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Good Things comes in small packets

Installing and uninstalling wordpress themes for better user experience is a common characteristics on wordpress enable blogs.

It is learnt that whenever we install a new theme the thumbnail size supported by the new theme does not properly match the exact dimension of your new image size. Hence wordpress automatically adjust the image size.

According to new Google Panda update and Yahoo page Speed recommendation, always try to supply scaled images.

So where is the problem you can say? The problem is, if you have selected  a different thumbnail size  i,e 150x150px  in general setting, all your  uploaded image will be resized by the default wordpress engine into 150x150px and  this thumbnail size will be used by the featured image  box. if your theme display 100x100px as a featured image then your theme will resize all your images from 150x150px into 100x100px. thus increase the loading size.

Another issue, Suppose your theme support 100x100px  size featured image , so you adjust general setting to match your theme, but what about the previously generated thumbnails. These previously resized thumbnail remains in the same size.

To overcome these this simple problem, there is two solution –

First Solution  – How to Regenerate Post Thumbnails

  • Download all previously Generated Thumbnail using some FTP software from image folder.
  • Resize them into your new size using any photo editing tool like Photoshop. Youtube  has a lots of quality tutorial on photo resizing.
  • Upload all these newly resized photo into their respective folder/folders.

Second Solution – Use Regenerate Thumbnail plugin for wordpress

Regenerate Thumbnails allows you to regenerate all thumbnails, individual thumbnails or specific multiple thumbnails for your WordPress image attachments. if you’ve changed any of your thumbnail dimensions (via Settings -> Media) after previously uploading images or have added new image sizes via the add_image_size function.

How to use Regenerate Plugin

  1. Install the plugin. : You can install the same plugin using any of the method listed in the installation section i,e either upload the unzipped file in the /wp-content/plugin folder or use add new plugin option from Admin Panel. I think you do not need to know how to install plugin. Though its detailed information is already given on its download page
  2. Adjust the thumbnail Image size supported by your new wordpress theme from Admin Panel->Settings->Media
  3. Select Tools-> Regen. Thumbnail
  4. Now this plugin will try to regenerate all your previously generated thumbnail. It may take from few minutes to few hours depends on your image count.
  5. Screenshot are here showing it’s feature

Thumbnail regenerate-1

Picture regenerate-2

image regenerate

Advantage of Regenerated Thumbnails

The main advantage of these newly regenerated thumbnails are they are according to your new themes settings thus there is no need to resize your image, Hence your theme is now ready to render your website more speedy.

major Disadvantage of Regenerated Thumbnails

The main and major disadvantage of this plugins – it does not regenerate any old image instead of that it recreate a new image from your original image and store in the same image folder with your new image settings.

Another major disadvantage of this plugin – if you have restart the regenerator any how two times. it will create two new files with the same dimension.

To sum up its disadvantage you are now having multiple copies of the same old files. So to save some micro seconds, you added some hundred  MB in your account extra.


Overall a great plugin to regenerate  old generated thumbnails and medium size images from your original image.

It is always advised to seek professional bloggers advise before you choose your theme or going to start installing wordpress for your blog.

If you missed both of them and very conscious about the loading time of your blog and do not know how to resize your images using photo-shop, then definitely go for this image resize plugin.

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4 thoughts on “How to Resize all your previously loaded Thumbnail – Thumbnail resizer”

    1. But every time you upload an image wordpress generate multiple copies of the same image according to the setting and theme functionality. So my advice is always take help of a pro before choosing a theme or setting your wordpress. Thanks for posting your concern vivek.

    1. This is the main concern of this worderful plugin, if you have a lots of images in your blog. it can double the space in no time. Though very helpful to increase the page load speed.

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