Is wordpress.org new dumb place for promoting premium themes ?

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Recently, I was looking for an Adsense optimized WordPress theme for my new Educational blog cbsetoday.com on WordPress repository, I came to know that there are a lots of Good looking 3 column WordPress themes listed on the WordPress.org theme repository

But, When I installed the theme on my production server, I came to know this harsh truth about these so called free themes or lite version.

Most of the time, we download any theme by its physical appearance but what happens when the theme does not look like the demo?

Premium themes provide documentation like how to install the theme with sample data and plugin and also provide sample data to its users.

Have you ever seen any free theme with such feature? No at least, I have not seen any such theme till now.

Then, Why these freely available theme does not look like the demo ?  The answer is very simple – Most of its developers are uploading trimmed version of the theme and asked its user to purchase its premium version to get the same output.

So my question is – why people at WordPress.org are allowing such a practice on WordPress.org?

I do understand that everybody needs money to survive but if they want to sell or promote their Theme then why they are abusing this wonderful platform, so I tried to call my friend who is also a volunteer at WordPress.org as a theme tester.

His answer was “This way we are giving our end users a lots of new themes and all these free WordPress themes are promoting the basic concept of open source software as listed in the GPL2 but these theme developer are not forcing them any how to purchase their theme at all.

If the end-user is happy with the theme result of free version and want little bit more and programmer is ready to maintain on the demand of the users then he/she is charging.

This is a win-win situation for both the WordPress.org as well as this is also a very good way to promote the premium themes in front of the largest CMS community.

but I feel that this is a clear cut case of cheating?

May be my friend was right but I am still not convinced if you want to sell your premium theme then go to websites like themeforest.net and other such community.

IN my personal opinion, WordPress.org should not permit such theme-developer to use this wonderful platform for such promotion.

What do you think about this , Please share your views.

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