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Good Comment

You are aware  that many people write comments on blogs and website  for build back-link and they try to always write a Good comment wherever they can. But  , Do you think this really help them to get that quality back links and does not hurt their websites ? Did you think spam comment will hurt your website and return back unwanted result ?

How to write a good comment ?

To write a quality wise Good  comment on a blog or forum, I have some very good tips that can help you to improve back links and administrator will not try to mark your comment a spam, your  Good  comment will be live.

Good Comment
Why to write a Good Comment

Tip#1 : Write for a Purpose

People have different reasons to write comment ? Try to determine what is yours ….

  • You trying to get back-links, drive traffic to your website ?
  • You disagree with someone and want to tell the truth to people ?
  • You appreciate and want to say thank you for his/her jobs ?

Sometime, understand your motivation will help you decide what kind of comment you will write about.

Tip #2 : Understand Content

When I read  comment in blogs/websites , it is of these kinds

  • Thanks for share that. Great
  • Thanks. Pretty good
  • It help me so much

We  know people write comment for a   purpose and don’t  take much time in their comment. They just want to say thank you and leave, they don’t need to think about article content and what is it talking about. These are the comment’s mainly,  posted and showing in comment pages.

It’s main reason to delete your comment without confusion. Save your time and comment to tell something useful or just give a minutes to think and write good comment. I know you’re not professional writer, I’m not too. But I am sure you can write better than others people.

Tip #3 : Make Link Carefully

As we are taking above, if you write comment to satisfy your purpose, think carefully before put a link in your comment. Don’t confused to put your link if comment box has a place to put ” Your Website ” or ” URL “. But, if there are no where to put your link, put your  link into body of comment.

Tip #4 : Links are Risky ?

If you’re moderator or owner of blog/website, whenever  you see a comment, short comment with irrelevant links , do you delete it ? I am sure I’ll remove it and and report as spam for next time. Many people will write ,follow my way, then beware.

Tip #5 : Grammar and Spelling

Not almost comment editor include spelling checker, you should review your comment before submit. How could you tell to people something when you can not spell it  correctly?

Tip #6 : Tell More

We understand, short comment is okay and almost of it will accepted by site owner. You say ” thank you ” , ” love it ” or ” pretty good “. Just tell a bit more to people why you like it ? It will make more good point to your comment.

Though, I have taken care to sum up all the possible factor to write a Good and Meaning full comment, If you think i have missed something here, You can intimate me , Just dropping a message here.

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58 thoughts on “Good Comment means Back Links – Do You want Back Links”

  1. Glad to Know that LUKE , also do not publish such comments on your site. Publishing such comments can invite google panda penalties for your own blog. keep in touch

  2. Never Ever Publish such comments on your site, otherwise i am sure your site is going to get some sort of google penalties in future. Keep in touch

  3. This is the first rule of commenting, Otherwise you are bound to invite google penalties for your blog/forums.

  4. YOu are 100% right Johnny, This is the main reason, these people later complain about the Google penalties. Keep in touch

  5. If you will follow these basic rules for commenting, I am sure Google and other search engine will love your links and never ever flag your links spam. Keep in touch

  6. Publishing such comment on your blog and forums may invite google penalty. Thus such comments should be discouraged on your blog. A comment was a tool to establish healthy relationship between the blogger and reader and that should me maintained.

  7. Dear Mr. Rakesh,

    I do thankful for your response for each comment. I have seen such rare efforts in other blogs and this shows how you care for the visitors. This type approach attracts the one time visitors repeatedly and regularly to your blogs.

    I want to share my experience – most of comment are with “nice post and visit my page”, your post is simply superb and read my posting”. These comments are spamming and as per latest panda updates, Google will not consider in indexing and both linker and linkee will be treated as paid links. Hence, the visitor, if wants to post any comment, should read it carefully and put his additional info about so that the topic will be strengthen. One should avoid the blog commenting mistakes.

    1. Thanks John for this google Panda Update. We do understand the meaning of google Panda Update, this is the main reason trying to clean each and every comment manually from this site. Keep in touch

  8. Hi, I like your website name Binary Note. I have a question about tip #3.

    Today I placed my website name (only) into the website box of your leave a reply.
    Is it ever proper to put a specific page url (for example my newest post url) in the website box?

