How to Market Your Logo for Online and Offline Branding Success


Marketing your logo both online and offline requires some thinking about the best approach to take. Many times, the brand will get the recognition, so you’ll have to focus marketing efforts on places and situations where the logo can be seen.


Here are a few marketing suggestions to get your logo in front of your target market.

Networking and Business Cards

Networking still works as a way to make new business connections. Head over to expos and other industry events to find the right crowd. Even when you don’t have a stand at an expo, it’s still worth attending to touch base with companies on the exhibition floor to talk business, exchange cards with your logo on them, and follow up later.

Industry events including speaking engagements see a different mix of company representatives present. The talk at these events is all about the industry as opposed to their products and services at an expo. Getting into interesting, unplanned discussions on the talking points often leads to a request for a businesscard with the logo prominently displayed.

Check the Lapel

Wearing a carefully designed lapel pin with the company’s logo creates its own sense of curiosity. When people see a business representative and want to know more about who they are, they will likely check their lapel pins and lanyards. By wearing a lapel pin, it adds to their usual standard business suit by giving it something more colorful and unexpected. Pins are certainly large enough to fit the company’s logo on them and make it distinctive and possibly a talking point in itself.

There are different lapel styles depending on what you feel looks best with your logo; die struck, printed in color, enamel, and even challenge coins. The pins are produced with a custom design in a batch and provide excellent branding for companies.

Sponsor an Event

Sponsoring an event gets your logo in front of a ready crowd of people. Every piece of literature about the event is likely to include the sponsor’s logos. Liaise with the organizers of the event to find branding opportunities. They’re clear that the companies sponsoring like to support a good cause but also would like to get their logo and company name displayed prominently at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Depending on what your company produces, some of their products can be offered as prizes during the event too. Perhaps brochures can be handed out at the entrance by people wearing a t-shirt with your logo on? The same t-shirts can also be sold as merchandise or given away as prizes too.

Print Publications

Print publications covering your industry are worth getting involved with to bring the brand to the attention of people working in that vertical. When the brand is newer, it may be the first time they’ve seen the brand mentioned. Publications need graphics within the article, so displaying your logo provides some extra visual elements.

How do you get the attention of the industry magazine? Perhaps talk with the editor or the journalists that cover certain aspects of the industry where you believe you can contribute some useful points. Being quoted in articles makes your company appear authoritative to readers which can lead to greater brand recognition and follow up calls.

Outside of directly approaching publications, signing up online with Help a Reporter Out as an accessible source is a way to have journalists approach your company for comments.

The more time you spend on marketing your logo, the more recognizable it will become in your marketplace. That’s half the battle in capturing the mindshare of the customer. And your logo is eye-catching, all for the better.

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