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Video Editing software

As you are well aware that I am a big fan of WonderShare Software as their software is as easy as counting 1-2-3 and your task is over.

All of us right now living in a digital life where video and images are the part of our daily life and we are storing these digital memories here and there.

Filming any event is now a days so much easy with the development of new phone but presenting them in a presentable format is something else that need a lots of time, mastering the video editing tools.

Professional video editing tools need a learning curve to master that but Filmora video editing software is totally different with any other video editing tool. Filmora is for people like you and me who want to edit / merge / cut / add sound / text and visual effect in less than 5 minutes.

No learning curve is required to edit any video using filmora video editing software. Just click next next next and finish button to edit and add sound and visual effect in your produced and converted video.

How to create your own movie with filmora

The very first moment you start filmora it will display the aspect ratio in which you want to create your own movie. The most used aspect ratio is 16:9 as this is the default mode on all the android devices and Apple besides all HD devices.

The very next step is to decide how you want to use filmora to create your movie, as a newbie I decided to go with easy mode. Easy mode does not need any thing to learn, it will guide you automatically to generate your first movie.

Import Media

video editor software -1

The first step is to import media using which you want to create your own movie. Import Media allow you to import media from a single file / Folder / Phone/ Facebook / Instagram /flicker ie you can also import images/media from social media also. Just click on the desired location and it will automatically display all the media in sequential order like here we imported all the image files from a gift idea folders.

Once you are done click on next button

Select video theme

video editor software -3

This is the second option when you choose to create your video using express mode, each theme is developed using some built in music , visual effect. You need here only to decide which theme you want to implement on your final output.

Once you decided a theme click on that so that filmora can implement that effect. Click next to move on select music that you want to play with the your video.

Select the music

video editor software -4

Here built in music will help you to select a music that will be played with the movie, if you are not happy with the music then you can upload your own music from any source.

Happy with the music, Click on next button to see the preview of your developed movie with title and closing tag, Need not to say you have full liberty to change both of them as per your requirement.

video editor software -5


video editor software -6

Satisfied with your movie, click on next button. At the time of saving,it also show formats, you want to save your movie.

Filmora supports to export in WMV, MP4, AVI,MOV,FLV,MKV,TS, 3GP,MPEG-2,WEBM, GIF and MP3 formats.

This whole process of creating my own movie with filmora took around 5 minutes and I was ready to enjoy.

video editor software -7

So after creating our first video we tried its advance version ie full featured mode.

Full featured mode provide you to fine tune your work, here you have a lots of tools, Since version 7.8 filmora introduced few more gem in its arsenal.

1.Advanced Color Editing
New advanced color tuning features (Temperature, Tint, Lights, HSL, Vignette and more);
45 color presets and supports loading 3D LUTs (Lookup table files) for tuning color of videos and images;
2. Pan and Zoom
New Pan and Zoom feature for adding and customizing animation for still images! As well as you can hold any part of your video and then Pan and Zoom the same to produce the same effect on the video.
3. Save Customized Text
Supports customize animation, font, size or color of Text effects and save as new presets;

4. New Transition Controls
New transition modes without affecting total duration of the two clips, this is specially useful when you want to move one one frame to another frame
5. Ripple Delete
New Magnetic Timeline to make texts, effects and overlays bound up with clips on main video track;

While editing Video we noticed that we can Trim / change Hue /Merge videos/ Crop videos/ Rotate the direction/ Adjust Brightness /Saturation/ Contrast /Aspect Ratio / and can increase or decrease the speed from 0.1X to 10.0X of any video clip. A simple snapshot of this is shared here with you.

video editor software -8

Just click on the audio and now it will show its advance editing panel to Trim/Split/Volume/Fade In/Fade Out/Voice over/and to change the speed of your audio from 0.5x to 2.0x.

video editor software -9

Besides these feature I also noticed the screen recorder that is as awesome as Camtasia, a screen recorder tool that is used mostly to record screen activities, It did almost everything we used to do with Camtasia but also provide us much more clean interface to do the same.

The embedded video is recorded and produced with filmora and you will be surprised with the quality of this Video Editing Software, we not only recorded , produced but also directly upload the same on our YouTube Channel through its built in tool, which can upload the same on multiple video sharing website like YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo.

video editor software -10

The same video can be exported into devices like smartphone, iphone, it can also burn your produced video on your DVD directly, No need to worry about DVD burning software.

burn video on CD using Filmora

Some of other noticeable advanced Effect are PIP/Green Screen/Video Stablization/Tilt-shift/Split Screen/Screen Recording/Scene Detection.

Now if all these features seems take a lots of time to learn then there is no need to worry the Filmora has some built in tutorials for almost every steps. You can view these videos from their help panel at any time.

Video Editing software

Final verdict on Filmora

After using this video Editing/Creation software for more than 2 hours, I can defiantly say I will surely use this software to do more and more video blogging. This is simple, powerful, full of features and on top of this there is no learning curve involve with this software.

If you want to edit / create video or want to earn money online using YouTube videos then using this video editing tool you can produce a lots of money making video and upload them directly on those video sharing website directly.

From our side it is must have software for all specially video bloggers and other who want to make money online.

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