    Love to get your comment. Thanks.

    1. putting your websitename along with your newer post name give your webpage extra milege, this practice is known as deep linking. But most webmasters does not allow deep linking though comments as it will loose their website’s link juice. This is the main reason comments with such website name along with newest post name is treated as spam. ~rakesh

  9. Thanks this site blogger for good advice. These are great methods for link building by comment how to approved.

    1. YOu are most welcome. The point raised here is quite valid and every blogger must take very good care of his/her comment before hitting the submit button. it also help you to drive targetted traffic to your site. Thanks rahman for your good wishes. ~rakesh

  10. Thanks Rakesh! These tips really work. I have tried them in the past and I think that one of the strategies that continue to keep my site on the top of all the major search engines.

    1. Glad to know that you are respecting the other bloggers also , who are trying to give genuine information and want to build a better information system for all of us. Keep in touch. BTW you can subscribe to get all new post to your email inbox.

  11. only 30-40 percent of blogger pick the exact point from the blog,share it further or ask for queries rest no way near to the topic just hanging for links.a good interaction not only end to back links but it grows further for betterment

    1. Dear Jeremy your words are more than tonic for me, That will encourage and inspire me to add some value to my blog all the time, so that readers will get exact information, they are looking for.

  12. Thanks rakesh for explaining your views but sometime comments do not relate to theme itself, neither to the content and some word like thanks,bookmarked should be flagged when they are not used in the format of adequate sentence

    1. You are right tressa, This type of comment should also me marked as spam and should not appear on your blog. Right now according to google spam policy, websites publishing such comments are treated as a part of spam. Thus are liable to face google penalties.

  13. Hello Rakesh
    hope you are well.
    I am searching some thing like this where i can understand how to write a good comment.
    I also liked your point number 1 that is about your purpose of writing comment. So i am telling to you my purpose frankly that i liked your website so i want to create a backlink here. If you do not like this then just unapprove my comment. And reply me whats the wrong thing in my comment. Your help make me a good commentor.
    Reply must

    1. Dear Chetan, first of all, welcome to the community. Secondly, you have to read some more article from my site like “Complete search engine optimization tricks”, “35 mistakes of wordpress blogger” “7commenting tricks” etc etc. Besides these always follow the rules ie do not put your links in comment box. Almost every blogger does not want links in comment box, thus your comment will always move in the spam or in trash folder automatically. ( even this comment was also in the spam folder).

      This space is not a perfect place to solve all your queries, so you will get a heavy dose of blogging tips in my next article, it is specially, for the newbies like you, who is struggling to make a dent in blogsphere. I will definatly catch you later on, till then keep learning ;)

  14. Hi Rakesh! I strongly believe comments should be genuine, insightful and relevant. If the blogger has taken the time to write a good post, the least they deserve is a decent, heartfelt comment. Actually i was looking for any tool/software to get high pr blogs to comment on.
    Any recommendations?

    1. Perhaps you have not seen the popular post widget. There is a post how to find out high pr blogs/forums to comment. Url of that post is here. http://binarynote.com/easiest-method-to-find-high-quality-do-follow-commentluv-enabled-blogs.html. if you are struggling – how to achieve success with blog commenting then make it very sure to read my next blog post. I am sure you will surely love to hate me why i have not published that article earlier. Samuel i will try to catch you very soon. ;)

  15. This is very interesting post which I have never seen so far. You really grabbed my attention to leave a comment. Thank you so much for the great post.

    1. The same way, You have to place your comment on any blog so that you can enhance your brand value as well as traffic to your blog/site. keep in touch

  16. your article is full of information, I experienced to many spam comments to my blog and all we know that spam comments didn’t help to get rank in search engine all we need is quality comments just like I did.

    1. You strike the right chord my dear, Spam comments will be deleted from that blog sooner or latter. it is a matter of time. So the rank obtained by these comments. Its always better to read the whole contents first and then write a meaningful comment. ~rakesh

    1. Again you written such a lame comment, This type of comment will not help you anyhow to gain any traffic from any website. Neither they will help you to get a proper backlink for your website. Keep in touch tarun.

