How to protect blog/site from Negative SEO in 2021

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is one such tool that your competitors and spammer used to down your search engine ranking so that they can rank their low profile blog or website on the first page of the search engine.  In order to maintain your search ranking, you have to fight against this BlackHat SEO.

It is not so easy to maintain your ranking in Google, today not only you have to produce quality content but also you have to fight against the menace of negative SEO otherwise your quality website will be removed from the Google search engine by these spammers.

SO today we are going to explain to you what is negative SEO and the basic guidelines to safeguard your website from negative SEO that can help you to fight against these spammers.

If you want to maintain your brand and your online business seriously then please read this article very carefully and try to understand each and every point.

But before everything else, let me explain what is negative SEO so that new bloggers can understand it properly.

What is Negative SEO

BlackHat and unethical techniques to remove/downgrade the competitor’s website from search engine ranking is known as negative SEO.

In this method, spammer generates a lot of spam links on the competitor’s website or they generate spam links for competitors website.

Thus the quality links on competitor website become low and the search engine found much more spam links, thus search ranking of such website keep on lowering day by day. The end result is – no ranking, no traffic, and no business at all.

There are several types of SEO attacks that a spammer can deploy, few very common of them are

  1. Hack your website
  2. Remove the best backlink of your website
  3. Generate thousands of spam links on your website [ Japanese Keyword Attack ]
  4. Distribute your best content on another website
  5. Generate fake profiles on social media
  6. Generate unnatural keyword based backlinks for your website

ahref, SEMRush  are two excellent backlink audit tools, using that you can check backlinks of your website and identify the bad backlinks

How much Dangerous is Negative SEO?

Yes, Negative SEO is a big threat.  A lot of websites already faced this problem. Some of them lost their ranking and few of them are even out of search engine ranking.

It means spammers not only degrade your search engine ranking but if they are able to generate lots of spam for your website then they can remove your website from search engine ranking.

If you search SEO on Fiverr then you will be surprised to know that more than 10000 people are already doing negative SEO and they can really damage your ranking if deployed by your competitor or spammers.  Forums are already filled with negative SEO issues.

So if you want to be in business then there is no doubt you have to protect your website from negative SEO.

Google has already launched a Disallow tool to help webmasters to filter spam links and other such issues.  The results of the disallow tool is a little bit slow so I would suggest, why not try to protect your site from negative SEO.

Methods to Protect Blog /Website from Negative SEO

As you people are well aware that I was victim of Japanees Keyword attack, so giving you few very useful tips to protect your website from negative SEO.  Try to inculcate these methods so that you can use them effectively.

1.  Email Alert  -Google Search Console

An email alert is one such feature that is a must for all the bloggers and webmasters so that Google Search console can send you notification on spam issues.  Google search console normally send an alert on the following

  1. When your website is under malware attack
  2. Your website pages/post are not indexed/blocked
  3. Server connectivity problem
  4. When your site receives a manual penalty from Google

To enable Email alert on Google search console, login with Google account, and select user settings and enable email alert.

email alert for negative seo

Please remember that Google does not claim that it would send alerts for each and every type of problem on your website but it is a good practice to enable email alert in Google search console.

2. Check your Backlink Profile

This is one of the best protection for your website to avoid spammers to create spam links for your website under negative SEO.

You can use ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz OpenSite explorer like tools to check the backlink profile of your website.

MonitorBacklinks.com is also a better option, if you use monitor backlinks then there is no need to check every day your new, lost links.

SEMRush is a better tool in this case and you can disallow any link based on its spam score that is difficult to find out in other tools.

Backlink monitor tool

But if you want to check spam backlink on day to day basis the n ahref is better as it updates its database on an almost daily basis

3. Keep Your Best backlinks Safe

Spammers not only create spam links for your website but they also try to get your best backlinks removed from other websites.

Generally, they use your name, image, a similar type of email id to pursue the webmasters to remove your backlink from their website.  Here are some tips that can help you to fight against such attacks

  1. Do not use public email services. Instead of that always try to use professional email ID that is attached to your own domain name
  2. Contact webmasters and pursue them to ignore all other emails that are not coming from your professional email ID.
  3. Use Monitor Backlink tools to monitor your backlinks and if someone removes your link then contact the webmaster immediately.

It’s always better to tag your best backlinks and monitor them on a regular basis.

4.  Check your site’s Performance

When your website comes under spam attack then it receives thousands of requests at a time and thus your server is overloaded and your website loads so slow.

If you feel that your website speed is really slow then you can check the page loading speed of your website using some of the popular page loading websites like Pingdom and GT Metrix tools.

