Importance of Customer Loyalty & Retention and How flok Can Help

Studies show that even if there is a 5% increase in businesses’ customer retention, it can boost your profitability by an average of 75%. That is a massive increase for a change of just 5%. Customer loyalty and retention can drive a small business’ success like anything.

That said; it is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business. flok  is the perfect solution to address this challenge. This review introduces you to the features and benefits of this application and how it can help you boost your customer loyalty rates.

Importance of Customer Loyalty

Ensuring high rate of customer retention and loyalty can prove to be the biggest business driving factor for your company. There are so many benefits of using flok to retain your customers and build brand loyalty. Some of the proven benefits include the following:

  • Save Big on Marketing Expenses: When you build a loyal customer base, you are cutting down big on your new client acquisition costs.
  • Generate Repeat Business: Most small and medium sized businesses claim that majority of their revenues come in the form of repeat businesses. This is because loyal customers are highly likely to purchase time and again from you. They are also more likely to purchase new products that you may have to offer compared to new customers.
  • Better Cross Sell or Up Sell Opportunities: The chances of selling a product to a new prospect can be as low as 5%. The likeliness of selling your product to an existing customer can be as high as 70%. If you introduce new products, you can more easily sell them to your loyal customers.

How Does flok Help?

flok is a reward-based application designed specifically for the purpose of improving your business’ customer loyalty. Deliver a better customer experience and inspire your customers to keep returning for more business with you. It offers a wide range of features including automated personal messaging, custom digital punch cards, and proximity marketing to boost customer experience and loyalty.

Engage more with your existing customers, build stronger relationships, and build brand loyalty using this app.

Features of flok

Here is a list of the key features of flok that make it such a unique product in its domain. Engage with your customers at the right time and at the right place to give them all the reasons to keep returning to you for their needs.

Custom Digital Punch Card

Digital Punch Card

Create custom digital punch card in minutes and enter an attention-grabbing reward. The app provides a simple wizard to create punch card in less than 2 minutes. Select the number of punches that need to be made for completing the card and set the reward and it’s done. It is just the perfect loyalty card app.

Create Loyalty Program & Club

The app allows creation of loyalty club. You can customize it based on your preferences, preferably based on your brand image. There is also an automatic designing feature – the app wizard can automatically design it for you.

Manage your loyalty program from flok’s easy-to-use dashboard and launch it on the app. Let your customers join the club and generate punches.

Share on Social & Email

Reach out to social media users with just a few clicks with your loyalty program. Share on the leading social networks directly from within the app’s dashboard. You can also share the program through email and prints.

Today, smartphones have become an integral part of almost everyone’s life. With flok, you can send push notifications to your customers and engage with them without any restrictions. And the best thing is that you would be reaching out to people who are interested in listening from you.

The app is also powered by an effective analytics system. You can keep track of your loyalty rewards programs, find out what works best, adapt or focus on specific programs. All this can be done from within flok’s easy-to-use dashboard.

Beacon Technology

This technology further takes your business’ customer engagement levels to new heights. Use the power of proximity marketing to reach out and engage with your customers who are within a specific distance from your business. Send out proximity push notifications and engage with them.

digital punch-card-1

There is also an associated wireless device that can be installed on your premises. Whenever a customer walks in, the flok beacon can address them with a personal message. You can also customize a call to action. The technology also automates customer check-ins, allowing you to engage more with them.


Customer retention and improving customer experience can be among the biggest challenges any small business faces. flok is an innovative app that helps you boost customer experience using a wide range of features including custom digital punch card, push notifications, loyalty rewards, and much more.

Reach out to your customers on moments that matter the most to them – birthdays and anniversaries. Proximity marketing gives you the power to bring more of your customers back to your store.

flok offers a variety of plans for businesses of different sizes. There is also a free trial option that comes with no obligations. Test it, try it and find out how it works to boost your customer loyalty and retention.

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