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Data Privacy

Of Data Privacy and Security: 7 Effective Measures to Protect Yourself

9 very effective methods to secure your personal data on the internet. These methods will not only secure your data on the net but also ensure the hackers will have a hard time encoding your information.

DearMob iPhone Manager Review [2019]

Don’t Purchase Dearmob iPhone Manager to manage your iPhone as complementary software or replacement software before reading this exclusive review by a real software user.

Font awesome icons in widget title

how to add Font-awesome icons in WordPress widget title

add Font-awesome icons in WordPress widget title using these simple to implement methods using wordpress shortcode and widget title filter

Top Website Templates for Marriage Agency Website

It is hard to organize marriage and a wedding. This is why people tend to order marriage agency services. And great way to avoid troubles related to weddings and marriage. And…..

wallpapersite wordpress theme

WallpaperSite WordPress theme

Wallpapersite WordPress theme with user-defined wallpaper size that theme is able to generate on the request. Does not store multiple sizes on the server. Can run Wallpaper website from any Shared Hosting

Top 5 Free WordPress themes [ 2019 ]

Free WordPress theme 2019 is our collection of top 5 best Free wordpress themes that every one can use as they are ease to use and customize