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Improve Page Rank using Old post and Editor Choice WordPress plugin ? Most blogger’s have already shared how to give new life to their old post and suddenly you came with a totally new idea? Does it really works?

My simple flat answer is YES, if you do it correctly

The whole article is based on one fact- How many high page rank articles link you have on your home page, and till now We have not any such device/tool that can help you to collect all the high PR post from your website? Do you know that ?

Few bloggers have already shared such article “How to get pr-8 links easily“.

Let me tell you one thing – They are making all those newbies FOOL, coming to know exact method to get high PR backlinks. Reason behind this fact is , Every page on a website/blog has individual page rank and their home page is the sum of these types of high page rank pages.

The same fact we are using in this tutorial to improve Page Rank, thus the whole the whole tutorial is divided into two parts
Part 1 : Research of your very own website ( I have Taken binarynote.com – My own website for this Project )
Part 2 :  Implementation ( Editor Choice Widget is required )

Part -1 : Home Work  on Your Own Site

How to do this research on my own website ? how it can help me to enhance my page rank ? These might be your questions.

Just sit back for half an hour and read this whole article very carefully, I am sure you would love to add this feature in your website very soon.  but before that I would love to share the screenshot of quicksprout.com’s sidebar

Neil Patel's Guide

Did you notice something ? perhaps not,You can say. I have seen this page thousand of time what is new in this

relax !

Step 1 : Install SEOQuake on your favorite browser, in my case it is firefox.
Step 2 :  Open www.google.com on your favorite browser, Type site:binarynote.com and hit enter button. Result like this will appear on your output screen. Now locate each such post and pages that have page rank more than 1 on your website.

Old Post with Higher Page Rank[Google search engine results with SEOQuake]

( This method was also used to select higher page rank post for commenting ) Collect all the Pages from your website, The higher page Rank post will give you more benefits in next PR update.

Part 2:  Use Editor Choice Widget

It is little bit tricky as I do not know how many themes have features to show particular post with certain tag. Pagespeed theme has already implemented this feature through Editor choice widget.

step 2.1 : If your SEO optimized WordPress theme,It does not have this type of widget, do not worry, Just open your favorite text-editor and copy the following code and save this as ( Already Discussed this in our previous post -So not going to re-invent the wheel thus giving you the link of my previous article )

How to create Editor Choice Widget

Step 2.2 The above two steps will add a new widget in your WordPress admin Dashboard
Step 2.3 Select Editor Choice widget and place at any position where you want to show
Step 2.4 Feed here some random tag -for example I have given ‘rakesh’ my own name
Step 2.5 Now open your posts from admin panel and add this tag ‘rakesh’ to all those post that we have seen in Part-1

Now save your widget settings and refresh your browser.

Your Turn on This very controversial Topic- Improve Page Rank using Old Post

Now its time to wait for the next Google update, believe me, if Mr Amit Agarawal of LABNOL.ORG is right this method will enhance your Website’s page Rank in Next update, This method is also helpful to reduce your bounce rate and increase your website’s CTR also.

Download Editor Choice plugin

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11 thoughts on “Improve Page Rank Using Editor Choice Plugin”

  1. Hey Rakesh

    Something new method I just found here to increase page rank with plugin which can be an good idea too.I just have most popular post and recent post on my sidebar which they are standard one between how long you have tried this method and any changes in your search result after the page rank updated on those particular pages ?

  2. Great and lovely post on editor choice plugin.Every body want to get page rank for their blog .Thanks for sharing such a great post .Feeling very glad on being here .

    1. Good to see you here Naveen. Thanks for your valuable feedback on this plugin. Keep in touch

  3. Really…. Is it true all about Page Rank ! Rakesh does these Plugin really increase Page Rank because, I hear Google automatically update Page Rank ! So I was just little confuse with it ! If it’s 100% ! So surely I would like install Plugin :)

  4. Nice Tips Rakesh, Thank you for this tips But what about those website, who don’t have any page rank even not a single page get any rank

    1. Dear Dk, Its not possible, Whenever a site is crawled by search engine every page is awarded a unique page rank, even if you have 0 page rank it does not matter collect those on your front page using this plugin and show them. SEOQuake is the best toolbar for you to find out such pages/post on your website. This is the main reason bloggers used to say “Content is King” :)

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