How to Optimize WordPress database for Speed

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While Working on my Client website at vipyatchsdubai.com, I realized that while trying different type of plugins and theme most people forget about the database tables and this lead to unaccepted loading time.

Keeping an optimized database is an important part of running your WordPress website. Over time,your MySQL database will build up overhead that slows down your websites and compromises performance.

OK for all those who are new to binarynote.com, allow me to introduce a new service started by us last month-Optimize WordPress for speed,in this service we do a lots of things that help any WordPress based site to load faster than before

some of the optimization work we do are listed below

  1. Setup Optimization
  2. wp-config.php file
  3. Database Optimization
  4.  .htaccess File Optimization
  5.  Style.css optimization
  6. Theme Optimization
  7. Header.php file
  8. Index.php file
  9. Functions.php file
  10. Images and Gravatars Optimization
  11. Plugin Optimization
  12. Removing Plugin CSS and JS
  13. Browser Optimization

Ok before optimization of the this website speed score was 48/100 and after optimization score is 97/100 which you can access though this link


While Working on this site a major problem as I told you was how to optimize its database, There are numerous plugins are out there to do this but two of them are quite interesting and are able to do a lots of work for you.

1. WP-Optimize :

This plugins is recommended by the most WP bloggers to optimize WordPress database so we decided to give it a shot. Installation of WP-Optimize is simple and bug free.

After Installation of WP-optimize, it create a menu entry in your WordPress admin panel, The Working is simple and straight forward, Just select your option and click on process

Feature that we love :

1. Simple to install and Operate, recommended to newbies and for all those who does not have any formal training in Database optimization.

2. Scheduling of optimization is one big point but must be used with utmost care.


1. Though it helps you to do some simple Table Optimization for you but it does not allow you to Drop any existing table from the dashboard and in my opinion this is the major drawback of this plugin.

2. You can not browse the Table structure or table values.

3. It also adds its signature in the database that it automatically does not remove when plugin De-activated or removed thus leave its signature forever on your system.

2. Wp-Cleanfix

WP CleanFix is an all in one tool for check, repair, fix and optimize your WordPress blog.

WordPress Database Optimization

This is my favorite database optimization plugin, right now this plugin also comes in two version but according to me,its free version is

Sufficient for mid to average WordPress user.

The best thing about this plugin is – if you are able to find out unnecessary tables in your database, you can delete /drop table as well as repair them from plugin admin panel.

Pros and Cons : This is one of the best database optimization plugin right now available on WordPress and its basic version is more than sufficient for a normal WordPress user alas Advance options are paid.

Final Note on Optimization of WordPress database

Though, I do not like to use plugins for every single database related issue, I love to use phpmyadmin from my cpanel menu to do all types of work. But trying phpmyadmin needs utmost care, thus plugins are advised for new users.

You can try direct MySQL commands to perform all these types of task on your database, we have already covered a lots of commands in “Sql for WordPress Administrator” article.

How this article was useful for you? Do not hesitate to drop your comment over here.

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