Olx.in review by a Real User

OLX.in is gaining popularity on Indian consumer market, as a blogger  olx.in reminded me of craiglist of USA where people use this website daily to buy and sell almost everything. it is highly popular and thousand of people are posting, almost every type of  ads for everyday.

So how OLX is now changing itself and trying to capture the largest consumer  market they have in this country, they already know that the people of this country does not useonce but they love to reuse the same item again and again and buy everything on the basic of their resale value.

OLX.in Review by a User

“The basic business idea of starting OLX.in was generated from this Indian mentality”.

But, the real problem was in this fields was how to monetize this whole process and how to make people comfortable with this portal, in order to educate their users OLX.in launched an aggressive  TV commercials  across the nation.

You can subscribe  OLX.in at YouTube channel to find out More videos

Besides that they knew that this country has the largest young people using mobile internet, so they also came with its mobile app. That app can  help people to find out new job opening in their field, only they are required to upload their resume and OLX.in will automatically send them Jobs Alerts

OLX.in MObile App

The result of these TV commercials and mobile app is tremendous, now almost everyone who want to sell something , at-least try OLX.in before contacting to their nearby local dealer.

But the major problem, I  have see on their website is they do not have any disclaimer or how they are basically protecting buyers.  The second major issue – people are free to quote their prices so sometimes the rates posted on OLX.in are much much higher then the actual market price.

As a buyer we must check the quality and value of the same product with the market price and should not blame the sites like OLX.in for any monetary lose as they are just providing a platform for the people.

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