You can also check your website’s loading speed using Google analytics. Google Analytics is one such reliable method that I always use to do so.

website speed checking tool

Here you can see the average page load time, redirection, domain lookup, server connection, and server response time.

5.   Don’t Do Negative SEO for your site

Newbie especially sometimes do negative SEO for their own websites. How?  Ok, let me explain to you how they do this for their own website and downgrade their own ranking. Here are few points that a webmaster use unknowingly

  1. Link penalized website or the sites google forbid us to link like gambling/batting/gaming/sex sites
  2. Purchase lots of paid links from low-quality websites
  3. Publishing lots of low-quality guest posts
  4. Adding Too many keywords in a single post/keyword stuffing
  5. Link any site without using a no-follow tag

6.  Check your social media status regularly

Spammer when target your website then they start influencing your targeted audience via your social media platforms also. They gather all the information about yourself and your brand and then target your audience with a fake profile or negative marketing.

In order to avert such situations, you  have to monitor your social media profiles, if you don’t have time to monitor all your profiles then you can use mention.net

Mention.net will keep you in the loop whenever your name or brand will be mentioned and then you can immediately take the proper action.

Spammer normally gathers information about you or your brand as a friend so it’s my humble advice to all of you reading this article, do not accept unknown’s friend request.

7.  Check duplicate content for Negative SEO

Duplicate content is one of the easiest methods to remove your site from ranking. If your website has more duplicate content then there are chances that search engines can even remove your website from search results.

Spammers copy your website contents and publish them on low-quality websites to remove your ranking, this way they create a big threat to your website.

If search engine find duplicate contents on the net then they keep on penalizing all such websites and that is the game.

Duplicate content finder tool like copyscape.com is one such site that can help you to find out duplicate content of your website.

If your content had been published without your proper written consent then you can file DMCA complaint against the site and try to get them to remove immediately.

Alternatively, you can revoke copy/selection features from your website so that at-least newbie can not copy your contents.

8.  Protect your website from hacking and Malware attack

I was very much confident that my website is secure as I have taken steps to protect my website from a hacking attack but security is not a one time job, you have to take actions each and every day to protect your online assets.

Cyber attacks are now a daily chorus and every day thousands of websites are being attacked by hackers and malware, they steal the passwords, data, and many more.

So it is prudent to check the latest security updates and check the changes in your website scripts, new code, or new redirection from your website. Spammers normally add viruses, scripts to make links from your website or redirect your traffic to their source.

My website ie binarynote.com was even attacked by Japanese keyword malware attack and the spammer was able to insert approx one million links from my website to the source.

SO how to protect your website from hackers/ Malware attack

  1. Limit log in attempts on your website using any means otherwise, spammers can use brute force attack to gain access on your system
  2. Delete default login details and generate a separate login for yourself as well as for your staff. Give them limited permission. Do not assign administrator in any case.
  3. Activate 2 step verification on your system.
  4. Create a separate login URL so that you can hide your default login URL. it should be hard or very hard to guess.
  5. Backup your files and database on a regular basis.
  6. Always use a strong password and never ever save these passwords on password manager applications like LastPass or pass pass
  7. Use Antivirus and firewalls

If you are using WordPress for your blog/site then you can use sucuri scanner or wordfence.  Sucuri scanner is easy to install and use but remember them after use remove them immediately from your system otherwise they will eat your valuable site speed.

9.   Check your Top Ranked Post/ Pages

Normally spammers target the best-ranked post of your website to un-rank your website. Using the website traffic audit tools, they can easily learn the top post/pages of your website to target, source of your traffic, and so on.

When top-ranked pages/posts of your website is being targeted then you start losing your traffic as well as the source of your income.

Fighting against negative SEO is the only option that you have in this case. If this is the case then why not to start fighting against the negative SEO from today.

10.   Try to help others

If you are in online business then never ever try to ignore any mail/messages that comes to your way whether they are your followers or readers or customers. Always try to help them, otherwise they will start defaming you on a different platform and you will not be able to stop them.

This will generate a lot of negative SEO for yourself or your brand and that you cannot control as they will be adamant towards you.


These are some points that can help you to fight against negative SEO. Using these points, I think you can protect your blog /site. All the points that I have mentioned is not easy to maintain by a newbie unless untill he/she has a powerful SEO Tool like  serped.net  that can help you not only track your website but also help a lot in keyword research, website rank tracking and many more. It is a highly recommended tool for all the blog owner and agencies.

These points are based on my own experience and I don’t want anyone else to face the same situation as me. So if you like the idea against the Negative SEO, then please share it with your friends also.

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