How to Create More Engaging Marketing Videos for a Business

Video marketing

Trying to create marketing videos that are able to engage viewers and get them interested in what you’re selling? As you can probably guess, there is a lot involved in that – from ideating to planning, recording, and editing the video.

Marketing Videos

In order to make your videos more engaging there are a few areas that you should focus on in particular however:

Find the right length for your videos

As a rule, your video will gradually lose viewers with each passing second. The optimal length of videos in terms of engagement can vary however, and some videos may be able to retain most of their viewers despite being longer than others.

Generally it is best to create short marketing videos that are tightly-focused, but you should experiment a little and try to figure out the best length for your videos based on the platform you’re publishing them on, viewer demographic, and so on.

Hook viewers in the first 8 to 10 seconds

As much as the optimal length for videos can differ, the one constant is that viewers tend to decide whether or not to keep watching a video within the first 8 to 10 seconds. Because of that fact you should try to hook viewers and convince them to keep watching before it is too late.

One of the most effective ways to hook viewers is to let them know what they stand to gain by watching your marketing video.

Trigger an emotional reaction

If you want to truly engage your viewers by your marketing videos, you need to make them feel something. Triggering an emotional reaction will psychologically hook viewers, and drive them to react and respond to your video.

Try to incorporate any type of emotion such as surprise, awe, inspiration, humor, or shock into your video. The more intense the emotion you’re able to trigger, the more engaging your marketing video will be.

Always show information visually

Visuals are a powerful way to deliver information, and no medium can use them as effectively as videos. Taking advantage of that fact and showing the information that your message contains visually, will let your video have a much bigger impact.

When you plan your video, you should constantly try to find creative ways to ‘show’ your message. As far as possible you should avoid spelling it out in a voice-over, but allow the visuals to stand on their own strength instead.

Aside from the factors listed above there are several other aspects that need to be beyond reproach as well – such as the video quality. If you don’t already have a video editor you can use to make improvements to your videos, you should consider getting one. For example, you could try Movavi Video Editor (https://www.movavi.com/videoeditor/).

Always remember to track how each video performs in terms of its engagement as well, and analyze it afterwards. Over time this will let you learn from each marketing video that your business publishes, and gain valuable insights that you can use to improve the next videos you create.

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