iSkySoft iTube Studio for Mac- Complete Review

iSkySoft iTube Studio for Mac is a one stop shop for all your video downloading needs, Whether you want to download a single video or a complete channel or want to record any video on the screen from more than 10000 video streaming website on the net.

We already used  a lots of product to download videos from the video streaming site to enjoy them later but all these product either support a single site or another site, They are not supported by all the major social networking sites.

One more major issue that all we people follow while downloading whole channel or playlist  is – we have to copy each and every URL of the Video and paste them on that video downloader.

The answer is right now here in the form of iSkySoft iTube studio for mac, if you want to know more about this wonderful Video Downloader product then please continue with us.

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Download and Install iSKySoft iTube Studio for Mac

Downloading and installing of iSKySoft iTube for mac is so simple, just visit their official website and download its internet downloader which is exactly 786KB in size for Windows. Once it  downloaded just drag and drop on the Applications and in a next few seconds, its ready to rock.

How to install iTubes on Mac

Now launch the application on double clicking on the application Icon, The main screen of the application will be in front of you with in a second.  The screen shows you the option to download your videos.

YouTube Video Downloader

How to download  Videos on Mac

1. Download Video Using Built in Browser Extension

Download video using iTTubes Browser Extension

Launch your favorite browser and open any video stream website like YouTube.com and select your video which you want to download. iSkySoft iTunes automatically install a browser extension of your favorite browser, while you were installing the software, that extension automatically add a download button , Just click on the download button and allow your YouTube download extension to do the needful for you.

2. Download Video using Video URL

Alternatively if you do not like the first method and do it in the background, Just copy the URL of you video and copy it, Open the software video and click on paste URL, it will automatically detect the incoming video and start downloading your video.

NOTE : if you want to download whole playlist or channel from any video stream site like YouTube just copy the first URL of the channel or playlist. When you will click on Paste URL, the software automatically check that this is URL is a part of a whole Playlist and prompt you to “Whether you want to download only a single video or a Whole playlist”


The application also allow you to schedule the whole task in the background.

3. Download video from direct streaming Sites

This is the feature, we people love to have in our arsenal from a very long time, Few tutorial website does not allow you to download their videos, You can only play them from their websites only. These videos are extremely helpful and you want to watch them again and again.

The above mentioned method right now does not work here. So iSkySOft have another solution for situation like this, ie play this type of video and record the whole screen

Bonus Tip: If you have added multiple videos to download queue and want to leave your Mac on to download videos, you can let your Mac shut down automatically when the download is finished. To do so, you can click the double arrow icon at the bottom toolbar, and then select Shut Down or Sleep.

Download Video into MP3

If you want to download YouTube videos to MP3 format so that you can enjoy the audio on your iPod and other media player, you can rely on iTube Studio for Mac. This smart tool enables to download YouTube to MP3 with one single click. You are provided with 2 easy options to achieve the goal:

  1. A) With download button.Play the video and click the “Download” button to open the drop-down list. Select MP3 option and then the program will automatically downloading the audio for you.
  2. b) Download MP3 With URL : Copy the video URL in the address bar. Then resume to the program and click the “Download MP3” button on the top left corner of the primary window. The task will be immediately added.

How to Download All Videos from YouTube Channel and Playlist

One Specific issue that I was discussing in the beginning of this review was- We cannot download whole playlist or video channel , Now iSkysoft iTube allow you to download whole playlist only a click of button from websites like YouTube.

Follow the steps to download whole playlist from YouTube

1. Open YouTube Playlist on YouTube, When the browser will show you the playlist or channel, You will see the “Download All” button

2. Click on “Download all” to open a new window that will help you to decide the size and quality of all your video. Click on download button to start downloading of all the selected videos.

How to Record Videos on Mac

How to record Screen

iSkySoft iTube studio for mac allow you to records any screen using its built in screen recorder it is useful to record live streaming videos from Netflix, hulu and many more such site.  Just follow the next steps to record your first live streaming video on iSkySoft iTube.

  1. Open the Video recording Mode : Find the desired recording video, Open it. Now navigate to the main iSKySoft iTube studio and click on “Record Video” Button
  2. Select the recording Video Screen Size:  The very next screen will show you the screen size. You are required to define the recording size of your screen or Click on “Full Screen”  to record video in full screen mode

Set the recording duration  :  You are able to record any part of the video. Click the “Stop at” button and set the video recording duration.


Now with its built in Video Player you can play any downloaded video with in the software.

iTubes Studio Video Player

There is no need to install any extra video player like VLC, that is basically used to play all type of video, specially downloaded from net. Its built in video player is so powerful that it can safely replace the popular video player from your computer.

Convert downloaded videos on Mac

Its built in video converter lets you convert any downloaded / recoded video in any format so that you can later on enjoy the same on ipad or ipod.

In order to convert any video into your desired format, You are requested to select your video, click on “Convert”  button and select the device / format / OS / Game Console or Web Video and click on “Ok”.

Video Converter

There are almost all the video, audio  format available to you. MP3, Mp4, Wav, MKA, PS1, PS2, all apple and android devices are already covered by this software.

Our verdict on iSkySoft iTube Studio for Mac

To review this software,we downloaded few playlist from YouTube and converted them into WAV format so that we can play in our old Sony TV directly, To my surprise the software downloaded the whole playlist in less than 5 minutes.

If you watch a lots of video Tutorials and video on your apple devices again and again then it is highly recommend software for all my friends out there.  Right now they are running their Halloween campaign  so go ahead and grab this wonderful software and amaze yourself. :)

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