New Improved Methods to Get thousands of backlinks instantly

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I know you have heard or read such titles before but when ever you read the post , the same story again and again. But not this time,  the methods are 100% white hat and for that either you have to be creative or you have to spend some money. Show me the the real matter ?

1. Sponsor a theme : .We all  know that according to a recent survey on the internet more than 78% wordpress user or net users use free themes. a large amount net queries are related to free themes and templates. Google sandbox can reveal this small fact for you.  So if You know a little bit of codding , design your own theme as publish it on your site and also submit it on all the popular theme site for free download. The more theme will be downloaded for testing and other purpose , the more links you will get.

Note : Do not forget to encrypt your link or Embed a copyright notice how user can use this theme. Or you can ask it’s user to leave the designer link as it is to support this theme developer.

If You are not a theme Designer , You can see a lots of theme developers are ready to get sponsorship at digitalpoint forum. Even you can seek my services for the same by sending me a mail at : rakesh@binarynote.com

2.  Sponsor Icons : You can also sponsor icons on the popular icons website. A lost of persons download these icons daily to customize their application,Websites or themes. Leave terms of use message having your site’s link as an attribute.

3. Share Your Knowledge : Do you have some very special ideas or videos or presentations. Upload these video on almost every popular video sharing website and presentation sharing website.

4. Popular Link Building methods : Do not forget your old time favorite link building methods like FaceBook, twitter, Bookmarking site , Email Marking and Comment Posting on relevant blogs .( How to find relevant blog without using any software )

I tried to include the latest tested methods I used to build links on this site, if you think I missed something or somewhere wrong. Kindly post your suggestion as a comment.

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    1. These ideas- specially sponsored theme really works well. I have results for this particular idea. keep in touch humayun

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