. Frustrated … because my data exceeds 30MB. Hopefully this can help me! I immediately did the same as you teach.

  3. I would like to start a free Word press blog on the Word press site but I don’t like the themes they provide. Can I use a downloaded theme on there? I have seen some Word press hosted blogs with different themes, so it looks like it’s possible.

  4. Good post. There are definitely a lot of advantages in doing it so everyone with an interest in blogging should definitely give it a try and see how it works out for them.


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