  17. 100% agree with your idea. One thing we should keep in mind when blogging and commenting is that it is human interaction. Blogger getting smarter and deserve better relationship, therefore write comment with quality. Again, thank you very much for sharing this useful information Rakesh,


    1. Glad to know that yo received my message. Spam comments does not only harm your reputation but also destroy the blog, attracting Google Penalties. Keep in touch

  18. I am very very much impressed on seeing your response for every comments,
    I like this approach,As I am a beginner I was very much confused on how to comment on a blog and What are the Do s and Don’t s I should follow, But now I am clear.Thanks for your valuable tips.I tweeted your blog as I liked it.

    1. Did you really learn -how to write comment for backlinks and traffic ? ;) Hope to see you very soon.

  19. thanks for informative post. i am pleased sure this post has helped me save many hours of browsing other similar posts just to find what i was looking for.

    1. I am really happy to know that. Most of the time as i mentioned in the article people does not read the article and make some spammy comments. This way they are not hurting our blogs/site , basically they are hurting their own brand values.

  20. Thanks for information about Blog commenting, True, it;s objective is to share opinion and ideas on a Specific subject, not spamming , backlink creation and traffic generation is secondary- meaningful worth text above- Visit again -Bye

  21. Awesome tips! They are 100% true. commenting is something that is really good as it is a form of sharing your opinion. Read and understand the topic and if you have doubts get it clarified in your comments. If you have any objection with the opinion mention it but in an appropriate way. This makes it unique and a high quality one. Commenting is not just to create back link, but you can gather wonderful knowledge from the blogs. Its necessary that our comment is also error free as typo errors or grammatical mistakes can annoy the readers as well as the blogger.

    1. You are very clear about the purpose of comments. Thanks for sharing with me and my readers. Hope to see you very soon.

  22. i read somewhere that one should try to sprinkle related keywords into the comment to build a quality backlink

    1. It should be inside your post not inside your comment. Another Black hat SEO tricks that i am using in this blog is – publishing the same long tail keywords as a tags. ;)

  23. Thank you for such a nice article that article is very help full for me you defined each and every point with easy language.

    1. Just Trying to live the expectations of my readers. BTW you can subscribe to receive all our post into your email inbox. Keep in touch.

  24. Hi Rakesh

    I think that your reply are really amazing. You have welcomed all the comment very gracefully. I like your comment in which you have mentioned “This will enhance your brand value on the internet”. Fully agree with you.

  25. Thank you for your writing! You give very honest information, and I can learn a lot from your articles. And agree that the comments with no addition to the blog, are no good. This might be a good tip: don’t use a automaticaly way to build your links, just do it by hand yourself. The automatic linkbuilders just make comments that have no use at all, so most of the time the links won’t be placed.

    1. You are right Linda, Automatic link builder, now a days harm your site more, since they are bound to place same type of links and comments all over the internet. It is always better to read complete article and place a thoughtful comment. This way not only you establish a relation with blogger but also increase your traffic and a better backlink. Keep in touch

  26. you have given great information, i really wants this type of blog, this post helpful for me, i like your way to express, keep it up.

  27. Really interesting!!
    In fact,comments with some description will always getting approved if it is relevant.I think bloggers are searching for commentlov blogs to comment on,and what commentluv blog is getting is pageviews.Because reader are searching for Good topic from commentluv blog and ultimately website owners is getting pageviews.

    1. You are right Bhavesh, relevant comments are welcomed by the webmasters as it is a part of your blog. Right now Google consider comments as your social signal, thus comments must be placed with utmost care. Keep in touch

  28. Thanks to you ….
    it was good to know for me because of i am a blogger and every blogger want some backlink from other popular site. [FACT]
    now from this time i always take care for my comment.

    1. YOu are most welcome Nishant. Always remember, when you leave a great comment on some one else website, not only you are enhancing his/her blog as well as you enhanced your chances to get some good targeted traffic from that blog as well as a better backlink, that every search engine is going to love. Keep in touch

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